17 Non-Phone Work at Home Jobs Open WorldwideDo you live outside the US and want to work from home without talking on the phone?  If so, there are a few companies that are currently seeking people worldwide to complete tasks from their home office.  These companies offer entry-level non-phone work at home jobs that do not require previous experience and will allow you to set and work your own schedule.

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Most of the job opportunities consist of part-time work…but not all.  If you want to work full-time, try applying to more than one job at a time either within the company or with a different employer.  Make sure that there is no conflict of interest by reading their terms and conditions before applying.

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  1. Teemwork.ai – Work from anywhere in the world working on crowdsourcing projects in various departments for this company.  They are currently hiring remote workers to assist with translation, transcription, Search Engine Evaluators, Audio Data Collectors, Online Crowd Workers, etc.  Most of the jobs pay per task and task complexity or by the hour.
  2. Welocalize – Weclocalize has so many global work at home non-phone jobs that need to be filled right away.  Those who are bilingual will have access to more work at home job opportunities.  They currently need linguists, translators, video quality specialists, testers, raters, Maps Quality Raters, and others to work remotely.  You can even find some non-phone work at home jobs that pay $30 per hour!
  3. GoTranscript – Work from home listening to audio files working your own schedule.  You will type what you hear.  They have an abundance of work with this company with weekly pay.
  4. Oneforma – Work whenever you want from anywhere in the world with Oneforma.  They have hundreds of work at home jobs for those who specialize in Annotation, translation, transcription, and other jobs.  You can also get paid to take pictures and videos, record your voice, etc.  These projects are fun and very rewarding.
  5. Clickworker – They have ongoing tasks for individuals to evaluate the web search results for specific search terms, categorize data, take video shorts, read audio prompts, and more.  If you download the Clicworker app, you can use your smartphone to work on certain projects.  This company pays you every week via PayPal.
  6. Duolingo – This company is currently seeking tech-savvy individuals who are native English speakers and fluent in another language to translate content online.  You will work 25 to 35 hours a week helping to support education.  They also hire writers, experts, and course specialists to help improve how millions of people learn languages.
  7. Telus International – You can work from home for this company helping to keep the Internet safe by reviewing content online, advertisements, online search results, etc.  They also need Online Shoppers to evaluate businesses and their customer service on a part-time basis.  You can find several non-phone work at home job openings and apply online today.
  8. Lionbridge – This company has been in business for several years recruiting candidates worldwide to work their own schedule completing non-phone projects.  Right now, Lionbridge has jobs for translators and linguists to work from home.
  9. Appen – Appen is seeking contributors worldwide to categorize social media content, transcribe audio clips, moderate content including text and images, and other duties.  You can even work for as little as 1 hour a day with Appen.  Seniors are encouraged to apply too.
  10. Field Agent – This smartphone app will allow you to complete missions as a Field Agent in your area where you will be required to give feedback, analysis, and report data about the experience and/or service.  They are open to people in various countries and pay via direct deposit.
  11. Webtoon – Work from home as a Content Moderator to review and moderate all user-generated content.  You will review and investigate written content part-time.  You must be tech-savvy, culturally aware of internet trends and pop culture in the US, and proficient in English.
  12. ICUC – This company recruits candidates to work on moderation tasks for online communities.  They do not have any remote positions at the moment but may post some in the near future.
  13. Live World – This company seeks Social Media Agents to engage with customers on social media platforms, participate in conversations, compose well-written messages, and other related duties.  They hire candidates in the US and worldwide.  Currently accepting applications.
  14. Gengo – Gengo (a Lionbridge company) is another employer that hires Translators to work from home from anywhere.
  15. Rev – You can work from home as a Captioner or Translator for Rev.com if you live in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  Foreign subtitlers can make up to $7 per minute.
  16. Humanatic – Work from home listening to calls and sorting them into categories from your smartphone or computer in your spare time.  These jobs pay per task.  Payday is on a weekly basis.
  17. The Social Element – This company is currently seeking Social Media Managers, Moderators, and Content Creators to respond to comments, complaints, and queries, and engage with their online audience.  This non-phone work at home job will require you to work weekends be familiar with social media trends and have experience using sites like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.  Hiring worldwide.


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