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10 Ways to get free Starbucks gift cardsDo you love a fresh cup of coffee to start your morning?  Are you addicted to Starbucks?  If so, you can get free gift cards from Starbucks to buy coffee, tea, Frappuccinos, expressos, smoothies, and other beverages.  You can also complement your beverage with their delicious pastries, sandwiches, and snacks.

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There are a few companies giving away free Starbucks gift cards for as much as $50 or more.  This will help you to save money and treat yourself to one of your favorite hot or cold drinks from Starbucks.  All you need to get started is access to a device with an internet connection and some time.

Who is eligible to get free Starbucks gift cards?

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Just about anybody from any location is eligible to get free Starbucks gift cards including teens and those outside the US.  You can even use your smartphone if you don’t have a computer or tablet.

What I love about gift cards is that they never expire.  This means that you can use them at any Starbucks location whenever you want.  You can even order your items online and pick them up at the drive-thru or in-store with your free gift cards.

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Here are a few legitimate sites that will give you free Starbucks gift cards to do very simple tasks.  You can also get free gift cards from Amazon.  Read this post to find out at least 20 different ways to get Amazon gift cards.

  1. Branded Surveys – This company will pay you to participate in daily polls, answer questions, complete challenges, and more.  You can redeem your points for gift cards that range from $5 to $500!
  2. Fetch Rewards – Download this free app with the code G4HBH to get $2 when you join right away.  This app gives you points to scan your receipts.  You can redeem your points for free gift cards from Starbucks and other stores.
  3. GetUpside – Enter the code ALICIA7572 to get points when you purchase gas, groceries, or eat out at restaurants.  You will get cashback credited to the account that you can use to get real cash or Starbucks gift cards.
  4. Ibotta – Get paid $10 when you download this free app and redeem your first offer.  You will earn cashback on groceries, shopping online, and more.  Pays instantly in cash or with Starbucks and other free gift cards.
  5. Inbox Dollars – New members get $5 when they join.  This site pays you to print coupons, find deals on Groupon, read your emails, play games, search the web, upload receipts, and more.  Redeem your cash to get free gift cards or other rewards.
  6. InstaGC – Instant Gift Cards is a company that provides a fast and easy way to get Starbucks gift cards for free.  You sign up for a free account.  After you log in, you complete easy offers, watch videos, visit websites, etc.  You will receive points that you can redeem for instant Starbucks gift cards.  InstaGC is open to teens who are at least 13.  Also, open worldwide.
  7. MyPoints – Get paid to shop online, find deals, print coupons, play games, search the web, download their browser as you search the web, read blogs, etc.  Redeem your earnings for gift cards.  They start at $5 and go up to $50.
  8. PrizeRebel – PrizeRebel is currently giving away $2,000 this month!  The company will pay you to take daily surveys, complete simple tasks, and offers.  You can redeem up to 3 gift cards a day.  Starbucks gift cards start from $5 up to $25.
  9. Survey Junkie – Get paid to answer interesting questions and download their extension.  You will redeem your points instantly for cash or free gift cards including Starbucks.
  10. Swagbucks – Swagbucks also offers a $10 bonus for new members who join their panel.  This site pays you to watch videos, shop online, search the web, find deals, etc.  You can also use Swagbucks to get free gift cards.


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