Hiring Voice Writers Pays $30 per hourDid you know that you can make up to $30 per hour to repeat words as a Voice Writer – reading words you see on your computer screen?  Yes, it’s true.  There is a company called 3Play Media that is currently hiring Voice Writers to work from home.  This non-phone job does not require any experience at all and you can apply online for this job today.

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What is a Voice Writer?

A Voice Writer is someone who provides accurate captions.  For 3Play Media, a Voice Writer will be required to provide captions for live events.  You will do this for customers from all over the world who may be deaf or hard of hearing.  This enables them to receive and understand the message as hearing participants can by using captions to make live events more accessible for everyone.

Voice Writers will use their patented technology which helps to make your job smooth and efficient as possible.

What are the requirements to be a Voice Writer?

3Play Media is looking for Voice Writers of all levels of experience to produce real-time captions for live events.  The captions you provide convey important information, so it is vital that you maintain accuracy when providing captions as a Voice Writer.  In addition, you must have access to a headset, computer, and a strong internet connection.  Voice Writers must have excellent verbal communication skills, and be good listeners with a clear, consistent speaking voice.

You also need to be able to multitask between listening, speaking, and typing.  It is also recommended that you stand or sit for the duration of a live event that could last up to 90 minutes.

Please keep in mind that you will need to complete a background check before you can start working from home as a Voice Writer for 3Play Media.

What hours will I be required to work?

This job is flexible which means you can set and work your own schedule according to what works best for you.

Are there any additional perks?

Yes.  Voice Writers will also get paid up to $30 per hour plus you will be paid for event prep time and overtime when the events run longer than expected.

Who can apply for this position?

Anyone who’s interested in working from home as a Voice Writer.  3Play Media hires remote workers in the US and Worldwide.  Training is provided.

Please keep in mind that 3Play Media does not support VPNs or Virtual Private Networks in their system.  This could lead to your account being terminated.

The Application Process

It only takes 5 minutes or less to apply for 3Play Media.

Please watch this video below to learn more about what you will do as a Voice Writer for 3Play Media.


How to Apply?

You can apply to be a Voice Writer here.

Does 3Play Media have other work from home jobs?

Yes.  They also need English Transcribers and Spanish Transcribers to transcribe recorded audio and edit imperfect transcription.  You must be at least 18 to apply for these vacancies.  No experience is required.  If you are interested, please click here.


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