Work from home helping save kids livesWhat greater job or career could you have that would be nobler than to save lives?  The fact that you can work from home doing this is a plus.  Millions of schools all across the country need you to help save lives and keep kids safe online as many school-aged kids return to in-person classes for the school year.  To learn more about this unique opportunity and how you can apply online will be discussed in this article.

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About the Company

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Gaggle is a company founded by Jeff Patterson who created a system that filters messages and allows controls and access to teachers and administrators for the purpose of giving teachers an easy method to watch over and protect students from harm.  Many students today have access to school-provided technology which also leaves them vulnerable to serious dangers that may be hidden from staff, parents, and others.  This is where Gaggle comes in, to provide a safe environment for students that attend K-12 schools.

Gaggle’s mission is to save student’s lives and prevent tragedy for students, their families, and loved ones.

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How will I keep kids safe?

Gaggle has already created the system but they need people to help make it work.  Gaggle regularly hires what they call an Operations Representative to work out of their home office to review and analyze online student activity.  In Fact, Gaggle has uncovered more than 1,500 student incidents in Montana schools alone.

What are my job duties?

Working from home for Gaggle as an Operations Rep will require that you review and analyze the online activity of all students.  This is needed to identify potentially inappropriate content within the school communication system.  Inappropriate content may involve uncovering drug abuse, bullying, threats of violence, suicide attempts, self-harm situations, and domestic abuse.

If you discover a threat to the student’s well-being, you will notify the designated contacts at school.  In addition to this, you will be responsible for fielding calls and emails from customers about student incidents, maintaining and recording concise notes, investigating and troubleshooting customer inquiries, and other related duties.

What are the requirements to work from Gaggle?

Due to the nature of this job, you will need to have extreme focus and dedication to make quick and accurate decisions.  Gaggle is looking for remote workers who have a passion for reading with good reading comprehension to review content.  You must have experience using desktop and web-based applications, and experience in education, crisis management, child advocacy, customer service, or a related field.  They are also seeking candidates who can learn fast and work hard.

All applicants will need the following in their home office:

  • High-speed internet
  • Private dedicated workspace.

Please keep in mind that this is a repetitive job that will require you to view content of a sensitive nature that may include photos.

How many hours will I work?

This is a full-time work from home job that will require you to work for up to 10 hours a day including weekends, afternoons, evenings, or overnight.  This will require you to look at a computer screen to read material sitting for long periods of time.  One benefit about the hours that were not included in the job description is that you can make your own schedule.

How much will I earn?

The pay is undisclosed on Gaggle’s official job description but it does state that it is competitive depending upon the candidate’s level of experience.  According to, applicants can expect to earn $10 per hour to start.

In addition to the pay, you will receive benefits including medical, dental, vision, employee assistance program, 401K, and even counseling services with a licensed therapist on a monthly basis.

Who should apply?

I recommend anyone looking for an entry-level work from home job that doesn’t mind reading and wants to work their own schedule to apply.  This is one of the easier work from home jobs that has plenty of work available during the school year.  Because this particular job is in great demand, I would encourage those who are looking for full-time hours, to apply as well.

How do I apply?

Please go directly to Gaggle’s official website here to apply online for the Operations Rep position.  They are currently hiring several people and are accepting applications now.

Are there any other jobs you can do from home helping kids?

You can try the following below

VIPKid – Teaching young students in China to learn English from home.

Magic Ears – Similar job helping students learn English working your own schedule.

HopSkipDrive – Help to arrange dependable, safe transportation for kids.  Hiring in California and other states.  Multiple openings for Safe Ride Support Specialists, CareDriver Support Specialists, and Client Support Specialists.


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