Easy tasks that pays $50 to $90 per hourAre you looking for easy tasks that pays $50 or more per hour without leaving your home?  Many people would say yes to that question but are not sure how it is possible to do so and if it’s even legit.  There is a way to make over $50 per hour by completing very simple tasks as long as you have a computer, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection.

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This opportunity is open to individuals from all across the nation coming from various walks of life.  Researchers are in need of willing participants to respond to the following online studies below.  You will be compensated good money for your time.

Pays $135 for 75 minutes

Seeking women to participate in a 2-day online board from Thursday, September 17 to Friday, September 18.  The study will take 90 minutes to complete.  You must complete all the questions and activities before the deadline to receive the incentive.

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Pays $30 for 20 minutes or less

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Seeking full-time employees who are currently working from home to talk about the office supplies you are using.

Pays $50 for 45 minutes or less

Seeking consumers who outsource their laundry to participate in a one-on-one interview that pays $50 for 45 minutes of your time.

Pays $75 for 60 minutes or less

Seeking first-time moms who are currently pregnant or recently had their first child to participate in a virtual one-on-one interview that will take 60 minutes or less of your time.  You will be required to download a WebEx software app or discuss.io to your device.

Pays $60 in 30 minutes 

A qualitative research platform is seeking people to discuss their eating habits.  You will get paid $60 to participate in a live 30-minute focus group on Zoom on Monday, September 21st.

Pays $160 in 120 minutes

We are looking for women 50+ years old who are willing to have a virtual one-on-one interview on September 28.  You will be answering questions about yourself, your hair, and hair products.

Pays $100 in 90 minutes

Seeking students and educators who use the AutoCAD web app to provide feedback about your experiences.  This is an online feedback session that will last 90 minutes and pay $100.

Pays $75 in 60 minutes

Looking for Scentsy consultants for a virtual 60-minute interview.  You will need to download the WebEx app if you qualify.

Pays $60 in 75 minutes

Researchers are hoping to talk to a few people about how they travel, where they want to go, and what they want to do when they get there.  May also ask about your feedback on some websites for travelers they’ve been working on.

Pays $100 in 60 minutes

Seeking AT&T customers who purchased online and activated a wireless device to get your feedback.  The information you provide will be really helpful as it improves your purchase and post-purchase services.

Pays $65 in 45 minutes

Looking for participants who use the mobile app and mobile website to access their mobile insurance accounts to evaluate their capabilities.

Pays $50 in 30 minutes

Looking to speak with people who hire freelancers for projects that don’t have the skills to design a logo.

Pays $100 for 120 minutes

Seeking people who recently inherited money/assets, got divorced, or experienced a health shock to participate in a research study about life events and personal investments in order to understand financial goals, strategies, and concerns investors have.

Pays $75 for 30 minutes

Seeking business owners to provide feedback on a web page we are designing.

Get paid $90 for 70 minutes

Ada Health is seeking to speak to its current users to understand their needs and wishes better.  This interview will ask you questions about your health status, routines, insurance status, and illnesses.

Get paid $100 in 60 minutes

Looking for people considering insurance products of various types to learn what’s important to them.  Need your feedback on the early-stage concepts for new insurance offerings and how we could make them better.

Get paid $150 for 60 minutes

Looking for property owners, property managers, and property developers to talk about your work in a 1-hour interview?

Get paid $150 for 60 minutes

Interested in talking to those who work in construction trades like HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, commercial cleaning, etc. to participate in a 1-hour interview.  minutes or less.

Get paid $50 for 20 minutes

Looking for people to participate in a feminine care project to get your views.  This is a 20-minute diary study with recorded video activities.


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