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30 Easy ways to make money from home Have you thought of a couple of ways to make money from home but need more ideas?  You may not be alone because a lot of people are searching for different ways to earn an income online that are relatively easy.  In fact, there are so many that I’ve narrowed the list down to 30.  And if you need more, please feel free to browse this blog.

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Please keep in mind that some of these ideas are for extra cash only while others can help you to earn over $100,000 a year or more.  You can even work a job from home and still incorporate these ideas into your daily routine.


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30 Awesome Ways to Make Money from Home

  1. Parked – Get rewarded for reporting your mileage.  You will earn $8 for your very first check-in.
  2. Neighbor – Allow people to store items in your unused space.  This could be a driveway or basement where they can store their belongings, canoes, bicycles, RV, or trailer.
  3. eBay – Sell old collectibles you own or stuff you have that you no longer use or want.
  4. Etsy – Make and sell items including digital products and handmade crafts, jewelry, and more according to your skill.
  5. Blog – Start your own blog or online store and earn up to $100 a day or more when people visit your website with sponsors, affiliates, advertising, etc.
  6. Rakuten – Earn cash to shop online or in-store plus get $300 if you can get 10 of your friends to join and use Rakuten.  It is completely free!
  7. Rebaid – Another site that will give you cash back when you buy and try new items at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy.  Plus you can earn an additional $80 a month to tell 8 of your friends about it.
  8. Bookkeepers – Make money doing bookings and accounting at home.
  9. Just Answer – Earn anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000 a month answering questions in your field of expertise online.  Work whenever you want.
  10. Online Verdict – Help lawyers prepare for trials by reviewing cases as an online juror.
  11. Ownli – Get paid cash for your photos of your car, home, and other items.  This free app has many other ways you can make money from your car and more.
  12. Magic Ears – Earn up to $26 per hour teaching English online for students ages 4-12.
  13. Swagbucks – Get paid to search the web, play games, watch online videos, and so much more.
  14. Life Coach – Become a life coach.  Forbes says life coaches make an average of $200,000 a year. This can be done from home either by appointment or by phone.
  15. Crowdsurf – Transcribe for the hearing impaired to earn extra cash.
  16. Task Rabbit – Get paid to assemble items from Ikea and more for others.  You can make up to $30 per hour.
  17. Door Dash – Make money working whenever you want picking up orders for customers at restaurants and delivering meals to their homes.  You get to keep 100% of the delivery fee, the tip, and boosts.
  18. Spreadshop – Earn an average of $751 a month to create and sell print items in your own virtual shop.
  19. US Monitor – Earn a flat monthly fee plus $0.25 per month for every piece of mail you get and enter online as a mail decoy.
  20. Newsletter – Earn money with your very own newsletter.  Get started for free.
  21. Paid Viewpoint – Get paid instantly to take mini polls ( 5 minutes or less) on various topics in your spare time.
  22. Media RewardsEarn easy cash rewards just by watching TV, YouTube, and listening to the radio. You can also win up to $1,000 a month.
  23. Ibotta – Get $10 to submit your first receipt when you download this free app.  You will continue to earn cash instantly for every single receipt you upload from your purchases.
  24.  Fetch – Download this free app with the code G4HBH to get $2 when you join plus earn free cash or gift cards from your favorite store to scan your receipts.
  25. Survey Junkie – Get paid to download the app and browse the web.  You can also earn cash for taking cool paid surveys at home.
  26. Best Mark – Get paid to order a specific product online.  You will then evaluate it and return it for shop validation.  Pays 100% remuneration plus $25 per shop.
  27. Get Upside – Download this free app with the code ALICIA7572 to get $0.30 cashback off each gallon of gas you purchase.  You can also earn free gift cards or cash to scan receipts from restaurants and grocery stores.  Available in select cities.
  28. Cambly – Get paid to chat with people all over the world helping them to learn English.  No teaching certificate or degree is required.  Pays $12 per hour.
  29. YouTube Shorts – Earn from $100 up to $10,000 each month uploading very short videos to YouTube.  You must be at least 13 and live in the following countries.  US, UK, South Africa, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, and Russia.
  30. Podcast – Record your voice from your smartphone or home office and upload it to platforms like Anchor to earn with ads, from sponsors, subscriptions, or with listener support.  No experience or professional equipment is required.


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