Get paid to decluttr your used itemsDo you have any items that include but are not limited to books, games, consoles, legos, smartphones, iPads, and more that you are no longer using?  Are you looking to upgrade an out-of-date electronic device you have?  If so, you can sell your used items to decluttr for fast cash.

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Most people today use electronic devices and equipment in their homes.  Electronic equipment is among the things that evolve faster due to their continuous improvements in how they operate and provide services.  In fact, each time they are improved to be more efficient, consumers who use them are essentially pushed to buy newer electronic components that make life easier.  The more people purchase these electronics, the more they pill up in the house.  It is with this idea that decluttr was established.

What is Decluttr?

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Decluttr (spelled differently from declutter) but with the same premise, is a company that gives an easier means of selling used goods like electronic components, games, and books.  The great part about decluttr is that you can sell your used products right from your home or safely recycle them.  In this post, we will review decluttr deeply.

How does it work?

We will break this process into steps.

  • Start by entering the barcode or the name of the item you want to sell.

Decluttr is designed in a way to simplify the process by helping you to get the best price.  It does this by having a feature to scan the barcode of the item you want to sell.

  • After scanning your item, the app will give you a basic price for the item.

Things like Lego prices are estimated using their weights.  When selling electronic goods like phones and iPads, you are required to enter the product’s description and include the condition of the items; is it good, poor, or faulty?  The price quote will depend on your description and also the demand for the product.  Some products will be accepted immediately, and a barcode scan will be requested.

  • Accepting and finishing your order.

After you finish entering the necessary information for the desired item you wish to sell, you must press the complete button to finalize the process.  This button is only pressed when you are sure of selling the item.   After you finish the process, decluttr will prompt you on your desired means of payment.

Payment methods are listed below:

Direct deposit
Mailed check

PayPal and direct deposit is the fastest way to get your money.  If you decide to use direct deposit, you will have to fill in your bank’s routing number and account number.  Next, you will receive your welcome pack.

Receiving your welcome pack

You can receive your welcome pack either by snail mail or email, and you will choose between the two.  The welcome pack will state how you are required to ship your items to them.  The welcome pack is comprised of four or five pages.  The first page contains the basic instructions; the second page will have details on where to drop your item.  The third page will contain the free shipping label which must be attached to the box.  The fourth page will include a list of items required in your order.

Shipping your item to decluttr

Here you are expected to put your item in a box securely.  It is compulsory to include all cases and original items in the box.  Once the items are securely boxed and labeled, you can deliver them to the required location.

Waiting for delivery of the item to the decluttr warehouse

This period may last from seven to ten days for decluttr to assess your item(s).  Decluttr will check each item to ensure that its quality matches what is required.  If it does not meet the quality, declutter will either revise their price or recycle the item.

How long will it take to get paid?

Once decluttr has assessed your item and rated it as of good quality, you will get paid.  The payment method will determine how fast you will receive your money.

Why I trust decluttr

It is a company trusted by over 12,000 individuals.  The process of selling is convenient.  The various steps of selling are fast, and your cash is almost guaranteed.

How to sign up?

Please click here to visit decluttr’s official website to get started selling your used items for cash.


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