Survey Savvy, which is owned by Luth Research LLC is a legit market research company that has been in business since 1999.  In fact, Survey Savvy is one of the few market research panels that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  For many, Survey Savvy has been a site that they can depend on for extra cash without worrying if they will receive payment.

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Survey Savvy will pay you cash for every single survey that you complete and participate in online.  Now there is a way for you to earn even more money from Survey Savvy with Savvy Connect.

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How does it work?

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You simply install the free desktop application on any of your devices that is able to connect to the Internet.  Survey Savvy will track your behavior when you browse the Internet and will invite you to participate in even more surveys and reward you with up to $60 just for keeping the app installed.

You will need to join Survey Savvy first, which you can do here, and install the app on your computer and mobile devices.

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Who can join?

Anyone can join Survey Savvy as long as they are at least 14 years of age.  They are open worldwide and not exclusive to those who live in the United States.

How much do the surveys pay?

Many of their surveys pay around $5 for your time and participation.  There are some that will pay you $$50 and even more for you to complete a survey with Survey Savvy.

How do you get paid?

Survey Savvy pays their members via check in the mail.  Even if you live outside the US, you will still get paid by this method in US currency.  You can cash out when you have just $1 in your account!

Are there any other benefits to joining this Survey panel?

Yes.  Not only will you earn money for taking online surveys but they also have drawings, contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways that they offer to their members several times throughout the year.

Are there any fees?

Not at all.  Survey Savvy and Savvy Connect are absolutely free to join, safe, and easy to use.

Check out what others are saying about Savvy Connect below

My name is Rosie and I wanted to some feedback and let you know how pleased I am with Survey Savvy.  I’m currently enrolled in a Savvy Connect project where I receive $30.00 quarterly incentives for having Savvy Connect installed on my PC, phone, and tablet which helps me pay for my cell phone bill and purchase extra items along the way.

I’m also enrolled in Project Firestone and Project Coronado. When these projects are complete at the end of the month I will be receiving an additional $175.  I’m currently a student and the extra money does help!  I have recommended Savvy Connect to my schoolmates and friends.  I’m so pleased with Savvy Connect that I will participate in all projects if allowed.

Hello, my name is Yvette and I’m a single parent who works 6 days a week money is pretty tight around here.  I heard about Savvy Connect through my sister who was always praising how reliable it was and how she always received her incentives on time, so I decided to check it out about a year ago.  I was so pleased with the simple requirements and reasonable requirements.

I decided to enroll in my very first Project Alpine and my incentive was $40.00.  I did exactly what was instructed and received my incentive as promised.  I was sent invites to participate in other projects with detailed instructions on how to participate and what devices had to be installed.  I have participated in 4 projects and I’m currently enrolled in Project Coronado.  This project pays $100 for remaining active with Savvy Connect for 90 days and completing a few short follow-up surveys.  This extra cash certainly helps a single mother living paycheck to paycheck.  I would definitely recommend Savvy Connect to my family and friends as well as my co-workers.

Hello, my name is Kim and I am a Retired Registered Nurse.  My sister-in-law recommended me to Savvy Connect when I came to her for help with my new Smartphone.  She insisted that I try out Savvy Connect because not only will I be able to make extra cash, but I will also gain knowledge of modern-day technology. I quickly became more familiar with how to use my device as time went on.  I learned how to download multiple applications including Savvy Connect while making almost $200 in the past 4 months.  I am now a veteran member of Savvy Connect with many more years to come.

Hello, my name is Edna Mae Wilkerson.  I am 71 years young. After being a housewife for 43 years I have been recently widowed and now find myself living on a very fixed income. Joining Survey Savvy has been a great way to supplement my income.  Not only do they provide excellent customer/support service. I am able to participate in multiple surveys at one time.

My most recent surveys were Project Firestone and Project Coronado. In addition to paying me for my participation, they also pay me for all of the people that I refer. I recommend anyone in need of extra cash to join Survey Savvy.

How do I get started with Survey Savvy?

Sign up with Survey Savvy here to start earning cash for your opinions.  Don’t forget to also sign up with Savvy Connect so that you will be able to earn up to $60 just for keeping the app installed on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

TIPS to completing Surveys with Survey Savvy  

  • Make sure that you keep the app installed so that you will get extra cash from Survey Savvy!
  • Active your account by confirming your email address with Survey Savvy so that you will get invited to surveys.
  • Select the surveys that will not take too much of your time.
  • Complete each survey till the end so that you will get credit.
  • Make sure that your relatives or friends are not employed in fields or areas that are similar to the survey topic or subject.  This will prevent you from being screened out from the survey and will help you not to be biased when you respond to any questions you are asked.
  • Check your spam or bulk folder in your email account to ensure you didn’t miss any survey invites.

You can watch a video tutorial along with proof of payment from my personal Survey Savvy member account below.  Don’t forget to subscribe for more video tutorials like this one.

Please feel free to leave your comments below if you have tried Survey Savvy in the past are currently using this site for extra cash or have some suggestions or tips to share with others.


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  • Qasir · at

    Hi Alicia how are you ?
    I read your websites also read articles about making money its amazing.
    I need your help because i am a beginner so i have some query about survey savvy how i get task on survey savvy i already installed app but whats the next step and can you give your any social contact so i can in touch with you for any help.
    Waiting for your reply

    aw1219 · at

    Thank you for your question Qasir. After you have installed the app, you simply browse the web and other activities as you normally do and you will receive your money every month…as long as you keep it installed. You can also contact me with any other questions at

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