How I made over $10,000 from my receiptsIf someone had told me years ago that one day I would be able to make money from my receipts, I would have probably taken their temperature.  But the truth is, you can really get paid from what was once considered trash…your receipts.  You won’t get rich from your receipts but you can make as little as $5 up to a hundred dollars or more each month with them.

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This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Just make sure that you don’t throw them away and keep them as neat and clean as possible so that you can earn cash for every single receipt you have!  Before you get started, make sure you have the following items:

  • A smartphone
  • Access to a computer
  • Email address
  • PayPal account (optional in some cases)

Getting paid for your receipts is one of the easiest, straightforward ways to earn money from your smartphone or in general.  The best part about it is that it only takes a few seconds of your time.

Almost every single person who shops will get a receipt, so several of you can use this simple method to get cash, household items, or free gift cards to spend at your favorite stores!  You can even get paid for your virtual receipts too.

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How did I make over $10,000 from my receipts?

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It didn’t happen all at once and I used more than 1 site to achieve this milestone.  I have been getting paid for my receipts as far back as 2016.  Some years, I earn more than others but it depends on how many receipts I have as well as the things I purchase.

My earnings are broken down into at least 6 different sites.  The total earnings amount to $10,256.07.

  1. Rakuten – I joined Rakuten formerly known as Ebates a few years back but never used it to earn cash.  After I started using it, I discovered just how easy it is to get cashback from my virtual receipts!  Plus there are so many different places that pay me to shop including Amazon,, and over 2,800 stores online and in-person.  I have earned $4,915.67 so far.  Rakuten will also give new members $20 to join to spend $20 which means they will give you $20 for free just for giving it a try.  In fact, Rakuten just sent me a check in the mail today for $71.50.
  2. Ibotta – I have been a member of this money-making app for at least 5 years and have earned $2,799.25 to date.  I still have this app on my phone to regularly scan my receipts and upload them within the app.  Ibotta is one of the few sites that will give you $10 when you join and upload your first receipt!
  3. Fetch – Close behind Ibotta is Fetch.  I absolutely love this app because this company not only pays you for your receipts but also frequently gives away more money with their contests.  I have only used this app for over 2 years and have earned $1,220.65 which is over $400 a year…just for my receipts!  Please download Fetch for free from Google Play or the App Store with the code G4HBH to get $2 instantly!
  4. Inbox Dollars – InboxDollars has recently rolled out another way to earn money by submitting your receipts to them through the app or online.  They have many other ways you can earn but they currently have over $125 that you can make from your receipts.  I have earned approximately $1,131.40 from InboxDollars.  New members will get $5 when they join.
  5. Upside – This is a relatively new app that will give you cashback when you purchase gas and now from your groceries and restaurants.  You also save more money at the pump with Upside.  If you use a card to purchase gas, you don’t even have to upload your receipt because the app will track how much you spend on gas and send it to Upside and they will put the amount in your account.  This app will even send you a check in the mail if you choose.  I have earned $189.10 so far with Upside.  Please be sure to use ALICIA7572 when you download this free app for a bonus.
  6. NCP – (Enter the code 4B790A for a bonus) Short for the National Consumer Panel is another app that I use to get free Visa cards and other prizes for scanning my barcodes instead of receipts.  It is so easy to use and helps me to keep track of what I purchase and earn some extra cash too.  I have earned over $130.00 so far from my barcodes.

Here are some other sites that will pay you for your receipts that you can join today

NCP ReCap – This panel will reward you for taking pictures of all your receipts with gift cards and more.  If you take surveys that are optional, you will earn more.

Swagbucks – You can now upload all your receipts through Swagbucks to earn SB that you can redeem for cash or gift cards as long as they are no more than 10 days old.  You can upload your receipt from your computer or mobile device.  Limited to 60 receipts a month.

Checkout51 – Another site that will pay you in cash for the receipts that you upload either from your computer or mobile device.  They will also send you a check in the mail plus they have monthly cash giveaways!

Extrabux – This company will pay you for your virtual receipts when you shop.  It is free to join plus new members will give you $20 when you sign up.


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