PrizeRebel cash giveawayDo you like giveaways?  Would you love to earn some free cash?  If so, PrizeRebel has a special cash giveaway for all fans.  I absolutely love PrizeRebel and it has become one of my favorite go-to sites for free cash or gift cards for completing short simple tasks whenever I want.

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Why you should join PrizeRebel?

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

First of all, PrizeRebel has been around since 2007 paying their over 8 million members $17 million dollars and counting in cash and rewards for their time and feedback.  I am a member of PrizeRebel and log into the site every single day I am online to find new money-making opportunities.  Here are some other reasons why others like myself have joined PrizeRebel too.

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  • Great site for teens to earn money online.
  • It is legitimate and always pays its members.
  • You can complete tasks 365 days of the year.
  • There are always plenty of surveys to take and videos to watch.
  • New offers are listed on the site every single day.
  • Open to members worldwide.
  • You can redeem your points for PayPal cash.
  • It only takes 10 seconds to join.
  • You can start making money today.
  • Several popular gift cards and Visa cards to choose from.
  • This site is always online 24/7 so that you can log in to earn money.

How Much I Earn Monthly with PrizeRebel?

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If this doesn’t convince you to join, I can honestly tell you that I am able to make $500 and sometimes more every single month using PrizeRebel.  I have used some of my earnings to purchase a new dishwasher from Amazon when my old dishwasher broke, to get a new stove, to update the flooring in my home, and to spend to go on vacation.

PrizeRebel Perks

PrizeRebel is one of the few sites that really rewards its members for being loyal and active on the site.  For instance, you will get free points every month for using the site, as you earn more points you will attain a higher level status that entitles you to automatic prize processing, and a discount when you redeem your points for cash or gift cards.  This means you will spend fewer points every time you redeem a reward!  How awesome.  Thanks, PrizeRebel.

How to earn more with PrizeRebel?

You can also earn more points by being on the leaderboard when you complete the most tasks, offers, and surveys, and refer new members.  Contests are held year-round every two weeks.  This means that you have 26 chances to earn more points.  If you don’t get on the leaderboard this time, you can always try again.

If you are serious about making decent money with PrizeRebel, please read this post I wrote entitled, “PrizeRebel Guide to Make $500 a month” for some additional tips.

PrizeRebel Cash Giveaway

I have once again partnered with PrizeRebel to give you a jumpstart in your earnings so that you can get your cash or gift card upfront.  Use this free gift to spend on yourself or give to someone you love.

Here are the contest details:

  • Sign up to join PrizeRebel here.
  • You can only enter to win the contest if you join through Workersonboard with my special code.
  • Use the site regularly to earn more.
  • 3 people will win $10 in free cash.
  • Leave your email address in the comments below this post after you have joined PrizeRebel so I can contact you if you are a winner!

Don’t wait to join PrizeRebel because the cash giveaway is only for a limited time.  Be sure to tell your friends about the cash giveaway so they can give it a try.  Remember you only need to be 13 to join.  If you want to get cash instead of a free gift card, you will need a verified PayPal account.  Get started today.

Watch this video tutorial to see a payment proof and to see how easy it is to earn money.


Please share your experiences using PrizeRebel or tell me why you want to join and what your favorite tasks are.  Be sure to continue the discussion on our Facebook groups below.

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    Tried to sign up but a message came up saying not accepting applicants from my area….which is Maine. : (

      aw1219 · at

      Let me contact PrizeRebel to see what is going on. I will give you an update by the end of the day.

    Adam · at

    Kindly notify me regions/continents on which this programme works

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