How to make good money as an Airbnb HostAirbnb is a company that makes it possible for people to travel all over the world in comfortable lodging and vacation rentals.  Millions of people visit Airbnb daily to find cool properties to rent like cabins, condos, beautiful homes, rooms, as well as other unique lodging facilities.  You can host and list your space on Airbnb to make a good passive income.

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Hundreds of people are already doing this and so can you.  Using Airbnb is a great way to make good money and it can also be a lot of fun with the right attitude.  If you are thinking about becoming an Airbnb host, please read over these important tips and tricks to earn as much money as possible with your property.

Tip:  Before you list your property, visit Airbnb here to check out the competition.  Search for similar properties on Airbnb in your area up for rent.  See what they have to offer including the amenities and try to include them in your property and/or add more.

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Once you decide to list your property, you can get ready for guests.

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  1.  Prepare Your Property for Guests – To get your property ready for guests, you will need to plan ahead.  This means that you will do the following:
  • Do some deep cleaning.
  • Declutter.
  • Make any necessary repairs.
  • Take great photos.  (Hire a professional photographer if needed).  Photos will help to sell your property for you.

It would also be helpful if you stocked the refrigerator with drinks and provided clean towels and linens.  You should also go out of your way to provide accurate descriptions of your property.  These few details will ensure your guests have a comfortable stay and will lead to more positive reviews.

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2. Keep it simple

Try to keep things simple when it comes to pricing your property.  Do not overcomplicate things or leave money on the table.  Stick to a nightly rate that makes sense for your property and area.  Be sure to include any additional fees in the listing, so there are no surprises later.

3.  Help Guests Explore

Your guests are on vacation and are likely unfamiliar with the area.  They want to experience everything your city offers so do some research.  Put together a list of local attractions, restaurants, bars, and other businesses you think they would enjoy.  Make sure to include some of your favorite places too.  You can also create a little welcome packet with maps and information about the area.  Going the extra mile will ensure great reviews and fond memories for travelers.

4.  Be Responsive

The first and most important rule of being a great Airbnb host is to be responsive.  You should always answer messages promptly, within 24 hours if possible.  Try to answer all of their questions and welcome them to contact you again, if needed.  This shows potential guests that you are a professional, dedicated host and that you care about their experience overall.

5.  Provide a Great Experience

It is imperative that you provide an excellent experience for all of your guests as an Airbnb host.  This means going above and beyond to ensure they have everything they need.  This could be as simple as leaving a bottle of wine to enjoy during their stay.  You could also leave a personalized note with some snacks or candy.  These little perks cannot be understated.  Think about how you felt the last time you stayed at a place and were welcomed with these gifts.  It made the experience all the more delightful and that’s how your guests will feel.

You can also stock the kitchen with basic supplies.  Don’t forget to check your soap dispensers and toiletries to ensure they are stocked and not in short supply.

These small touches will make your guests feel special.  They will recommend your property to others and may even become repeat renters.

How to make good money as an Airbnb Host?

Renters are always looking for more beds in case they will be traveling with family or as a group.  Try to add bunk beds in available rooms or add a sofa that converts into a bed.  This will help you make more money with your property.

Emergencies happen and people often change their minds.  So if you offer extended stays this will encourage more people to book with you.  More bookings equal more money.

A clean Airbnb rental is what all renters are looking for.  If it is clean, you will be recommended and get more renters who will give you stellar reviews too.  Before you know it, you may even become a Superhost.  Superhosts are able to have their property booked more and for longer stays than regular hosts.  This will definitely guarantee that you will earn decent money with Airbnb.

Some Airbnb hosts are able to make $1,000 or more each month.  Remember, positive reviews lead to more stays for your property which means more income.   If you follow all these steps listed above, you will definitely not only get a great rating on Airbnb but you will make good money too.

How to become an Airbnb host?

Sign up here today to become a host in just 10 easy steps!  The process takes less than 30 minutes.


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