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Okay, you just got offered a work at home job (your first work-at-home job) but wait…you are going to have to sell something.  Maybe you are not good at selling anything or you prefer not to because let’s face it those QVC hosts didn’t just get that job because they wanted it, they had to have some sort of skill and technique to entice the viewers to get the product in their hands. If selling is not your niche, it will be a very frustrating experience, to say the least.

You want to enjoy your job and actually like the idea of working from home so that you will stick with it.  That is why I have come up with a list of work-at-home jobs that do not involve selling, meeting quotas, or are commission-based in order for you to get paid.  There are quite a few fields of work that you can delve into as a remote worker.

Here are just a few that you can try.

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Work at home Jobs that do not involve Selling

  1. Pleio – Work from home as a good starter helping people to get into a good routine for taking their medications.  If you enjoy helping others and have a friendly disposition, you will enjoy this kind of work.  Plus the pay is one of the highest for a work-at-home employer.
  2. Apple – If you are tech savvy and are familiar with iPads, Tablets, and iMac Computers or enjoy troubleshooting them, you can work from home as a home advisor assisting customers with their passwords if they get locked out of their Apple accounts, helping them to use their devices and so much more.  You will even get a free computer as a cool perk from Apple.
  3. Amazon – Would you like to help others track the shipments that they have ordered online from Amazon or answer questions about their accounts?  Do you consider yourself a problem-solver?  If so, Amazon is a great company to work for where you will not have to sell items or products to customers.
  4. Direct Interactions – This company has a great reputation for hiring those who are disabled and others to work from home.  One of the positions they are constantly hiring for is for a customer service rep to handle incoming calls from motorists with unpaid parking tickets.  They do state that they want you to have previous experience in a high-stress call center environment and be polite because their callers could be irate but if this sounds interesting to you, please apply to this company online.  The pay starts at $11 per hour.
  5. Needle – Help others find the products and brands they want by working from home as a brand advocate.  You will chat online with customers and share your expertise about your favorite brands.
  6. ACD Direct – This job requires people to take calls from people calling to donate funds or give to a charity or organization they are passionate about.  Some of the people calling in may even thank you for taking their call.
  7. Appen – Appen is always looking for people to either evaluate or rate web search results and improve the quality of a newsfeed for a social media client for just 1 or 4 hours a day.  You can log in and work whenever you want.
  8. SC Contact Centers – Work from home simply taking orders and answering questions about shipping information.  You will not be required to sell anything.
  9. L & E Research –  Market research interviewers are needed to gather valuable information regarding products, services, and experiences to assist with customer satisfaction.  They offer paid training with a starting rate of $15 per hour.
  10. Intelichek – You will work from home getting prices and quotes regarding oil changes, tires, warranties, and various products and items to enter online.  This company hires people from the US and Canada.  Pays $9 to $14 per hour.
  11. Yardi Matrix – This is a seasonal work-at-home job that will require you to contact various apartment communities and gather information regarding rent specials, prices, etc.  There is no experience required and you are guaranteed to make at least minimum wage.
  12. Enterprise Rent a Car – Earn more than $12 per hour answering general questions, researching reservations, and other related duties for this popular car rental company.  They hire in multiple states including Canada.
  13. – Work from home completing a variety of administrative tasks for others.  This could include scheduling, document editing, and more.  You must be an experienced communicator.  Pays $11 to $15 per hour for part-time work.  Hires in the US & Mexico.
  14. My Employment Options – This company has several work-at-home jobs that may not require you to sell anything.  Their program and job placement services are completely free and help those who receive SSI or SSDI disability benefits return back to work.
  15. – Work from home as a remote services technician providing support to customers related to high-speed internet and wireless gateways.  Pay starts at $9 per hour.
  16. Kinzer Projects – This company seeks independent contractors to work in keyword moderation, Hermes category descriptions, Apollo product descriptions, writing, editing, and more.
  17. One Space – Complete short tasks and quality writing assignments for this company and get paid daily when your work is approved.  Can work as much or as little as you want.
  18. Cambly – Get paid to tutor students from all around the world who want to learn English.  You can work whenever you want for as much or as little as you want.  Pays $10.20 per hour every Monday.
  19. Babbletype – Work from home and get paid every week to complete tasks in transcription, editing, proofreading, and translators.  You must have a computer, headphones and a good internet connection.  A quiet work environment is also required.
  20. Next Wave at Home – This company needs organizers and writers to work from home interviewing supporters for a particular issue or writing stories about issues that affect them.  Pay starts at $12 per hour.
  21. Smart Crowd – Work from home completing a variety of tasks including data entry by typing in alpha and numeric keystrokes from images that appear on your computer screen.
  22. Sig Track – Get paid to type in registrations and signatures from your home.  No experience needed but there is a learning curve.  Only hires on a seasonal or as-needed basis.
  23. Literably – Get paid $10 per hour to be an online scorer producing exact word and non-word utterances from students attempting to reading prepared text.  Work your own hours and get paid every Friday through your PayPal account.
  24. Verba Ink – This company also needs transcribers, proofreaders, copywriters, and editors to work from home.
  25. Bid Ocean – Several work-at-home jobs as an internet research specialist, reporter, animator, editor, and designer.  Must be fluent in English.
  26. Accutran Global – Transcribers needed to transcribe transcripts.  They will be recruiting new transcribers near the end of July.
  27. Caption Colorado – Get paid to caption spoken words into the text as close to verbatim as possible.  Offers bonuses, benefits, and a flexible schedule.
  28. Cass Information Systems – Get paid to type from home as an offsite invoice payment specialist for this company.  May have to train onsite for the first few weeks before working from home.
  29. Crowd Surf – Work from home on your own schedule transcribing online media.  Most tasks are very easy to complete.
  30. Clickworker – Complete a variety of online tasks from your computer or smartphone in translation, transcription, data categorization, writing, and other fields.  Weekly pay via PayPal.
  31. Verbalizeit – Translate, interpret or transcribe from any location.  Pays twice a month via PayPal.
  32. Logueworks – Work from home from any location to complete transcription and translation tasks.
  33. Language Line Solutions – Interpreters are needed from all over the world to handle calls and render the meaning from one language to another.  You must be fluent in English and one other language.
  34. Measurement Incorporated – This company hires readers/evaluators to score essays from home based on their criteria.  The pay is more than $11 per hour.
  35. Xerox – Xerox has some work-at-home positions in data entry but you will have to check their website periodically to see what if any new job leads they have in this area.
  36. Automattic – If you have WordPress experience, Html and CSS you can work from home as a happiness engineer providing support to popular products like WordPress and Woo Commerce.
  37. Course Hero – Get paid to be a homework helper and assist students by helping them to learn and excel in their courses.  You can work whenever you want and get paid $3 per answer.  Top tutors earn up to $1,500 each month.  Hiring worldwide.
  38. Telexpertise – Work from home in call evaluation, telephone mystery shopping, and more.
  39. Proofreading Pal – This company hires proofreaders to edit documents for sentence structure and more.  Can make up to $3,000 a month with this company.
  40. Talk 2 Rep – Help customers get assistance by answering general questions they have and resolving their problems either on the phone or via chat.
  41. Intuit – Work from home helping others prepare their tax returns if you have a strong tax background or experience preparing returns for individuals.  You will also need experience using professional tax software.
  42. Telenotes – Get paid to transcribe sound files from home if you live in Utah.  You must type 70 wpm.  Hourly pay.
  43. Daily Transcription – Get paid to work from home full or part-time transcribing for various industries.
  44. – Work from home as a data collector, crowd worker, web search evaluator, and more.  Work may be somewhat similar to Lionbridge, Leapforce, Appen, or Zero Chaos.
  45. Call Center QA – Work from home evaluating various businesses as a mystery shopper.  You will make calls and fill out the information in an online form once the call has been completed.  Calls last 5-10 minutes each.  Pays $5 per call.
  46. Clickworker – Work from home completing a variety of online tasks that are short from your computer or smartphone.  No experience is required.  A basic skills assessment test must be completed before you are able to work on any job.  Weekly pay via PayPal.  Open worldwide.
  47. Click N Work – This website and company have several freelance gigs that you can complete from home in data entry, web searchers, writers, trend spotters, and more.
  48. Shutterstock – This company frequently hires remote image reviewers to evaluate images based on the content, quality, execution, and integrity.  They hire in several countries around the globe.  You will need previous experience and domain expertise.
  49. Math Elf – Work from home as a math tutor
  50. ACD Connect – This is a sister site of ACD Direct that will pay you to process calls from non-profit organizations.  You will not be selling anything, in fact, the callers will be contacting you to make a donation.  Hourly pay.
  51. Expertise – Editors needed to work from home
  52. Wonder – If you enjoy doing research, this company is looking for people to find answers to requests from their customers and include the resources and other relevant information to justify your answer.
  53. Bombfell – This company is always hiring online stylists to help men choose and select the best fashion items using their online platform.  You will need an eye for fashion and previous fashion experience.
  54. Defined Crowd – If you have good writing skills and can follow directions, this company is looking for Native English speakers to transcribe speech recordings from home.
  55. Speak Write – Work from home as a transcriber in general or legal transcription.
  56. Drizly – Work as a customer service rep assisting people with ordering and driver app questions.  Hires remote workers who live in Boston and Denver.
  57. ABC Financial – Work from home as a representative for gyms assisting gym members and staff regarding recurring payment issues and contract questions.  You will need 1 year of experience.  Hiring in select states only.
  58. Mod Squad – Work from home as a moderator, moderating various forums, managing online communities, and chatting with customers.
  59. Focus Forward – Work from home typing focus groups, legal and academic files in the entertainment industry.  You can work as much or as little as you want.
  60. Amusement Advantage – This company that has mystery shops in the amusement category needs schedulers and editors to work from home contacting mystery shoppers to schedule shops and also edit mystery shops that have been submitted by mystery shoppers online.
  61. Brainfuse – Make money from home tutoring students online from your computer.
  62. Uhaul – Although Uhaul has some sales work-at-home positions they also have some that do not include selling whatsoever.  You can check out their hitch central agent work-at-home jobs, roadside assistance, UBox agents, and even in customer service.  These positions require you to assist them with their reservations and answer general questions related to their rentals.  Hourly pay.
  63. VIPKID – Work from home as helping children learn English in their spare time.  This is a very fulfilling and rewarding work-at-home job that allows you to set and work your own schedule.  You will earn up to $22 per hour.  Hires in the US and Canada.
  64. Vitac – Work from home as a voice captioner transcribing spoken words into the text as close to word for word as possible for their customers.
  65. Fancy Hands – Work from home completing a variety of tasks for customers as a virtual assistant that may include scheduling appointments for them, finding hotels, making phone calls, and more.  Pays per task.
  66. Live World – Work as an online moderator for several online forums making sure that each online community is safe by monitoring comments, banning unruly members, etc.
  67. 3 Play Media – Work from home as an English transcriber.
  68. Humanatic – Work from home as a call reviewer listening to recorded telephone conversations and selecting the appropriate category based on if the call was answered, not answered, was sent to an answering machine, and so forth.  Weekly pay.  No experience is needed.  You can download their smartphone app and complete this from your mobile device or computer.
  69. AKS – Short for American Kidney Services is seeking agents who live in the Atlanta area to call donors and schedule donation pickups over the phone.  Donations will be in the form of clothing and household goods.
  70. On Point @ Home – This company seeks individuals who enjoy communicating both verbally and in writing to coordinate outbound outreach efforts.  You must have good communication skills and be a competent writer.  No experience is required.  You will not be required to sell anything or look for donations.  Hourly pay.
  71. Lionbridge – They have several non-phone work-at-home jobs in various categories and hire all across the globe.  Sometimes you can even find an opening for an online shopper but this job seems to get filled very quickly.  They have a current need for raters to work from home in the US to provide feedback on websites, texts, and images for search engines.  Must be active on social media.
  72. Quicktate – Hires transcribers to transcribe memos, voicemail messages, audio files, and more.
  73. Voice Log – Work from home as a live operator for telephone companies and other services to help combat sales fraud.  You can choose to work 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours a day.  Pays $8.50 per hour.
  74. ETS – Work from home as an online scorer rating test scores submitted securely online.
  75. Ver-a-Fast – Work from home as a customer service rep making calls for their newspaper clients checking on their customer service and reporting back to the newspaper so they can take action.  You will need basic typing and computer skills and can work at least 16 hours per week.

You can find more work-at-home jobs that do not involve sales by browsing these pages and categories below.


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