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Are you currently looking for a legitimate work-at-home job that does not require any experience, allows you to set and work your own schedule, and pays your transcribers every week?  If this job description appeals to you, then TranscribeMe is a company you will definitely want to apply to online.  TranscribeMe is one of the top-rated and highly recommend work-at-home companies among stay-at-home moms with kids at home or remote workers who have other commitments and responsibilities.

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TranscribeMe offers a decent pay rate for beginners to transcribe audio and video into quality text.  You can earn even more money working for TranscribeMe if you have a medical or legal background in transcription because you will be paid at a higher rate.  As you can see so far, there are many advantages to working from home for TranscribeMe that you can read below as well as answers to questions that you may have in the back of your mind.

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Who can apply to TranscribeMe?

Anyone can apply to work from home for TranscribeMe from anywhere in the world!  Yes, it is open to workers globally as long as you have a valid email address, a verified PayPal account, a reliable Internet connection with the Google Chrome web browser, and a computer.  If you don’t have Google Chrome installed, it is easy to do so by searching for it on Google to download to your computer for free.

What kind of skills will I need to work for TranscribeMe?

TranscribeMe requires its workers to have a strong command of the English language, be able to recognize American English accents and speech, and have a decent typing speed.

Will I need any other equipment in order to work for TranscribeMe?

No.  Although they do require that you have a foot pedal to help you save time and allow you to type faster while you are working.  The foot pedal is also provided for your convenience to enable you to control the audio player buttons by your feet as well as keep your fingers and hands more relaxed.

TranscribeMe has a USB plugin that you can download and install for free on the Chrome web store.  You can check it out here.

How many hours will I be required to work?

TranscribeMe is one of the few companies that does not require their transcribers to work a certain amount of hours.  You have the choice and freedom to work as little or as much as you want as long as there is work available.

Are there any fees?

TranscribeMe has absolutely no fees or upfront investment whatsoever in order to join, apply and work for this company.

What is the pay like for TranscribeMe?

General transcription rates start at $20 per audio hour.  This translates into around 33 cents per audio minute.  You are paid every single week as long as you have earned $20 working for TranscribeMe for the week.

Is there any room for advancement with TranscribeMe?

Yes.  Transcribers have the chance of becoming QA (Quality Assurance) agents where your job duties include you consolidating, proofreading, and editing transcriptions.  You can also advance to work in more specialized fields such as medical, legal, and captioning.

Is any testing required in order to work for TranscribeMe?

Those who are interested in working from home for TranscribeMe will be required to download their style guide and pass an entrance exam.  If you do not pass a section in the exam, you will have one chance to retake it by clicking on the retry button that will redirect you back to the section so that you can try again.  Please keep in mind that some of the questions may be shuffled around when you go back into the section.

Tips to pass the Entrance Exam for TranscribeMe

Please be sure that you follow and study the Style guide before you take your exam.  Take your time to read the section over so that you can avoid any unnecessary mistakes.  TranscribeMe also has an online worker support community so that applicants can get help and assistance and even read articles from other workers and staff.

How long does it take to get hired?

If you pass the entrance exam for TranscribeMe, your account will be activated within 24 hours during normal business days/times so that you can begin working from home.

How to apply for TranscribeMe?

Please apply to be a general transcriber for TranscribeMe by going to their official website here.  You will enjoy working for this wonderful company and finally get the chance to make some extra cash for yourself and your family.


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