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Can you really make $15 a month just to be online?  Although it may sound unbelievable or too far-fetched it is really true.  No, I am not referring to working from home as a Web Search Evaluator for companies like Lionbridge or Appen par time but from a legitimate company that has been around for almost 20 years!  It is a market research company called Survey Savvy partnered with Luth Research that is currently looking for people to join their Savvy Connect Project Gold Program.

Will I really get paid for being online?

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Yes.  Savvy Connect will pay you just to have their app installed on your internet-connected devices.  This means that as long as you keep it installed, you will continue to earn cash every single month up to $180 every single year!

Get paid cash instantly to take short polls

Will I be required to do any tasks?

No.  That is why I like this program because you are not required to do anything except keep the app installed as you use the internet to check your email, shop online, visit your favorite blog, read the latest news, browse Facebook, or anything else you do online.

Is it free?

Yes.  There is absolutely and will never be any charge or fee to you ever.  Savvy Connect will pay you!

Who can join Savvy Connect?

Anyone including teens as long as you are at least 13 years old (with parental consent) can join Savvy Connect and participate in the Project Gold Program.

How can I earn $15 a month?

First, you will need to join Savvy Connect here.  After you have joined, you will need to install Savvy Connect on each of your internet-connected devices which includes your computer, smartphone, and tablet.  You will earn $5 for each device that you download and install Savvy Connect on.  This amount is guaranteed monthly incentives for remaining active in the Savvy Connect community.  Members will also need to maintain a positive standing in the community which includes:

  • Frequently using the devices with SavvyConnect installed or else you could forfeit your earnings.
  • Keeping your SavvyConnect application up to date with the latest software version and updates.
  • Attempting all required SavvyConnect surveys displayed on the SavvyConnect Dashboard. (Note that you will receive repeated emails notifying you of any projects affecting your participation before it happens.)
  • Ensuring quality responses.

Is there a way to earn more money with Savvy Connect?

Yes.  You can take surveys from Survey Savvy and also receive specific engagements and survey opportunities that are for members only of Savvy Connect.

What if I encounter problems with Savvy Connect?

If you have a question or run into a problem, you can contact their support team at or via our toll-free support hotline at 855-851-0375 for further assistance.  Remember you can always opt-out of the program but in order to be compensated, you must keep the app installed till the 10th of the following month.

Read a few personal testimonials from others how have used Survey Savvy

My name is Rosie and I wanted to some feedback and let you know how pleased I am with Survey Savvy.  I’m currently enrolled in a Savvy Connect project where I receive $30.00 quarterly incentives for having Savvy Connect installed on my PC, phone, and tablet which helps me pay for my cell phone bill and purchase extra items along the way. I’m also enrolled in Project Firestone and Project Coronado.  When these projects complete at the end of the month I will be receiving an additional $175.  I’m currently a student and the extra money does help!  I have recommended Savvy Connect to my schoolmates and friends.  I’m so pleased with Savvy Connect and will participate in all projects if allowed.

My name is Yvette and I’m a single parent who works 6 days a week and money is pretty tight around here.  I heard about Savvy Connect through my sister who was always praising how reliable it was and how she always received her incentives on time, so I decided to check it out about a year ago.  I was so pleased with the simple requirements and reasonable requirements.  I decided to enroll in my very first Project Alpine and my incentive was $40.00.  I did exactly what was instructed and received my incentive as promised.  I was sent invites to participate in other projects with detailed instructions on how to participate and what devices had to be installed.  I have participated in 4 projects and I’m currently enrolled in Project Coronado.  This project pays $100 for remaining active with Savvy Connect for 90 days and completing a few short follow-up surveys.  This extra cash certainly helps a single mother living paycheck to paycheck.  I would definitely recommend Savvy Connect to my family and friends as well as my co-workers.

My name is Russell and I am fairly new to the Savvy Connect community.  I heard from a few friends that by joining, I can receive many incentive rewards up to $100 just by simply installing and keeping the app active on my devices from home.  The first projects I became a part of were Project Ballast and Project Alpine. At first, I was a little timid as to risking my devices, but I soon came to realize that Savvy Connect is the real deal.  I was required to install the Savvy Connect app to my PC, Smartphone, and Tablet for a period of 90 days.  Within a few weeks after the project, I received my $65 as promised.  Ever since then, I have been an active and proud member of Savvy Connect.

My name is Edna Mae Wilkerson.  I am 71 years young. After being a housewife for 43 years I have been recently widowed and now find myself living on a very fixed income.  Joining Survey Savvy has been a great way to supplement my income.  Not only do they provide excellent customer/support service.  I am able to participate in multiple surveys at one time.  My most recent surveys were Project Firestone and Project Coronado.  In addition to paying me for my participation, they also pay me for all of the people that I refer.  I recommend anyone in need of extra cash to join Survey Savvy.

EASY MONEY!  YES, IT’S REAL AND LEGAL.  I am Harper Howard spreading the word about Survey Savvy.  As a starving college student with a full-time job, my time is very limited.  It is quick and simple.  1. Install Savvy Connect on a Computer, Smartphone, and Tablet.  2. Browse the internet as you normally would.  3. Complete brief surveys within the duration of the project.  4. Receive your cash.

Why do I recommend Survey Savvy?

To be honest, it is one of the first legitimate survey panels that I ever joined.  They are legitimate and still pay in cash, with no gift cards.  You will receive a check in the mail and I have always gotten paid from this company.  Plus the fact that they allow teens is another reason why I recommend Savvy Connect.  This is also one of the few survey panels that do not load your email with survey invites and Survey Savvy, not Savvy Connect is open worldwide.  Please check out my payment proof and review of Survey Savvy on YouTube below.

Are there any other sites similar to Survey Savvy?

Google Opinions Rewards or formerly known as Screenwise Trends and the Nielsen Panel are other sites that will pay you via gift cards not cash to use the internet.  Qmee is another app that will pay you to browse the web but you will need to install the Qmee browser on your computer and/or mobile devices and visit a sponsored website to earn cash.  You can join Qmee here and they have no payment threshold.  Make sure you browse this blog for additional ways to earn as you use the internet.

Join Survey Savvy

If you could use an extra $180 a year in your pocket, please join Savvy Connect today here to get started, and don’t forget to tell your friends.


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