1,000 Easy Non-Phone work at home jobsIf you are looking for work at home and don’t want to be on the phone, you’ve come to the right place.  There is a company that has over 1,000 non-phone work at home jobs with hourly pay and bonuses.  The work at home jobs are easy and do not require any previous experience.

Oneforma is currently looking for remote workers to start working to complete these tasks right now.  I will give you all the details about each job including the pay and requirements.  Please apply as soon as you can if you are interested.

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Map Evaluators – Non-Phone

Oneforma is seeking remote workers to evaluate queries made by internet users while navigating through different map applications.  Your job as a map evaluator is to develop and optimize current and future map and geo-localization apps.  You will also produce more accurate and intuitive maps for location, search functions, and more.  They have 1,000 openings.

Job Requirements

Qualified candidates must be native or fluent speakers of English and reside in the US.  You will need a good internet connection, a computer, and can work 20 hours a week.  You can choose to work whenever you want.  This is a steady, long-term work from home position.

After you apply, you will receive further instructions including the qualification process and next steps.  Please make sure you check your spam folder.

How much is the pay?

This job pays $9 per hour.  You will also earn an additional $50 for every friend you refer.

App Graders

Oneforma is seeking agents to test and evaluate different apps in the App Store.  This will determine the usability, efficiency, and overall user experience and intent.  You will be responsible for improving the way different applications function and enhancing the user experience in future versions.

Job Requirements

You must have a valid Apple ID and use the App Store for at least 1 year.  You are also required to have an iOS device.  They are looking for US residents who are fluent in English.

How much is the pay?

This job also pays $9 per hour working 15 to 20 hours per week.

There are 30 openings and are available until the 31st of the month.

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Speech Collection

PacteraEdge is seeking telecommuters to work from home on their OTS Speech Collection project.  This job is related to keyword recognition in which participants will record varying sentences followed by commands.  There are 109 job openings.

Job Requirements

You must be a native English speaker with a computer.

How much is the pay?

You will get paid $45 to complete the whole project.

More Work at home Jobs

Oneforma has more easy work from home jobs that involve listening to recordings to evaluate if the voices are clear.  This project requires those who speak a variety of languages including English.

You can also find and apply to work from home jobs in translation, testing, transcription, judging/grading, and data collection.  Oneforma has global work from home job opportunities, so no matter where you live, you can apply.

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