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Do you like the idea of getting paid to give your opinion online?  If so, taking and participating in various surveys can help you to earn some extra cash for your time.  It is also one of the very first ways that I used to earn extra money from my computer back in the late 90’s and I still use this same method today.  Why?  Because they pay and are easy to do.  Most surveys take less than 15 minutes of your time and you can see your earnings immediately after you have completed each survey.

But how can you make taking online surveys work for you?

Here are some tips that will help you to qualify for paid online surveys.

  • Complete your entire profile and keep it updated
  • Be honest in your answers
  • Do not rush through your surveys
  • Sign up with as many survey panels as you can
  • Check your emails and online portals to see if you have any outstanding surveys for you to complete.

If you follow through with some of these tips, not only will you be invited to more surveys and which will allow even more opportunities to get extra cash but you will be viewed as a valued panel member affording you chances to win additional monies in the form of prizes, sweepstakes and giveaways.

If you have yet to sign up with any survey panels, please check out my Top 30 Survey Panels and join today!  For a complete list of paid surveys for teens, surveys that pay fast, for those who live outside the US and more, go to Mad Cash Survey!

  1. ICS – Low payment threshold and pays instantly.  Many chances to earn cash here daily.
  2. Paid Viewpoint – Surveys take less than a minute and are open to teens.  You will always qualify for surveys here.
  3. Survey Savvy – I love this panel because you can cash out when you have just $1 in your account via check in the mail and they are open in several countries.
  4. Pinecone Research – You earn $3 for every survey you complete and participate in.
  5. Legerweb – Survey panel that accepts those in the US and Canada.  They have a smartphone app to make it convenient for you to do surveys on the go.
  6. Opinion Outpost – Earn cash within 24 hours after you request a payout from completing surveys with this company.
  7. Tellwut – Survey panel that is open to members in the US & Canada where you can take short polls, create polls and more.
  8. Parent Speak – One of my favorite survey panels for parents that pays you cash and sometimes has longer surveys that pay around $50 for your time.
  9. Panelpolls – A great survey panel for families including kids and teens.  They are fun and rewarding.
  10. Opinion Plus – This is a new survey panel that also has a low payment threshold.
  11. Mintvine Panel – You can earn from taking surveys, taking polls, joining the Mint Roll and for referring your friends.
  12. Global Test Market – Survey panel open worldwide that will send you a check in the mail for your opinion.
  13. E poll – Earn extra cash taking polls from home.  You must be at least 13 to join.
  14. Opinion World – Another survey panel that gives you cash for your opinion.  Surveys takes less than 15 minutes.
  15. HCD Surveys – One of the few survey panels that has been known to give you points that you can redeem for cash even if you don’t qualify for their surveys.
  16. Univox – Another new survey panel that will pay you for your opinion.
  17. Hiving – Another new survey panel that is open worldwide that gives you cash for your opinion.
  18. Ipsos – Earn points for taking surveys and for being a loyal member.
  19. Opinionsite – Another survey panel that is open to anyone and give you cash for your time.
  20. Google Opinion Rewards – Get paid to take very short surveys from your smartphone.  Available on Google Play.
  21. Toluna Opinions – Earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and share your opinions! Plus you will get an entry for a $2,500 sweepstakes when you register!
  22. Smart Panel – We pay you for sharing your data with us. You’ll earn $5 every month if you qualify, install the Smart App to your devices, and keep it installed. In addition, you can earn quarterly loyalty bonuses: $5 after three months, $10 after six months, and $15 every three months after that. In this way you can earn a total of $110 in one year, $170 in 18 months, and $230 in two years.
  23. Point Club – Point Club is the #1 Source Online for Market Research Surveys and Online Rewards.  Earn up to 2,000 Free Points By Registering Today!
  24. Springboard America – Get paid for taking online polls.
  25. YouGov Panel – As a member of the YouGov panel you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for points and rewards.
  26. VIP Voice – Join VIP Voice and you can win cash or prizes for giving your opinions.
  27. Harris Poll Online – Become a member of the Harris Poll Online. You will earn Harris Poll Online Rewards where you can redeem points for your opinions. Earn rewards that include a variety of merchandise and gift certificates.
  28. Nielsen Digital Voice – How do you do digital? Be rewarded just for being yourself. Nielsen Digital Voice members can win up to $1,000 every single month. Each month, over 400 members win.
  29. Global Test Market – Take Surveys at GlobaltestMarket now to receive cash for online surveys and help make a difference. This is the easiest way to earn money online.
  30. ACOP Research – Earn money for your opinion by taking online surveys for cash!  Get paid to test new products and improve the products you buy.  Membership is FREE!


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