30 Reasons to use Ebates today

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Millions of people are using Ebates which now goes by the name of Rakuten to save themselves hundreds of dollars each year just because they did their shopping online.  If you have not yet used this site, it’s probably time for you to give it a try.  In fact, I have at least 25 good reasons why you should sign up today and always use this amazing cash-back website.

  1. It is completely free to use.  You will never ever have to pay any kind of membership with the site.
  2. They pay you!  There is a signup bonus, usually about $5 or $10.  It depends on the current promotions.  Right now the signup bonus is $10.
  3. You can make more money when you have friends sign up and make qualifying purchases through the site portal.  Each purchase and store determines the amount of cash back you will receive from their purchase but something is better than nothing.
  4. The money you rack up from regular online purchases can stack up pretty quickly and act as a nest later when you really need the money.
  5. It is perfect to save for special occasions, weddings, anniversaries, etc.  If you make a lot of purchases via the internet, just consider how much you could save if you use Ebates throughout the year.
  6. You will never have to pay retail price for anything ever again if you are an Ebates member.
  7. There are always different promotions being run throughout the year.  Sometimes there is a larger sign-on bonus and other times you may see a a special promotion for getting a friend to sign up.
  8. They are celebrating 20 years of savvy shopping and are giving 15% cash back at your favorite stores.  New stores are added daily.
  9. Win free vacation getaways or other prizes.  Ebates holds contests throughout the year for their members that include additional rewards and prizes for using the site faithfully and referring others to do so.
  10. Ebates has a mobile app that can be downloaded to your mobile devices to keep track of your earnings on the go.
  11. The Ebates extension (which is completely free) allows you to instantly know about cashback offers when you browse the internet and are on a website that will give you cash back as an Ebates member.
  12. Your BIG FAT CHECK from Ebates has the potential to be large so that you can use it so splurge on a Big purchase if you want.  Pay periods are every 3 months or 4 times a year.
  13. Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and if you join, you will get your check just before November 10th.  This is just in time for you to take advantage of those awesome sales and earn while you shop!
  14. The cash back offers can give you opportunities to try things you have been wanting to try without feeling guilty.
  15. Any cash back you earn through Ebates is on top of nothing you may earn on your credit card rewards.
  16. You can use other cash back apps along with Ebates as well as in-store offers or coupons.
  17. You get $10 off your first purchase of $25 or more.
  18. You can save even more by purchasing discount gift cards through sites like Gift Card Granny or Raise and then use them to make purchases through Ebates.
  19. You can literally purchase anything from virtually any store online.
  20. You can get your taxes done through Ebates and get a large cash-back rebated deposited to your account.
  21. Phone companies have special offers that can be found on this site.  This will come in handy if you need phone service to work from home.
  22. Pet medicine can be expensive, but surprisingly enough you can find discounts and cash-back offers on Ebates too.
  23. Amazon is already affordable but with Ebates, you will get an extra 3% cash back when you use Ebates to shop at Amazon.
  24. Some of the cashback rates can be as high as 25% back to you in the form of cash, not credit.
  25. If you use Visa on Ebates you will get an extra 1% cash back on your purchases.
  26. Ebates offers their own debit card in order for you to earn more rewards.  You will receive the Ebate rate from the site PLUS a percent reward for using the cards.
  27. You also get free gifts for shopping at stores like Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nieman Marcus, Walgreens, Pier 1, 1-800 Flowers, Coach, Lord & Taylor, The Body Shop, Avon, Philosophy, Edible Arrangements and many others.
  28. Get cash back on gift cards.  Sometimes you may not be sure what to buy for someone and that’s where gift cards come in handy.  But with Ebates you will get cash back for gift cards you purchase online at select stores.
  29. Before you book your next vacation use Ebates and get cash back on your airplane tickets, hotel, resort, rental car, and even Groupon getaways.
  30. Save money when you shop in-store by linking your credit or debit card on file to your Ebates account.  Just click the store you will shop at and start saving with no hassle.

As you can see Ebates is one of the easiest and best ways to get free cash just to shop!  Before you make another purchase online or offline, please join today by clicking here.  You will not regret this wise decision.

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I have made over $4,000 with this one site so far but if I was not a member, I would have thrown away all that money.  Insane!  Every little bit adds up so make your purchases count and join Ebates today!

Click here to join Ebates for free now and get $10 plus cash back when you shop online.  If you are already a member, click here to download the free cashback button so you will not miss out on any cashback offers while you are searching the web.

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You can watch these videos about Ebates below.

Ebates in-store cashback tutorial on how to link your card online.


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