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Best side hustles for cashWe are almost halfway through 2023 but there is still time for you to earn extra cash.  If you are not working from home, you can still make money.  How is this possible?  With side hustles or gigs, you can complete at your own pace.

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I love working on side hustles because they require minimal effort and don’t take too much of your time.  Many of these side hustles pay extremely fast in cash or with free gift cards.  You will find some of the best side hustles for cash in 2023!

  1. Cloud Research – This company will pay you to participate in market research studies on various topics.  You can also make money by completing easy tasks.
  2. Math Video Creators – IXL Learning is looking for people to create short instructional videos for high school math.  The videos should be no longer than 5 minutes related to Geometry and Algebra 2.  IXL Learning will pay you $400 if you are asked to create a full video.
  3. Amazon Mturk – You can work on simple tasks that may require you to clean up addresses, enter data from shopping receipts, locate email addresses on YouTube channels, translate languages, etc.  Some people are able to make $400 a month or more completing hits on Amazon Mturk.
  4. Prolific – Complete academic research studies on personality types, behaviors, and other topics.  You can make up to $10 per hour at Prolific.  Read this post for all the details.  There may be a waiting list.
  5. Paid Viewpoint – Get paid to answer short polls about new products and items.  These polls will take no more than 5 minutes of your time.  Pays instantly.
  6. Review Articles – needs people to proofread articles for factual accuracy, writing quality, and adherence to their guidelines.  This side hustle pays bi-weekly via PayPal.  It is open in multiple countries.
  7. Amazon Shopper Panel – Get paid to submit your receipts to Amazon each month.  You will get $1 for every receipt you submit (up to 10).  iPhone users get an additional $2 every month for ads.  You can also earn $0.25 for every short poll you take.
  8. Amusement Advantage – This company needs people to visit various amusements or even go to the movies!  You will get paid to take pictures of the theater or drive-in, your receipt, and other information.
  9. 25Clicks – This easy side hustle pays you to search the web, visit a website, and provide information about the company.  It is easy and takes only minutes to complete.  Pays every Friday via PayPal.
  10. List your space on Airbnb – This cool side gig allows you to earn good money renting out your space to travelers who will be visiting your area.  You can list a room or your whole dwelling space.
  11. Podcast – Do you love to talk or enjoy helping others?  Start a Podcast.  You can make decent money talking for just 30 minutes a week.  This is one of the best gigs you can try because you can speak on any subject/topic that is close to your heart to earn money.
  12. Blog – Another way to earn money daily is with a blog.  Initially, it will take you some time to get started but once you have it set up, you can post content on your blog whenever you want.  You can even make a full-time income with a blog.  Find out how this is possible here.  Check out Bluehost for all your blogging needs.
  13. Deliver Groceries – InstaCart is still looking for shoppers to visit the store to buy groceries and other items.  You will get paid to deliver them to your neighbors.  Shoppers get paid per delivery plus tips!
  14. YouTube – Start your own YouTube channel in 2023.  YouTube is making a lot of changes to help content creators earn more money with YouTube shorts, podcasts, and more.  There are some popular YouTubers that make over $100,000 a year working just 2 hours a day.
  15. Spreadshop – Put your love of designs and artistic skills to work for you by selling your unique creations in your own shop!  Spreadshop is free and allows you to upload your designs that you can place on clothing items, mugs, and other materials to earn commissions.  YouTubers can sell their products on their channel for more income.
  16. LEO – Give your opinions to earn PayPal cash, free prizes, and other rewards.  Their surveys are fast and can be completed from your smartphone.  Open in the US and Canada.
  17. Write Articles – Marker Content will pay you to create content on topics you love.  You can also get paid to upload your used articles to sell on their marketplace.  You will earn every time your content sells.
  18. To Shop – Earn money when you shop online or in-store with Rakuten’s cashback shopping program.  It is easy and free to use.  Your cashback earnings will be sent to you quarterly via check in the mail.
  19. Mail Decoy – US Monitor will pay you to receive mail delivered to your home address.  They recruit what’s called a Mail Decoy to log into their portal online and enter information from each mailpiece image.  You will automatically get paid $10 monthly just to be in their program plus you earn $0.25 per mailpiece image entered.  Checks are sent out on a monthly basis.
  20. Qmee – Earn money instantly to visit a new or familiar website while you search the web.  You will earn more money to complete daily polls, answer trivia questions, take surveys, etc.
  21. Survey Savvy – I just cashed out $105.14 this month from Survey Savvy for browsing the web.  All you have to do is install the Savvy Connect app through Survey Savvy to earn money when you browse the web from your computer, smartphone, and/or tablet.  Checks are sent in the mail in 7 days or less.
  22. Fetch – Download Fetch with the code G4HBH to get $2 when you join today.  This app allows you to earn easy points that you can redeem for free PayPal cash or gift cards to scan your receipts.
  23. Ibotta – Get $10 when you install the Ibotta app.  This app will give you cash or free gift cards when you shop online or in-store.  You can either upload your receipts or connect your accounts to get cashback on each purchase.
  24. Inbox Dollars – Get $5 when you join Inbox Dollars today.  This company will pay you to play virtual games, upload receipts, print coupons, read your email, and so many other simple tasks.
  25. Upside – Download Upside with the code ALICIA7572 to get $0.30 cashback from each gallon of gas you purchase.  You will also earn when you eat at your favorite restaurants or shop at the grocery store.
  26. InstaGC – Get paid in cash or instantly with free gift cards to stream videos, click on ads, visit websites, complete trial offers, and so much more.  You can cash out multiple times a day and use this site as much as you want.
  27. PrizeRebel – Get paid daily in cash or with free gift cards to answer questions and complete offers.  There is no limit as to how much you earn.  Open worldwide.
  28. 1Q – I love this site because you get paid to receive a text message to answer 1 question.  Each question pays $0.25 in multiple-choice format.  If there are additional questions in the text, you will earn more.
  29. Earnably – Get paid try new apps, watch videos, view ads, complete offers, and more.  This site pays fast and is open to people all over the world.
  30. User Interviews – Get paid $100 an hour to participate in virtual market research studies.  The studies range from shopping habits to appliances, career goals, etc.  Some studies pay $150 per hour and up!


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