Work from home removing spam from TikTokBy now, most people have heard of TikTok.  Over a billion people use this social media platform to watch and/or upload short-form videos.  TikTok has become one of the internet’s leading companies for viral content.  In fact, over 200 million people have downloaded the app in the United States alone.

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The fact that TikTok is so popular with millions of visitors each day spending close to 95 minutes opens the door to a lot of comments and interactions.  Some commentary is appropriate and others are not.  This is exactly why TikTok is hiring Content Moderators to keep their users and community safe.

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Just like with other video-sharing platforms, the comments alone can be quite brutal and unpleasant at times.  TikTok wants to keep its online community as safe and as user-friendly as possible.

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What are my job duties as a Content Moderator for TikTok?

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Your job as a Content Moderator is to remove harmful content as quickly and often as possible before it reaches the general community.  The content could include spam, images of violence, animal cruelty, hate speech, violent extremism, or content that exploits or endangers children.  You will also be required to moderate uploaded content to ensure it is safe and in compliance with their terms.

This is a very important assignment because you will be contributing to the overall health and well-being of every person who uses TikTok.

What qualifications will I need to be a Content Moderator for TikTok?

You may be surprised to know that you are not required to possess any previous skills or experience.  TikTok is only looking for candidates who actively use and are interested in short video platforms.  You will also need to be a person who pays attention to detail with a good work ethic.  This means that you have a desire to maintain a high standard of work.  Anyone who is passionate about the internet, pop culture, video content, and so forth would also be ideal for this kind of work.

This is a great work at home job for beginners because no experience is required to obtain work as a Content Moderator for TikTok.  You can see and apply to over 31 work at home jobs for beginners here.

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Who can apply for this position?

Anyone who is interested in a non-phone work at home job and doesn’t mind doing repetitive work in the form of reviewing videos.  They are hiring people in the United States as well as from all over the world.

Please keep in mind that this job may not be for everyone because you will have to sift through a lot of content that may be offensive.  If you are sensitive to this, please look for other work at home jobs on this page.

How much will I make as a Content Moderator for TikTok?

TikTok does not disclose the payment in their job description but according to, Content Moderators for the company can earn from $17 to $19 per hour.

Where do I Apply online?

You can apply to be a Content Moderator by visiting this page.


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