10 Reasons to start a blog My journey to blogging began more than 8 years ago and I have never turned back since.  But this article is not about me it is about you and why you should start a blog now.  If you are still unclear about what a blog is, how it works and the benefits of having one, I will explain all of that and more in this post.

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What is a Blog?

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A blog is simply an online platform for individuals, corporations, entrepreneurs, and others to write and type their thoughts from their computers in a post categorized by date.  Once you have completed the post it will be live on the world wide web for everyone to see and read.  Some blogs have content in the form of products you buy or more of an online store, containing photos, videos, and more.  This blog incorporates all of these methods.

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Recently on one of my Facebook groups, someone expressed the common belief that only those who consider themselves to be tech-savvy should start a blog.  But is this really true?  I will present you with some facts and a video tutorial to debunk this misconception.

I consider myself to be an advanced internet user but not necessarily tech-savvy and I have a blog.  In fact, I know more about blogging now than when I first started my blog.  So it is very possible, realistic, and practical to start and even design your own blog with basic computer skills.

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Here are some other reasons why you should start a blog

  1. It will change your life.  Literally, blogging can turn your whole life around for the better and help you envision and carry out some of your goals and dreams.
  2. There are so many topics to discuss.  From scandals to the economy, celebrity news, diet, and exercise,  decorating ideas, parenting tips, recipes to cook in your instant pot, and anything else you can think of.
  3. You can get a blog for free with Wix or Bluehost for less than $4 a month
  4. You will earn money with a blog when you are asleep and even on vacation.
  5. You have control over your time and schedule without anyone else dictating that to you.
  6. You can create partnerships with companies and brands with a blog to earn money and deliver new content.
  7.  To help people with your content.
  8. You can actually set up a blog in 30 minutes or less!  Quick and easy if you use Wix or Blogger.
  9. Gives you an outlet to use your voice and contribute something of value to your community.
  10. If you are a teenager, live outside the US, want to earn money, start your own business, can’t get a work-at-home job, or like to write you will find blogging to be the platform that will make this a reality.

I mentioned Wix because it is so similar to Blogger not just because it’s free but because Wix incorporates the same drop and drag method is not intimidating to use, does not require you to know how to code, or HTML, and is very user-friendly.  So much so that the basic internet user will feel confident setting up their own blog the same day with Wix.

Here is a video tutorial of how you can easily set up your own blog with Wix that you can watch below.

How to Start a Blog

Here are 5 easy steps to start a blog.

  1. Get a blog from companies like Wix.com or Bluehost.  Wix is free but has premium features for a small price that will give you access to even more features that you will want to incorporate into your blog.  You can sign up for a Wix blog here.  Bluehost comes with WordPress which is a 1-click install, your domain, email, 24/7 support, and more.  I highly recommend Bluehost if you want plugins that will help your blog stand out and get more traffic.  You can get a Bluehost blog here for less than $5 a month!  Use Ebates and get $10 cash back from a Bluehost account.
  2. Pick a name for your blog.  You should select one that is catchy, easy to remember, type in and that is related to your blog topic.
  3. Design your blog.  Go into your dashboard and settings of your blog and select the templates, colors, etc. to have a blog that fits your preference or style.  Make sure you save all your settings.
  4. Start writing content.  You can come up with a topic for an article that you would like to write about for your visitors and blog readers.  Don’t forget to save your post and publish it when you are ready.
  5. Publish your blog.  After you have completed all of these steps, you are ready to make your blog live for the whole world to see!  You will need to continue creating content for your blog on whatever schedule you choose but your blog is now ready to be viewed and shared by others.

Doesn’t sound too difficult that is why I am certain that you can do this.  If you need some additional resources, please watch some of my YouTube videos about starting a blog and check out some of these posts.

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  • Helpless Christina · at

    I have a question, I would love to start a blog and I like worrying but
    I am not good at the grammar sort.
    🙁 I am scared because I’m afraid of being judged for my grammar rules and sentence structure….I feel like I need an editor. What do you suggest??
    I really would like to do this, I am creative and have tons of content ideas. It’s just the rest that is holding he back….☹️


      aw1219 · at

      Thank you for expressing your concerns and fears about writing and starting your own blog. I honestly felt the same way that you do when I first starting blogging but there are so many tools that you can use now to help you have proper grammar and sentence structure. I recommend you try Grammarly. It is free and will be a great asset in assisting you with this issue. Keep me posted on your progress.

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