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10 Surveys to help you make $600 a monthIn your spare time, you can take and complete surveys to earn extra cash from home.  They are easy, don’t require any special skills, and you can do them as much as you want.  This post will reveal 20 survey sites to help you make $600 a month or more.  Get all the details and start today.

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I’ve been taking surveys for at least 15 years (for side income).  There is one survey panel that has helped me to make more than $11,000 to date.  This proves that survey panels are legit and do pay but you will need to follow these important tips.

  • Always give honest answers.
  • Do not rush through the survey otherwise, you will get caught by the trap questions and risk being blacklisted.
  • Make sure you allot enough time to complete a survey.
  • Follow all the rules.
  • Do not sign up for multiple accounts at a time.
  • Try to avoid abbreviated words, slang, or jargon when responding.

If you follow all these steps and sign up with more than one company, you can make $600 a month or more.  Join Real Surveys that Pay for even more paid survey sites.  A new bonus panel Rare Patient Voice pays you $120 per hour to particpate in studies about rare and non-rate diseases and health conditions you or someone you are a caregiver has been diagnosed with.  Join here.

  1. Prolific – This panel has helped many people to earn hundreds of dollars each month.  You will never get screened out for surveys.  Most studies take 6 minutes or less to complete.  The longer ones pay more.  You can easily earn $25 a day or more with Prolific.
  2. PaidViewpoint – This company has short polls that you will always qualify for.  They pay instantly in cash or with gift cards.  Simply log in and take any studies available.  I have earned $11,393.16 since I joined PaidViewpoint.
  3. PrizeRebel – This company has daily surveys for you to take.  You can also complete offers for more money.  PrizeRebel also has ongoing cash contest giveaways to reward members.  This month they are giving away multiple prizes, gifts, and cash that is up for grabs.  This post will show you how you can earn $500 a month with PrizeRebel.
  4. Survey Savvy – Survey Savvy will pay you $5 per device you install their app on monthly.  If you install the app on 3 devices, you will make $180 a year.  Earn more money by completing surveys.
  5. Survey Junkie – If you complete just 3 surveys a day, you can earn close to $40 a month with Survey Junkie.  In addition, you will earn $5 a month to install their app on your internet-connected devices.
  6. Feature Points – This company has online surveys you can complete in just 1 minute.  You can also earn here to download free apps and complete offers.  They also have cash contests and giveaways you can enter daily.
  7. Pinecone Research – This panel has been around for more than 10 years.  Pinecone Research will pay you $3 for every survey you complete.
  8. Leger Opinions – You will get paid at least $1 per short survey you complete and up.  This month they are giving away $100 Amazon gift cards.  They have weekly cash contests you can enter too.
  9. L & E Research – L & E Research has virtual studies on various topics that take no more than an hour of your time to complete.  These studies/interviews pay from $75 up to $850 or more.
  10. Surveys on the Go – Get paid $1 to $5 per survey with this company.  Some surveys pay $10 or more.  You will need to download their free app to get started.are


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