Get Paid Instantly with Paid ViewpointLike many, I welcome sites that will pay you instantly to do various things online.  Paid Viewpoint is a company that falls right into this category.  It is a legitimate website that I have used for several years now to earn free cash or gift cards just to answer mini-polls in my spare time.

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What makes Paid Viewpoint different?

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Paid Viewpoint is not just another survey site.  It is so much more than that.  Paid Viewpoint is one of the few market research companies that will allow you to log into your account whenever you want to take available polls or short surveys.  I call them polls because they only take 5 minutes of your time or less to complete.  You will always get paid for every poll you take.  This is unlike other companies that may screen you out based on how you answered the question.  Here are some additional reasons why Paid Viewpoint is one of the best Survey Sites on the internet today.

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  • You get paid even if you don’t qualify to take the entire survey.
  • Introduces you to new products.
  • Open worldwide.
  • Open to teens who are at least 13.
  • You never have to wait to get paid.
  • You get to pick and choose your own rewards.
  • Has a mobile app so you can take surveys anytime.
  • A lower payment threshold for members to cash out if you have just $5 in your account.

I have made over $9,5000 from PaidViewpoint so far.  You can see the proof in a screenshot below.

Get paid cash instantly to take short polls

How often will you get surveys from PaidViewpoint?

I can only speak for myself and tell you that I get new surveys or polls to take almost every day.  Some days, I have multiple surveys to complete.  Everyone will have an opportunity to take surveys here but the amount will vary.

What kind of gift cards does Paid Viewpoint offer?

Right now, Paid Viewpoint has free gift cards that you can select from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, CVS Pharmacy, and Target.  If these gift cards do not appeal to you, you can also select the PayPal option to get cash.

Tips to earn more with PaidViewpoint

Paid Viewpoint has a trait score scale to rate members based on their honest answers.  The higher your trait score, the more you will earn per survey.  I recommend that you give truthful answers to any questions you get.  Your score will increase as you respond accordingly.

Another helpful tip is to download and install their mobile app.  Doing this will help you not to miss out on any current surveys.  You can also refer your friends to earn even more.  In fact, you can earn up to $25 per person.  The video below explains how it works.

How do I join Paid Viewpoint?

Visit their official website here to sign up.  When you register, input your email address and click the box to agree to their terms of service.  You will also need a phone and a PayPal account if you want to get paid via PayPal.

Remember, Paid Viewpoint is open worldwide and to teens, so everybody has a chance to join to earn extra cash.


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    Qmee is also similiar and pays you to take instant polls

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