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Believe it or not, there are still a lot of companies that will send you a check in the mail to do a variety of tasks and jobs online.  There is nothing quite like receiving a check with your name on it that you can physically hold in your hand.  I enjoy taking a short trip to take to the bank where I cash my check or deposit it.

Sometimes bank tellers will even ask you what you do for the company.  This gives you an opportunity to briefly explain what the site or company is about and how it works.  Many of them have personally told me that they were going to give it a try for extra cash.

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  1. Welocalize – This company recruits remote workers from all over the world to complete mostly non-phone tasks.  They are similar to what you would see at Telus International or Appen.  They have a lot of jobs that start at $21 per hour.  This company will still send you a check in the mail.  I just made a video yesterday about their Content Reviewer position that pays $30 per hour working 35 hours a week which you can watch below.
  2. US Monitor – This company seeks people to work from home as Mail Decoys.  This simple job entails you receiving mail to your home address from various businesses and companies.  You will enter the codes listed on each piece of mail.  US Monitor pays a flat monthly fee plus piece rate for each item.  Checks are sent out on a month-to-month basis.
  3. Rebaid – I recently got a $50 check from this company that I posted on Instagram.  This company will pay you cashback just for trying out products from sellers on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Etsy.  You even get some items completely free!  My check came in less than 7 days.
  4. Pinecone Research – This market research company will send you a check for taking virtual surveys.  You even get to test out products in your home that you can keep.
  5. Bankrollbucks – Complete easy online tasks and offers for real cash.  Checks are processed every Friday as long as you have earned $5.  They are open worldwide and to teens who are at least 13.
  6. Checkout51 – This is another cool site that will pay you cashback on your gas and groceries by check.  You don’t even need a smartphone because you can scan your receipts right to your computer.  They also give away $500 each month to one member that uploads a grocery receipt!
  7. Parent Speak – This is an online community for parents that can voice their opinions in short questionnaires.  You will receive a check in the mail for your time and participation.
  8. Teen Eyes – My kids have joined this legitimate panel and have received checks in the mail to answer fun age-appropriate surveys.
  9. Savvy Connect – I have been a member of this panel for years and they consistently pay on time via check in the mail.  You can earn $5 to install their app on your internet-connected devices and even more if you opt to take online surveys.  You must be 14 to join.  Open worldwide.
  10. Rakuten – Another popular cashback site that will send you a Big Fat check in the mail quarterly when you shop online or in-store.  You can earn more by referring your friends.
  11. Cash 4 Books – Sell your used textbooks to this company for real cash.  You get instant price quotes, free shipping, and fast cash.  They will pay you with a check or via PayPal.
  12. GetUpside – Download this free app with the code ALICIA7572 to get a bonus when you join.  It is similar to Checkout51 because you earn cashback to get gas, buy groceries, or eat out at restaurants.


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