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30 Sites that pay cash every weekA lot of people are desperately looking for ways to make cash in their spare time.  It is more of a necessity than ever before with price increases in food, clothing, gas, as well as essential and non-essential items we use every day.  But what can you do right now to earn a few hundred dollars or more every week?  Continue reading to find out how you can do this from home.

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In order to meet your goal of making money every week, make sure you come up with a plan and stick to it.  Some people find that writing their goals down and telling others about them, makes them more accountable; therefore giving you the incentive to reach your goals.  One way you can do this is with a work/goal planner.  Seeing your words in print or on paper will help to solidify your goals.

I recently created a work/daily digital planner designed to help you visualize your goals so that you can implement them.  You can see a sample of this planner on my Etsy shop here.

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These ideas will get your creative sparks flowing and could lead to full-time income depending upon your dedication and determination.

  1. Etsy Shop – Open an Etsy shop and earn money every week selling your unique designs, products, digital files, and more on this platform.  Payments will be sent to your bank account every Monday.  As soon as you make a sale, your payment will be sent out that week.
  2. Short Tasks – Sites like Clickworker will pay you weekly to complete tasks on your smartphone and/or computer to read audio prompts, train apps, search the web, and more.  Payments are sent out each week via PayPal.
  3. Reviewing Calls – Humanatic will pay you every Monday to review recorded calls and sort them into categories.  This easy job can be done from your smartphone or computer.  It is open worldwide.
  4. Prolific – Get paid weekly to take part in behavior and market research studies on a weekly basis.  The studies only take just a few short minutes.  Prolific will send your earnings to your PayPal account.
  5. InstaGC – This site pays multiple times a week when you download and install apps, complete simple tasks, visit websites, watch videos, and more in your spare time.  Payments are made via PayPal and direct deposit.
  6. Qmee – Get paid instantly to search the web on your phone or computer, do daily polls, complete pop quizzes, and more.  Payments are sent to your PayPal account.
  7. Earnably – Earnably is another site that pays instantly to watch pet clips, music videos, food videos, and more.  You can also earn to complete various offers and paid surveys.  Pays via PayPal or with free gift cards.
  8. Ibotta – Get paid in cash to scan receipts from your purchases at the grocery store, online, and so much more.  You can get paid in cash as soon as you request your earnings.
  9. Savvy Connect – This company will send you a check in the mail for using their app while you browse the web from your computer, smartphone, and/or tablet.  The more devices you install the app on, the more you will earn.
  10. PrizeRebel – Get paid daily to complete surveys and offers as much or as little as you want.  PrizeRebel also has ongoing contests for monthly cash rewards for the top 10 members who complete the most surveys, offers, and referrals.
  11. Bankrollbucks – Bankrollbucks will send you a check in the mail every Friday for clicking ads, visiting offers, taking surveys, and more.  You can get paid via PayPal and with Wise bank transfer.
  12. Swagbucks – Earn cash or free gift cards when you watch videos, and movie trailers, search the web, complete offers, surveys, etc.
  13. Pinecone Research – Get paid to take surveys and test products.  Pays cash instantly.
  14. UpWork – Work on various freelance projects for individuals and companies and get paid weekly for your time and efforts.  This site is open to freelancers worldwide.
  15. Amazon Mturk – Get paid weekly to type in alpha/numeric data, translate content, evaluate search results, give your opinion, and so much more.
  16. Field Agent – Payments are sent out weekly to agents for ordering pizza, trying new products, taking pictures of displays, and more.
  17. Leger Opinions – Get paid to complete polls and surveys on various subjects from your computer or with their smartphone app.  Open in the US and Canada.
  18. RebateKey – Get paid every week to redeem rebates on new products that you can purchase from sites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, and Target without paying retail prices.
  19. Inbox Dollars – Get paid in 3 days or less to play games, upload receipts, search the web, shop online, and so much more.  Get PayPal cash or free virtual gift cards from Mastercard.
  20. Feature Points – Get paid in cash to download and install free apps on your smartphone.  In order to receive payment, you must keep the app installed for 2 minutes to test it out.  Open worldwide.
  21. Ysense – Get paid in cash to watch ads in your spare time, complete offers, take daily polls, and more.
  22. Fiverr – Make Money every week to complete virtual gigs for others like promotions to grow followers, create banners for social media platforms, and many more.
  23. Cambly – Chat with others all over the world to get paid every week helping them learn English from home.  Payments are made every Monday via PayPal.  Tutor anytime from anywhere.
  24. Rev – Get paid weekly via PayPal for work completed adding captions to videos, transcribing audio files, or subtitling.  There are hundreds of jobs to choose from.
  25. Usertesting – Visit new websites and test them for functionality, to evaluate if it’s user-friendly, and more.  You will also get paid to test mobile apps and more.  Payments are made via PayPal.
  26. InstaCart – Get paid weekly to purchase groceries for others in your spare time.  This cool side hustle will pay you for every order you deliver plus keep 100% of your tips.
  27. Respondent – Get paid to complete 30 to 60-minute virtual interviews about your shopping habits, eating preferences, lifestyle, and more.
  28. User Interviews – Get paid for every research study you participate in.  The studies pay an average of $50 or more.  You can complete them from your phone or computer.
  29. Blog – Make money daily with your own blog or website with ads from Google Adsense, affiliate programs, sponsorships, and more.
  30. Rewardia – Get paid instantly to chat online, play strategy and arcade games, answer trivia questions, and more.


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