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A lot of you were inspired by the post that I wrote a while back about work at home jobs that pay at least $10 an hour and above that pays at least $300 a week working full time or part-time.  By popular demand, I have researched some additional companies that you can add to this list.  Hopefully, this will weed out those lower-paying gigs and jobs and lead you directly to the higher-paying ones that you can apply to online.

There are some companies that pay salaries up to $30,000 a year and up but may require you to have a degree or previous experience.  Please do not get discouraged if you do not meet these requirements and continue to work side gigs and other work at home jobs until you qualify.  Others may not require any experience at all.  Make sure you apply as soon as possible.  If you do get hired, don’t forget to share your good news on our FB Group and/or YouTube channel.  Please browse and check out our Amazon store for all your work at home needs.

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Aspire Lifestyles

This company has several openings for Elite customer service reps to work from home to fulfill concierge requests from American Express Car members.  This may include placing dining reservations, travel requests, floral orders, etc.  There is no selling involved but you will need to be internet savvy in order to research these requests.  You will be required to work on weekends.  The starting pay is $15.50 per hour with paid training and benefits.  You can earn up to $45,000 per year depending upon your performance and the number of hours worked.  Hiring in select states.  Currently accepting applications.

Brighten Communications

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

This company has a starting wage of $12 per hour for appointment setters to work from home for at least 20 up to 32 hours a week making calls to representing organizations via telemarketing calls.  You will need previous telemarketing and cold calling experience and they pay weekly.  The average pay working 20 hours is $240 and $384 working 32 hours.  The pay can go up to $18 per hour depending on your results.  Actively hiring now.

American Express

American Express has openings for virtual travel professionals to work from home.  You can expect to earn $16 up to $20 per hour customizing travel experiences including booking domestic and international flights, hotels, and car travel arrangements for their customers.  If you work part-time, you will earn over $300 and full time $640 assuming you start off at an hourly rate of $16.  They have a couple of work at home openings now.


Work from home teaching English to Chinese kids 12 and under.  You will need at least 1-year teaching or tutoring experience but you can make $420 to $650 a month teaching for just 60 minutes a day.  The pay goes all the way up to $22 per hour.  Currently accepting teachers now.


Cigna has a couple of work at home openings in customer service that may require you to train onsite initially.  According to Glassdoor, you can make over $30,000 a year.  They will pay you 12% differential pay for any shifts working after 11:30 am.  These are full-time positions with paid training.  See and apply to some of their job openings.


Apply to work at home position from Comcast to earn $14 to $16 per hour in customer service.  This job will require you to work nights and weekends.  What I like about this company is the fact that they will consider you for employment even if you have no prior experience working from home.  Working full time will earn you $560 to $640 a week!  You can see and apply to at least 10 work at home openings on this page.

Capital One

Capital One is now hiring candidates in select states to work from home fielding inbound calls, answering questions, and educating customers regarding usage of their credit card.  These are full-time positions with virtual training and benefits that start the very first day.  The pay is from $13 to $14 per that averages out to be $520 up to $560 a week.

Synchrony Financial

This company has openings for full-time Client Services rep to work from home that speaks strictly English and for those who are bilingual and can speak both Spanish and English fluently.  You will be responsible for answering questions regarding their healthcare and retail credit cards. This job pays $13 to $14 per hour or more than $500 a week!  You must be good on the phone, computer, and a calculator.


AAA has some work at home job leads and is now hiring emergency roadside specialists to work from home with a starting pay of $15.05 per hour.  Pay increases to $0.50 if you speak Spanish or if you stay with the company for 6 months.  This is a full-time position (40 hours) that will allow you to work in 4-hour blocks.  Starting weekly pay is $602!  Customer service reps make $32,240 to $38,188 per year depending upon an experience that includes benefits.  New hires get a $1,500 sign-on bonus!  Customer service jobs are for California residents only…apply here.


This company hires remote workers seasonally to help individuals get on the slopes.  You will need 2 years of experience dealing with the public and live in select states to apply for this position.  The pay is $15 per hour working 40 hours a week.  Your weekly take-home pay is $600.  Hiring now!

CVS Health

This company also has work from home jobs in customer service.  The pay for remote workers is estimated to start at $13 up to $14 per hour.  Assuming you work full time, the pay would be $520 to $560 each week!  Read all the details.

Williams & Sonoma

I have featured this company on my YouTube channel and weekly jobs page for current work at home openings.  They are in need of customer service associates to take inbound calls for brands like Pottery Barn and others.  You must be comfortable using technology.  All training is done from home and is paid.  They specify that you will work overtime.  This job pays $12 per hour.  If you work 30 hours a week, you will get $360; 40 hours $480, and 50 hours at least $600 weekly!  Hiring in select states.


A well-known company that hires customer service reps to work from home in select states.  They also hire those who are fluent in Spanish and English.  Training classes start in September.  Pays $33,000 up to $37,000 per year!


A popular car rental company that hires remote workers to work from home in customer service and reservation sales.  They hire in several states with a starting pay of $13 working full time.  You will also earn bonuses based on individual and team performances.  This amount is $2 per hour worked or an additional $600 per month.  Without any bonuses, you will earn $520 each week.  This company is always hiring work at home agents.


Need a full-time work at home job with benefits?  Look no further than Conduent.  They are hiring virtual customer service associates in select states to provide solutions to customers in regard to their technical issues.  You must be familiar with smartphones, tablets, PCs and Mac computers.  You will work an 8 to 10-hour shift including weekends and holidays.  Pays $12 per hour during training and then goes up to $13 per hour with benefits, paid time off, etc. You will take home $480 working a full week from home.  After training that amount will go up to $520.  Accepting applications now.


This company has some higher-paying work at home jobs for customer advocates to work from home during the week for a high-end Women’s retailer.  You are required to work at least 25 hours a week.  The pay is $18.60 per hour which is $395 working 25 hours and $474 if you work 30 hours.   If you work weekends only you can make up to $553 per week!  See and apply to the weekend position here.  Apply to other work at home jobs for LiveOps here.

Blooms Today

This company has work at home jobs during their peak season for independent sales reps to educate customers about their products to improve sales and customer satisfaction.  Full training is provided.  Reps will earn $15 per hour and top-performing reps will make $24 per hour.  Even if you work part-time or 20 hours a week making $15 per hour, you will still take home $300 a week.  Apply today.


With bonuses added to your base pay, you can earn $14 up to $18 per hour working from home for Uhaul in customer service, reservation, inbound sales, etc.  Paid training with benefits and performance bonus pay of $2.05 per piece of equipment reserved.  Keep in mind there are no bonuses during training.

XACT Telesolutions

This company has full and part-time openings in which evenings and weekends are required for you to field inbound calls, chat, and email requests.  They also need people to work 3rd shift.  The pay is $10 up to $15 per hour depending upon experience.  Working full time 40 hours a week on the low end would roughly make you $400 and $600 on the high end.

Honorable Mentions

I have added some additional companies to this list because they may not be hiring now but can help you to make at least $300 per week.  Make sure you regularly check their job leads for any new work at home openings.  Also, visit the weekly job section and Friday freebie pages regularly for new updates!

Delta Airlines

Pays $14 per hour for their reservation sales agents to work from home.


Pays $14 to $16 per hour for customer service agents to work from home.

Kelly Services

Pays their Tier 1 Advisors $13 to $15 per hour to start with a $500 completion training bonus and a $250 customer satisfaction bonus after 90 days.

Expert Planet

Pays $12 to $15 per hour for agents and experienced agents will make $25 to $20 per hour.


Pays around $16 per hour for home Advisors with a free iMac computer and paid training along with benefits.  Right now they are currently hiring those enrolled in a university for their College Care program.

General Electric

Pays $13 to $14 per hour for customer service agents to work from home.


Pays $16 to $17 per hour for customer service agents to work at home.


Pays $11 to $12 per hour for at home customer service reps.


Pays $14 to $16 per hour for customer service reps to work from home.


This company hires seasonal customer service associates to work from home with a starting hourly rate of $15.15 per hour.

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