Can your school-aged children or teenagers really earn money at home completing and filling out surveys online?  Yes.  If your child already spends time on the computer they can earn money for their opinions and answers online.  Most surveys only take around 5 minutes to complete but from time to time, they have more lengthy surveys.  You will be made aware of this when you are invited to complete the survey online.  The longer surveys will consist of watching a new kid’s television show online or even a clip of an upcoming movie.

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This is a legit way for your child or teenager to earn extra money at home and they may really enjoy it because the surveys are tailored to young ones and ask for their opinion about their favorite products, toys, shows they watch, and so much more!  You can even assist your child as they fill out their survey at home. They can use the extra money that they earn to put in their savings, to spend, or even use to purchase a gift for someone else.  Here are some things you need to know before you get started.

How does it work?

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You simply go to the website of a survey company that I have listed below and sign up online.  Your child will need their parent’s permission before they sign up and sometimes before they complete a survey online.  After they have successfully signed up online, they will be invited to participate in a survey as they become available.  You will give your honest opinion in the form of an answer to a question, multiple-choice or in a typed statement.

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What are the requirements?

You will need to meet the age requirements of each survey company and have a valid email address.  You may need a PayPal account depending upon which company you sign up to get paid.

What kind of surveys will I be invited to?

They vary from survey to survey but the majority of them will be geared towards the latest toy, your favorite stores, an upcoming movie or television show, what games you like to play, activities you engage in, and so forth.

How will I get paid?

You will get paid either by check or through your Paypal account.

Will it cost me anything?

Never.  You get paid you don’t pay anything.

List of Survey Companies for Kids and Teens that Pay

1.  Panelpolls – Surveys for kids between the ages of 6-14

2.  InstaGC – Surveys for those who are at least 13

3.  ACOP – Surveys for kids 14 and up

4.  Survey Junkie – Surveys for kids 13 and up

5.  My Soap Box – Survey site for those who are at least 13

6.  Teen eyes – Survey for kids between the ages of 13-18

7.  Paid Viewpoint – Surveys for kids ages 13 and up

8.  Kids Opinions – Surveys for kids between the ages of 6-14

9.  Kidz Eyes – Surveys for kids between the ages of 6-12

10. PrizeRebel  – Surveys for those who are at least 13

11.  Swagbucks – Answer TV trivia questions.  Must be at least 13

12.  Bankrollbucks – Survey site for those who are at least 13.  Open worldwide.

13.  Toluna Opinions – Win cash and prizes for giving your opinions 15 and up

14.  Branded Surveys – This legitimate survey and get paid to sites is open to those who are at least 13 with a parent’s consent.
15.  Survey Savvy – This survey panel has the seal of the BBB and has legitimate paid surveys that still pay cash for those who are at least 14.
16.  Qmee – Qmee is a browser that you install on your computer to earn real cash when you visit various websites.  Now Qmee has surveys that you can participate in, which gives you the option to earn even more.  You must be at least 13 in order to join.  You can watch this YouTube video to see a video tutorial of how Qmee works here.

For even more paid survey panels please visit:


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