Are you a teenager and looking for a realistic way to make some extra cash?  Do you have access to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone at home?  If so, there are some practical ideas that can help you make money online without ever having to leave your home.  As you consider some of these ideas, please keep in mind that some suggestions on this list may be a little bit more challenging than others or may require some skill or expertise.  But there are several money-making ideas that are quite simple and may just consist of you sharing your hobbies with others or teaching people how to do things like play a guitar, how to solve math problems and so much more.

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Don’t be afraid to try more than one idea or to go outside of your comfort zone.  You may be surprised at the results and find that you really enjoy doing multiple tasks.  Not only will this help to increase your income but you will gain more experience and confidence in the process.  Here are at least 101 real ways teens can make money online listed below.

1. Write articles for websites
2. Create a blog (I prefer Bluehost because it is very affordable and easy to get started)
3. Sell products/used items on Ebay
4. Write content for others blogs  (Click here for a list of paying freelance writing gigs)
5. Create video for websites such as Youtube and Vimeo
6. Build websites
7. Create graphic designs
8. Be an online performer
9. Sell homemade products
10. Offer transcript service
11. Manage websites/blogs
12. Teach academic subjects
13. Teach online games
14. Play games on websites that pay (Try sites like Play2Shop, CashCrate, Swagbucks)
15. Resale seasonal products
16. Become a personal assistant
17. Become an online counselor
18. Get paid to spend time with other people online
19. Find unclaimed money
20. Sell old clothes and games (Thredup, Gazelle)
21. To comment online (The Forum Wheel)
22. Sell art collection
23. Offer resell service
24. Become an online musician or DJ
25. Resell tickets
26. Sell hard-to-find treasures
27. Offer packaging service
28. Fix computer issues
29. Offer electronic repair service
30. Become a customer support representative (Companies like Uhaul, Wonder Research as a Internet researcher)
31. Offer help/guidance in assembling furniture and other household items
32. Create an app (Myapp Builder)
33. Sell refurbished furniture
34. Invent a product
35. Sell ideas
36. Offer tax return assistance
37. Sell photos/pictures (Use sites like Foap, Pay your selfie)
38. Offer network marketing service
39. Interior design assistance
40. Home remodeling ideas
41. Enter sweepstakes
42. Create recipes for websites
43. Offer makeup and hair styling tips
44. Flipping websites (Flippa)
45. Teach online fitness and etiquette
46. Sell homemade jewelry and accessories
47. Design business logos
48. Design business products
49. Watch movie trailers, videos, play trivia games are more (Perk)
50. Offer surveillance service
51. Become an online investigator
52. Sell your used books (Cash 4 Books, Sell Back Books)
53. Get paid to chat with others
54. Offer online storage service
55. Offer movie/DVD rental service
56. Create T-shirt designs
57. Listen to calls and sort them into categories (Humanatic – please use my email address when you join)
58. Create seasonal gifts for special occasions and sell them online
59. Get bonus for opening a checking account
60. Become a referral (Companies like Ebates, Paid Viewpoint, ICS, InstaGC and more here)
61. Become an affiliate for legitimate websites (Linkshare, Panthera Network)
62. Assign a gig for your music blog clients
63. Offer recording service for musical bands
64. Test websites for content and clarity (Usertesting, Whatusersdo)
65. Mix and master audio
66. Create dream wedding ideas
67. Create animal portraits
68. Become a creative virtual assistant
69. Design business letterheads and wallets
70. Create music samples in various genres
71. Offer data analysis service
72. Test new user interfaces
73. Write songs
74. Listen to and review/rate songs (Slicethepie, Music Xray)
75. Offer weight loss and exercise tips
76. Take paid surveys (Pinecone Research, Opinion Outpost, Survey Savvy, and more here)
77. Offer homework assistance
78. Offer routine timetable assistance
79. Give advice
80. Proofread essays
81. Find unique names
82. Create quotes
83. Create customized flashcards
84. Design special occasion cards
85. Offer tweeting service
86. List websites with education activities for kids
87. Watch short ads online or on your mobile phone (Nadamobile)
88. Rate articles and products
89. Offer dressing and styling tips and techniques
90. Solve assignments
91. Offer traveling tips
92. Provide research assistance
93. Create event flyers and posters
94. Offer technical support
95. Offer prank ideas (Fiverr)
96. Teach dance moves online
97. Write children’s books
98. Teach language online
99. Offer accounting service
100. Sell unique domain names
101. Promote local business

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