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21 Awesome Ways to make money with AmazonAmazon is one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the United States with billions of people visiting to browse and shop for items each month.  They are far more than a source to buy the latest weed wacker or find a service you wish to engage to satisfy a need.  For literally millions of people; including myself, Amazon has become a reliable way to earn a steady income on a full or part-time basis.

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If you have yet to use Amazon to make money instead of spending money, you may decide to after discovering the many ways it is possible to do so.  Some have even started very successful businesses without ever having to leave their homes.  You can too.  And this article may help to motivate you to give Amazon a try.


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  1. Sell Private Label Products – Private label products are products manufactured somewhere else (China for example) where the manufacturer makes them and slaps your private label on them.  Practically everything under the sun can be bought, shipped to the USA, and sold through their FBA program.  You have to do your research to find the products that will sell, but it’s possible to make thousands per month selling private-label goods.
  2. Self-Publish books with their KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing – Are you good at making crossword puzzles, coloring books, or a thousand other informational skills? Then consider joining their KDP book platform.  Publishers receive royalties for every book they sell, and some prolific authors are able to make thousands per month writing how-to books, helpful tutorials, guides, novels, non-fiction stores, and so much more.
  3.  Sell Wholesale on Amazon – Sure you have to have the financial resources to make it work, but buying cheap and in bulk for products that people really want is a way to make quite a bit of money.
  4. Become a Blogger – If you have the gift of written gab and you get a decent audience, you can put up ads from Amazon on your blog and earn a commission when a product is sold.  I recommend Bluehost for all your blogging needs.  You can obtain a professional blog with 24/7 customer support for less than $4 a month!
  5. Retail Arbitrage – If there are plenty of discount stores in your area, you can buy products such as tennis shoes that are on closeout, buy them, and then list them on Amazon for a premium.
  6. Online Arbitrage – You can do the same thing with online sources such as E-bay, buy them, and turn around and flip them on Amazon.
  7. Work from home for Amazon – Amazon has thousands of reps that work from home and they currently need people in the US and outside of the US to help their customers answer questions, track their packages, and so forth.  Their minimum salary rate is $15 per hour (which is double the minimum wage in some states) to work in Customer Service, Seller Support, Stylist, and many other categories.  Please watch this latest video to find out how you can make over $1,000 a week working from home for Amazon.
  8. Sell Homemade Products – If you make homemade products, Amazon has a program called Amazon Handmade that can bring artisans perhaps $1,000 per month or more.
  9. Sell T-shirts and Coffee cups in Merch by Amazon – Upload your designs to put on merchandise to sell through Amazon.  You can typically make money daily selling products through their Merch program.
  10. Trade-in Program – They will accept your valuable junk (to you) for trade-in for credit to buy on Amazon.
  11. Services – Amazon has a services section and many people do tutoring (especially high-end tutoring like learning a computer program) to earn extra money.
  12. Be a camper force seasonal guide – While not totally remote, if you happen to have a lot of free time, you can assist other RVers seasonally, make a decent income, and make a lot of friends.
  13. Sell Ads – You can sell ads for no matter where you are and collect a profit.
  14. Sell Apps – They also have a Web App store where you can sell your created apps for a set price.
  15. Create Audiobooks – Make money with your voice by narrating and producing your own audiobook.  Amazon sells thousands of audiobooks as well as regular books where you will earn royalties from the sale of your books.
  16. Monetize your Apps – Amazon lets you place ads on your apps and create royalties.
  17. Amazon Influencers – If you have thousands of followers on social media, you can get your own custom link or even page to Amazon which features the products you recommend to your followers.
  18. Amazon Mturk – This is a popular crowd-sourcing marketplace where individuals can perform a variety of non-phone virtual tasks to earn extra cash.  There are literally thousands of tasks daily to choose from.
  19. Shopper Panel – I recently got an invite to join this free panel by downloading their free app so that I could submit my receipts and take very short surveys for cash.  You will earn $10 a month to upload 10 receipts plus $0.25 to $0.50 for every answer you give in a short survey.  You are guaranteed to earn at least $10 each month just to upload 10 receipts!
  20. Twitch – This Amazon-owned company allows gamers to get paid for streaming video games online.  You generate revenue from viewer subscriptions.  If your passion is gaming, you can get paid to do so with Twitch.
  21. Prime Video – Earn royalties to stream content to Prime members for rentals, purchases, monthly channels, and/or ad impressions on all supported devices.


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