How to make over $10 per hour taking surveysIf somebody told you that you can make over $10 per hour taking surveys would you believe them?  Most people would be skeptical but it’s actually true.  There is a real company that will pay you more than $10 per hour to take surveys by answering simple questions from your computer.

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Prolific is an internet company that brings people together to power global research.  This is made possible by connecting researchers with participants from all over the world.  Prolific currently has over 25,000 researchers offering paid studies from 3,000 institutions and companies worldwide.

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How does it work?

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As a participant in Prolific, you will give insight into how people feel, behave, think, and reason.  Researchers are interested in understanding human behaviors on various topics.  Your feedback is so essential that they are willing to compensate you in real dollars for your time and efforts.

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What kind of studies does Prolific have?

They have all kinds of interesting studies that you can complete.  Some of them could be related to your opinions about body image, giving gifts, charitable giving, website navigation, and more.  Every day, there are new studies made available to you when you log into your Prolific account.

Will I qualify for studies with Prolific?

Yes.  Prolific is one of the few companies that allow you to complete an entire study without the fear of not qualifying.  You will always be able to finish your survey.  This means that you are guaranteed to earn the full amount for each study.

How long will the surveys take?

You can expect to spend no more than 5 minutes per study.  There are some studies that may take longer but most studies only take 5 minutes or less.

Please remember that the longer you study, the more you will earn.

How much can I expect to make with Prolific?

Most people can make over $10 per hour.  The minimum amount Prolific guarantees is $8 per hour but that is just the minimum.  Most people make close to $300 a month or more with Prolific.  Some are able to make $90 a week.  It really depends on how much time you spend on your studies.

How does Prolific pay?

All participants will get paid in cash through their PayPal accounts.  Your earnings are shown in British pounds.  One British pound is equivalent to $1.19 US dollars.  When you cash out, your earnings will be higher in US dollars than what you see in your Prolific dashboard/account.

Any tips to earn more with Prolific

I personally use Prolific to earn extra cash from home.  I would recommend that you log into your Prolific dashboard early in the morning to complete available studies.  Make sure you keep your tab open on your computer or mobile device to check for new studies throughout the day.  You can also download their Chrome extension which will alert you to new paid studies in real-time.

Try to log in with your computer if you have one.  Prolific mostly has desktop studies.  If you simply use a tablet or smartphone that may limit how many studies you can take.

Always copy your Prolific ID before you take a study so you can confirm your identity (if needed).  Another tip is to keep your profile or about me section updated.  This will help to match you with new studies based on your demographics.

Always pay attention to the trap questions.  You will see them in some studies to make sure you are paying attention and not just rushing through the study.  An example of a trap question – What color is the sky?  Green or blue.

How to join Prolific

You can sign up to join as a participant for Prolific here.  There may be a waiting list for those in the US but it is definitely worth waiting for!  You will not regret it.

If you are not put on a waiting list, you can start earning with Prolific immediately.

PaidViewpoint is another survey site I highly recommend similar to Prolific.  You will always qualify for studies and never be screened out.  Their surveys also take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

You can join PaidViewpoint here.  You get paid instantly in cash or with free gift cards.


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