One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online is by answering questions for market research companies.  Once you join to be a member, you will be invited to participate in an online study where you will give your honest feedback and opinions about new and upcoming products, brands, services, etc.  These companies will pay you for this information that can be used to improve their marketing technique and products for consumers to purchase.

Not only will you get paid to share your thoughts but you will also help to shape how and what kinds of items you will see available in stores all across the country.  Most of the surveys that you have an opportunity to complete are on a first come first serve basis.  This means that you will need to complete the entire survey as soon as possible.  In general the majority of surveys take no more than 15 minutes of your time on average.  The longer the survey is, the higher your compensation will be.

I have included a list of some of the best survey panels that you can join when you have some spare time online for extra cash.  Make sure that you join as many survey panels as you can so that you will have a greater chance of qualifying for surveys and increase your online earnings.

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Best Survey Panels for 2017

  1. Legerweb – I like this survey panel because you qualify for paid surveys most of the time and they pay at least $1.  You can also complete them on your computer or download their app.  They are open to panelists in the US and Canada and they will send you a check in the mail once you have earned $20 in your account.
  2. Parent Speak – Even though this survey panel is for parents only, you will also earn at least $1 for every survey you complete.  Surveys last 5 minutes or less but if you are asked to answer additional questions, you will earn $3 or $5 for that survey.  They also have surveys that last an hour that you may be invited to that pays at least $30 on the low end.
  3. Instant Cash Sweepstakes – Get paid to take mini polls that last no more than 2 minutes plus get a chance to win $2 every 4 hours and $50 daily.
  4. Paid Viewpoint – If you like the idea of taking brief surveys that take about a minute to complete, you will like this panel.  Must be at least 13.  You also get a $1 to join this site.
  5. Pinecone Research – Get paid $3 for every survey you complete plus you may be sent free products to test and keep at your home.
  6. Survey Savvy – Survey panel that has been in business for at least 10 years that needs panelists to give their opinions on various subjects.  Must be 14 and it is open worldwide.  They will send you a check in the mail even if you have just $1 in your account.  You can also earn $5 per month per device to install Savvy Connect on your devices.
  7. Mintvine – This company accepts those who are at least 13 to join and get paid for taking daily polls, answering questions and more.  You can redeem your points via PayPal for cash or for free gift cards.
  8. Ipsos – This company will pay you to take daily surveys, participate in focus groups and more.
  9. Smart Panel – Get paid $110 a year to share your thoughts and opinions about how you use the internet.
  10. Toluna Opinions – Earn $1 up to $5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and share your opinions!
  11. YouGov – Get paid to give your opinions about topical issues as well as to participate in polls.
  12. SurveysontheGo – Take quick and easy surveys from your mobile device for cash.  Some surveys pay $10!
  13. MySoapBox – Join this panel to get instant access to available surveys on products and services you use every day.  You will get $2 to join plus you can redeem your points for instant gift cards.  Must be 13.  Open worldwide.
  14. Opinion Outpost – Get paid to share your opinions where you will get your rewards instantly after you request them.  You can either request your cash via PayPal or get free gift cards.
  15. Digital Reflection Panel – This particular panel will pay you $170 per year to install a device and connect it to your computers and phone.


I am a stay at home mom that is an author, professional blogger that provides free information and reviews about work at home job leads, companies hiring, an instructor gives advice about starting your own blog, online business, and other ways to earn extra cash from home from your smartphone, etc.

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