How to use Inbox Dollars to earn cash dailyInbox Dollars is one of the many sites that will pay you to take surveys, play games, complete offers, search the web, use coupons, and more.  I personally use and log into this site almost every day.  In fact, the more I use this site, the more I like it.   My last payment was over $115 sent to me by check to my home address in the mail.

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I recommend that you use this site too for extra cash daily.  In this post, I will explain how you can make it work for you.

How to get a quick $5

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As soon as you join Inbox Dollars and confirm your email address you will automatically get $5 in cash credited to your account in real-time.  This is an incentive by the company to jump-start your earnings.  But you will need to earn $25 more dollars in order to cash out and here’s how you can do it.

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Ways to Earn with Inbox Dollars


One of the best ways to make money with Inbox Dollars aside from completing offers is by taking surveys.  The amount of money you can make from a single survey ranges from $0.25 to $5.  I earned a quick $2.65 just by answering questions about myself including identification, household, employment, education, etc.  That brought my total to $7.65 and it only took about 5 minutes to answer.  If you qualify for surveys, you can make $3 up to $10.  The amount of money that you are able to make in a day or week will depend on how many surveys you complete and how often you use the site.

What if you don’t qualify for surveys

For any surveys you don’t qualify for, you will earn a Spin & Win and be given another survey to complete.  You are allowed to spin the Spin & Win wheel twenty times a day.  You can win $.05 a scratch-and-win card, $1 or $5, or a survey token.  If you win a survey token, it will be added to the next survey you complete.  The scratch and win cards will be saved up with 2 chances to scratch before the maximum number of cards saved is reached.  Waiting until the final time to scratch means earning more money.


Before you go shopping, go to the Coupons page at Inbox Dollars and earn $0.10 for each coupon you redeem at the store.  Of course, the more coupons you redeem, the more money you shop, and the more you will earn in Inbox Dollars.


You will also get paid to search the web instead of using Google or Bing with the Inbox Dollars search engine.  In total, you can expect to earn close to $2 extra dollars a month doing this.  Remember to use their search engine only to earn cash.


Did you know that you can earn cash back from Inbox Dollars if you shop at Walmart or use Groupon to find local deals?  Well, you can.  Inbox Dollars makes it easy for you to find deals at Groupon to get cash back from every purchase!  Shop at Walmart through Inbox Dollars to get 2% cash back on your items.  You can earn even more cashback shopping at Omaha Steaks, Priceline, and more with Inbox Dollars.

Watching TV

Every video that you watch using Inbox Dollars counts for a scratch-and-win card.  You will earn more chances to win cash the more videos you watch.  Make sure you don’t have an ad blocker enabled on your computer or mobile device because this will inhibit your earnings.


Similar to sites like PrizeRebel, InstaGC, Earnably, Cash Crate, Points Prizes, Feature Points, Ebates, Ibotta, and others, you can complete offers to earn a few dollars.  Inbox Dollars partners with sites like Uber, DoorDash, and Lyft paying you to sign up with these services.  If you want 100% completely free offers, select that option on your Inbox Dollars dashboard when you click on the offer tab.

Other Ways to Earn

Additional ways to earn more money at Inbox Dollars is to follow them on social media to win special contests, and promotions and even enter sweepstakes.  You can also find Winit codes for more money.  You can also earn cash when you play games and refer your family and friends.

Final Thoughts about Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a great site to join for real cash.  You can use the site in your spare time and do random tasks to earn at home.  Remember that you are not guaranteed to make a living with Inbox Dollars but you can make some extra spending cash.

Join Inbox Dollars

Join Inbox Dollars here today so you will be on your way to making some extra cash.  Remember this is still one of the few sites that will send you a check.  You will need at least $30 to cash out but if you wait until you have earned $40, you will avoid the processing fee.

If you have any tips to share, please feel free to leave your comments below.  Watch this video tutorial on Inbox Dollars below.


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