Working from home is not just a great option for those who want and need to work remotely but is now becoming more common and favored among internet users.  Even more so are people preferring a non-phone work-at-home job.  Why?  Because for many, it can be less stressful, may require less training, and does not tie up the phone lines in your home.

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If you are a person that strictly wants a non-phone work-at-home job for whatever reason, this post will provide many options for you to choose from.  There are even some non-phone work-at-home jobs that allow you to work your own schedule, use your smartphone, can start working immediately, don’t have a set amount of hours that you need to work, and even pay over $10 per hour.

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Internet Search/Evaluation

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Lionbridge has remote openings for people to rate social media ads and other content for quality and relevance.  They are part-time requiring only a smartphone, computer, and use of social media on a daily basis.

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Appen has several work-at-home jobs that will require you to either compare internet search results or evaluate ads shown on social media, to provide feedback, basic tasks, etc. is another company that has similar work-at-home jobs to the ones listed above.  They also have voice and data collection jobs that are very simple.  You can see their openings on their official website.  These jobs are part-time with hourly pay.

Short Tasks

Clickworker is always looking for people from anywhere in the world to complete several online tasks working your own pace that involves categorizing data, writing, searching the web, scanning invoices, recording phrases, and more.  Weekly pay.

Click N Work has various online tasks in data entry, shopping, photography, writing, web searches, and more.  Pays per assignment directly by PayPal, bank account, or check.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Fiverr is a large platform for freelancers to use to offer to complete short gigs or tasks for others online.

The Smart Crowd at Lionbridge is looking for people to complete a variety of tasks whenever you want.  There is no experience required but you will need to take and pass an assessment test.

Amazon Mturk has openings for workers or turkers to complete HITS or human intelligence tasks for well-known companies and individuals on their platform.

Appen is also looking for Crowdsourcers with good English writing and speaking skills to gather data for internet and search engine companies.  Requires a computer, sound card, speakers, and a smartphone that is less than 3 years old.  Part-time.

Pactera has several remote date work-at-home job opportunities that you can complete in translation, transcription, testing, Internet judging, data collection, and annotation.  You can choose the timing and method of payment.

Textmaster has openings for remote workers from all around the world to complete short tasks in copywriting, translation, proofreading, and more.  Payments are made via PayPal.  You can work your own hours.

Verbalizeit needs people to interpret, translate or transcribe working your own schedule.


Chegg is seeking people to tutor their favorite subjects from home.  Tutor whenever you want.  Pays $20 per hour.  Weekly pay.

VIP Kid is currently looking for online teachers to teach young students in China via video-conferencing.  Teachers will earn on average between $14-$22 per hour.  You can live in the United States or Canada and work for VIP Kid.

Rosetta Stone is seeking English teachers to facilitate online language classes with beginner to advanced students.  Part-time including weekends.  Requires a bachelor’s degree.


Babbletype is looking for transcribers, proofreaders, and translators to complete daily assignments.  Weekly pay.  You will need good English grammar and spelling skills.

Accutran Global is looking for Canadian transcribers to work from 4 pm to 8 pm Monday through Friday.  You will transcribe conference calls, meetings, and interviews.  Pays by check in the mail.  You must be speedy on the computer.

Daily Transcription hires people to transcribe unscripted videos, interviews, cooking shows, etc.  They have a greater need for people to work Thursday through Saturday evenings.  Pays $0.74 to $1.10 per minute of video transcribed.

Net Transcripts is constantly looking for people to transcribe audio content of criminal investigations if you can type 80 wpm with accuracy. continues to recruit individuals to work from home adding captions and text to a variety of video content.  Work anytime.  Requires a computer, headset, fast internet, and strong English skills.  Pays $0.40 to $0.75 per video minute.

Literably needs people to listen to audio files from children attempting to read prepared texts in their spare time.  Your job is to transcribe the exact work or non-word utterances.  Pays $10 per hour with weekly pay.

One Space is looking for foreign language transcriptionists to listen to audio files and convert them into written form.  An assessment is required.

Quick Tate has openings for people to transcribe voicemail messages, letters, memos, conference calls, and other audio files.  You must be able to follow instructions and have accurate spelling.

Telenotes has transcription work-at-home jobs for those who can type 70 wpm and listen to recorded messages to transcribe word for word.  Pays $10 per hour.


Wonder is constantly looking for people to research various topics for clients like Proctor & Gamble, Bloomberg, and others.  Work your own schedule.  Pays $15 to $25 per hour.


ICUC seeks remote and overnight content specialists to moderate and enforce the online community’s safety by monitoring responses to social media posts, developing content, and other tasks.  You will need a general interest in content moderation and a Facebook and Twitter account.

Mod Squad seeks individuals to moderate forums, chat with customers, manage communities and make a buzz on social media.

Live World has writing jobs for those who are familiar with moderator content and forums online to review and track social media users’ posts according to their guidelines.  They have positions for those in the US and outside the US.

UpWork has chat moderators and other non-phone jobs that you can request to work on based on your skills and expertise.

Data Entry

Cass Information Systems has an ongoing need for data entry keyers that can type 9,000 kph accurately with prior keyboarding skills to pay freight invoices and compare image documents and other information.  You will need to live in Ohio or Missouri to work for this company.


Great American Opportunities has home-based operator positions that you can apply for online.  You can watch my latest video to find out how to apply to this company.

Sig Track

Apply to work from home typing in signatures and registrations.  You will be required to show your id on Skype.  Hires seasonally.

Amazon Mturk

They have several data entry tasks from companies like PR9 and others that you can work on typing in grocery receipts and more.


Hire and Retain Good People hires people to work from home screening and reviewing resumes for entry-level positions.  Pays $10 per hour working 10-20 hours per week.

Humanatic needs people to listen to a variety of recorded calls from people calling into automobile dealerships, to a dentist for an appointment, and other calls to determine whether the call was answered successfully.  No experience is needed.  Can review calls on their mobile app.  No age requirement but you will need a verified PayPal account.  Weekly pay.

Shutterstock has openings for remote vector photo illustrators and footage reviewers in North America to work from home reviewing and evaluating illustrations according to their guidelines.  You will need 2 years’ experience.  Mac computers allowed.

Usertesting recruits people to visit various websites and mobile apps for at least 20 minutes at a time.  You will get paid for speaking your thoughts out loud about a particular website or app.

Whatusersdo needs people to browse the web and visit new websites and give their feedback to questions about that experience.  For those in the US and several countries.

Slicethepie is always looking for people to listen to new songs, review apparel, home decor, and more in their spare time.


Measurement Incorporated is looking for readers to score test responses in English language Arts, math, science, and other areas.

Pearson needs people to score student assessment tests from home.  Requires a bachelor’s degree.


Lionbridge will advertise work-at-home jobs for online shoppers to buy clothing online, receive the packages in their homes and return them for evaluation, the return process, and more.  These jobs get filled quickly.

Thredup is now seeking personal shoppers to offer customers a personalized shopping experience.  You will need styling, buying, or wardrobe experience and be tech-savvy.


Modsy has several openings for part-time remote stylists or interior designers to design furniture from retailers.  You must commit to working 40 hours a week and have a bachelor’s degree.

Stitch Fix is always looking for stylists to work part-time from home to help clients find their best fit and style.

Tailor is another company that seeks remote stylists who love fashion to provide high-quality responses to styling, shopping, and general fashion questions.  You can set and work your own schedule.


Needle is always looking for people to help others by giving expert advice on your favorite brands and products.  You can log in and work whenever you want.  Pays per chat.

Talk 2 Rep has openings for sales chat agents to answer customers’ questions.  You must type 50 wpm and can handle 3 chats at a time.

Apple has work-at-home chat positions from time to time in their iTunes department.  You will need to browse their website to see if they have any openings.  This position comes with a free computer and decent hourly pay.

The Chat Shop needs live chat agents and copywriters to work from home to represent their customers.  You must be able to type 80 wpm, have good grammar and spelling, and can work up to 40 hours per week.


Blue Mountain Arts needs people to submit poems to use in a book or publish in a greeting card for up to $300.

Boost Media is looking for people to view ads and write or re-write ads for companies based on the information given about the product.  You will take a writing assessment and compare 2 ads and pick the best one and give your reason for choosing the ad.

Blogmutt is looking for US-based writers with good grammar and research skills to write a variety of content.  Pays $10.50 per 300 to 400-word post.

Constant Content is looking for writers and copywriters to create original content that you can sell to buyers, blog owners, and more for a price.

Next Wave @ Home is looking for individuals to write letters about various topics.  This job pays $13 per hour.  Can work your own schedule.

Textbroker is a portal for writers to select topics to write on according to their knowledge and expertise.  Pay is based on the number of words written and your level.


Voice Hub needs individuals to keep their social media outlets fresh and fun in 140 characters or less.

Skyword is looking for writers, photographers, videographers, or graphic designers to create content for companies and brands.

Field Agent needs people to complete very simple tasks from their smartphone.  You make take photos of displays, buy and try products, order pizza, etc.  Pays via direct deposit.  Open worldwide.

25Clicks will pay you to search the web with your smartphone or computer and locate a website.  The tasks only take a few seconds.  Pays in cash every Friday.

1Q will pay you to receive text messages on your phone.  Pays instantly via PayPal.

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