Are you a people person?  Do others tell you that you are very outgoing and have a friendly personality?  If you do or you would like to meet new people in your area, you may seriously want to consider driving for Uber in your spare time.  Especially if you are looking to make money every single week.

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You can make $500 a week meeting new people.  Here are some tips and helpful information so that you can be a successful Uber driver.

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Car requirements for Uber

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As a driver for Uber, you have to have a vehicle that is in great running condition and looks good, with no body damage.  Your vehicle must look good inside and out because you want to represent Uber and yourself in a presentable manner.

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You also have to be very customer friendly and enjoy meeting new people.  By the way, you can still drive for Uber if you don’t have a vehicle because Uber has partnered with some major companies like Hertz, Enterprise, and others to offer you affordable, flexible leases and rentals.

How much can I make driving for Uber?

As a driver, you can make money driving for Uber.  Usually, if you drive 2-4 nights a week and you can make on average $200 up to $500 dollars each week.  You can make good money driving for Uber because of the fact that you are allowed to set and make your own hours and schedule.  So if you want to stop and have a coffee break, you can without someone fussing at you.  How much you work depends on how much money you want to make that day or night.

If you want to make money driving for Uber you will want to work hard every time you go out regardless if it is day or night, however, it is better to drive at night in most places.  Why?  Because you will pick up riders at bars and get more runs because of people who are out drinking and socializing.

Making money while driving for Uber can be a way to make a good living, you just have to learn when is the best time to run and know what events are happening in your area.  It is all about how much effort and time you put into driving.

Be Friendly

One of the most important things to remember is to be very friendly, don’t be afraid to joke around, and have fun.  After all, they may be your customers but they are only human and like to enjoy life also.  Whether it is someone in the military, a local resident, a family on vacation, or one of those bachelorette or bachelor parties, you will still want to treat them the way you would like to be treated and always be professional.

Safety Tips as an Uber Driver

Not only do you want to be friendly to your customers but you will also want to be safe.  You will need to obey all the traffic laws and make sure that you do the speed limit.  The app you will use will be able to track and tell you how many smooth stops you made and how many smooth starts you made.

So be aware of your driving and surroundings at all times.  Having good driving habits will get you good ratings as an Uber driver.

How to Maintain a good driver rating

One idea would be to put bottles of water and a bowl of candy in the vehicle for the customers.  If they are thirsty or need a mint for any reason this will allow them to refresh themselves while on the ride to their destination.  When you accommodate the customer they will give you a good report and make your driver rating go up, which is very important.

If you have a very low driver rating, they will no longer allow you to drive for them, so it is very important to keep your driver rating in good standing.

How to sign up to be an Uber driver?

You can sign up to be a driver for Uber here.  Uber is always looking for new drivers to make good money on their own terms.  You can also drive for Uber by visiting this page here if you live in Canada not just in the United States.  You can also deliver food and restaurant items to others at their homes, to their jobs and more as an Uber EATS driver.  If you would like to give this a try, please click here.

Please implement some of these tips and insights about what it’s like to drive for Uber so that you can make it work for you.


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