Hiring Virtual Teachers for Magic EarsAre you looking for a flexible work at home job with guaranteed work that does not require you to talk on the phone and offers pay raises?  If so, there is an amazing work at home opportunity from a company called Magic Ears.  They are currently hiring people to help students learn English as a second language.

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You may be wondering what makes working for Magic Ears different or stand out from all the other companies that hire people to teach English to children and adults virtually.

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Here are a few reasons below.

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  • All lessons are prepared for you
  • Good students to teach
  • The company guarantees your bookings
  • Last-minute substitute classes available
  • Generous pay even for those without lots of experience
  • No minimum hourly requirements
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • 4 Free Cancellations each month
  • You only have to bring a few fun props and big smiles to class and lead the kids through the lesson!
  • The pay is higher than most ESL companies
  • Free training resources to help you succeed as an online Teacher including a YouTube channel with helpful tips and tricks.
  • Magic Ears pays their teachers even if there are no students that show up in the classroom.

What are the requirements?

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Magic Ears requires their teachers to speak English at an idiomatic level, have a Bachelor’s degree, or be a student actively pursuing one, have a passion for teaching, and have a love for kids.

You are also required to have an ESL certificate but if you don’t have one, Magic Ears offers a fully accredited 120-hour advanced TESOL course for just $20.

How much is the pay for Magic Ears?

Magic Ears pays their online teachers up to $26 per hour which depends on various factors.  Glassdoor.com gives a range of pay for Magic Ear teachers anywhere between $18 to $26 per hour.

How long is the hiring/application process?

The application only takes 2 minutes to complete.  After you complete your interview demo and trial offer (no longer than 25 minutes in total), it will take Magic Ears, 2 business days from the day you applied to process all your information to offer you a contract to work for the company.

Tips to earn more with Magic Ears

Magic Ears also offers incentives/bonuses to its teachers where you can earn more money working during peak times.  For example, you will earn $1 per class extra if you open up more than 60 slots in peak times within a month.  Peak times occur normally during the evening and evening morning hours for those who reside in North America to coincide with Beijing time.  If you teach 2 classes per hour, you will earn $19 including bonuses.

If you teach a class on short notice or within a 24-hour period, which is referred to as a standby teacher, you will earn an extra $2 per class.  Magic Ears also offers raises at every contract so you can get an increase in your base pay after teaching.  This is to reward teachers who are committed to the platform.

Please make sure that you don’t cancel more than 21 classes in a month within 24 hours and show up in your class at least one minute before the class starts.

How to apply?

You can apply to Magic Ears today by clicking here to go to their official website.

Why do I recommend Magic Ears?

Magic Ears is a company that has just about everything you need to succeed as a virtual Tutor and allows stay-at-home moms, dads, and others to contribute to their household income and make a big difference in the lives of children.  It is also highly recommended for those who reside outside the US to find and get legitimate employment from home.

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