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If you have been a member of Clickworker or recently joined this platform to make extra money working on various tasks from your home, you probably noticed the UHRS tasks.  You may be interested in working on this project but are unsure of how it works when you get paid, and what is required from you.  This post will help to clear up all those questions so that you can start making money from the UHRS tasks on Clickworker.

If you are looking for short tasks that you can do from home on your computer or mobile device please sign up to be a Clickworker here.  They are open to remote workers worldwide and give you the flexibility to work your own schedule with weekly pay through your PayPal account.

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What are the UHRS tasks on Clickworker?

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UHRS tasks are short assignments that are typically internet-based data entry or other basic tasks that can be performed from a home computer.  The term UHRS stands for universal human relevance system and basically refers to simple tasks that can be performed by humans on the computer.  Sometimes the tasks involve general data entry and the like.  Other times the tasks can be incredibly specific, such as listening to a voice recording and writing the transcription.  UHRS tasks are on a different website from Clickworker.  It is designed for people who have fulfilled all their Clickworker tasks and are looking for extra work to do.  The tasks are often very easy and are perfectly designed for a stay-at-home parent or person looking for extra income.

Pay for UHRS tasks?

UHRS pays out its remote workers every three weeks.  The reason payment occurs every three weeks is that all tasks submitted to UHRS are reviewed to make sure they meet quality levels.  Once a submitted task has been approved the money is added to a Clickworker’s account but occasionally the review can happen quicker.  A worker is paid according to the task completed and is not an hourly wage.  People tend to make more money doing the UHRS tasks than Clickworkers.  The important thing to remember is that it takes time for UHRS task payment to be added to the Clickworkers account.  Once it is added to the account, payment occurs weekly through PayPal.  The “MyReport” tab shows what work has been completed and what you are to be paid.  Whatever amount is listed there will be paid to the Clickworker account.

Requirements to work on UHRS tasks?

UHRS tasks are specifically designed to work on Internet Explorer 6 or up browsers.  They will not work correctly on other browsers but it is easy to download a new browser for free.  Current Clickworkers must take assessment tests in order to qualify for UHRS tasks.  There are two assessment tests to take and once you have passed, you can work on UHRS tasks.  You will be tested on your language abilities and your ability to investigate and search for different things on the web.

How to work on the UHRS tasks?

When you log into your Clickworker account go to “MyHits” where you can select a UHRS task to perform.  Many workers consider the UHRS tasks to be a better way to make money than Clickworker tasks.  You can be approved for Clickworker tasks and still not pass the UHRS tests.  UHRS tasks are also primarily for workers based in the United States.

Points to remember about the UHRS tasks

UHRS tasks require that you read and follow all instructions and guidelines very carefully to ensure your work is accurate.  You will only get paid for accurate results on the UHRS tasks.  UHRS tasks also use a countdown clock to keep track of how long a person spends on a task.  You can also check the “invoices” tab to see how much you have correct.  “Potential earnings” is the tab on UHRS that shows the worker how much they can potentially earn from the work they have submitted.  Make sure that you disable pop-up add-ons in your browser if you have them installed before you begin an assessment.

My Thoughts about Clickworker

I’ve been active on Clickworker for a while now. It’s a site where you can earn some money on the side by writing, translating, and doing research.  I would recommend anyone who is looking for a non-phone work at home job that may not have a lot of experience, is new to working at home, or only wants to work on a part-time basis to supplement their income to try Clickworker.  Remember, this is a work at home job that allows you to work as much or as little as you want according to your own schedule and lifestyle.  As soon as you sign up and complete your evaluation, you can begin working from home doing various tasks including UHRS for Clickworker.  Sign up to be a Clickworker hereRead this post to find out how you can earn more with Clickworker.


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  • Bob · at

    Do I do the placement test for English and the Qualify as an author and then I get access to UHRS? Or how do I get access to it? Thank you.

      aw1219 · at

      Yes. You must complete your assessments and then you will get access to the UHRS tasks. You will see that category in your available job dashboard on Clickworker after you have completed the assessments.

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