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How to start a blog to work from homeWant to know a secret to making a full-time income from home?  Blogging.  Starting your own blog can be a multi-level, money-making generator that will help you earn income every single day!  That is not the only reason to start a blog but one of the many benefits of doing so.  I will explain everything you need to know about starting your own blog today in a few simple steps.

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I have been blogging for close to 8 years now and I know exactly what it will take to set up and create your own successful blog.  I put it off for 6 months (which was a BIG mistake) and I have never looked back since.  I will tell you a little bit about my story and how it led me to blogging.

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How I got started blogging

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Initially, I started writing online for a revenue-sharing-based platform where people from all walks of life and experiences can join to write content on their favorite topics to earn a commission monthly based on page views and engagement.  Even back then, I was writing about legitimate companies that hire people to work from home and other ways to get paid right from your computer.

As a teenager, I loved writing poems and reading stories, and reflections on certain facts and life as well.  The only problem is that I had been doing it the old-fashioned way using paper and pen.  This may not be the most practical method but it worked for me at the time.  On occasion I would lose my books, other times they get torn or rained on, and everything else in between.  Fast forward to the year 2011 which lead me to blogging.  I had a computer,  knew I could type, and had a lot to say so when a friend of mine suggested that I start my very own blog, I jumped at the chance to give it a try.

According to her, having a blog will provide me with a platform where I would be able to share my thoughts with more than a thousand people.  She also said blogs can be used to make money.  This really excited me and I decided to take her up on her advice and start my own blog.  I also thought of using my blog as a platform to advertise products for others and get some extra cash in the process.  It was a little bit frightening because I never started a blog before so I had to learn some lessons that I found worth sharing.

To find out more about how you can use a blog to make money, check out the book available right now on Amazon entitled, “How to Make Money Everyday Blogging for Full-Time Income” and read how I made over $1,200 in one day from my blog!

Pros of Blogging

  • Never have to worry about getting fired.
  • Will never be late to work.
  • Can work my own schedule.
  • Don’t have to wait for a raise.
  • Can work in my pajamas.
  • Get paid cash daily.
  • Can work part-time from home.
  • Make full-time income online.
  • No boss to report to.
  • Open for business 24/7.
  • Does not require a resume, background check, interview, or testing.
  • Will eliminate time spent looking for jobs.
  • Avoid work-at-home scams.
  • Gives you a work/life balance.
  • Sense of accomplishment.
  • Help other people.

How to Get Started with Blue Host

The whole process is not complicated as I had been told by other friends.  It only took me five minutes to create my own blog.  Here is what you need to know in order to get started with Blue Host.  First, you need to come up with a domain name.  The next crucial step is getting software that will have all the rights to manage your blog.  There are so many hosts out there to choose from.  You only need to get the best and I really recommend using  Blue Host.

The Benefits of Choosing Blue Host

I personally liked Blue Host because It was very easy to use.  Blue Host has a 24-hour support team, which really comes in handy.  Sometimes, I wake up early to write and I was able to ask a question at that time, and within a short minute, I got a reply from Blue Host.  The service was satisfactory and the person attending to my needs was very kind and knowledgeable.

Here are some additional reasons why I personally recommend using Blue Host for all your blogging needs.
1.  Blue Host is very reliable and has an up-time of 99.9% which means that your site will always be up and running.
2.  WordPress has Blue Host as its number one recommendation and currently, it hosts more than 800,000 WordPress blogs.
3.  Blue  Host highly upholds morality standards by not allowing pornographic sites which is a good indicator to let you know that it is a serious company.
4.  Blue Host has no limits when it comes to bandwidth, domains as well or email accounts.
5.  Blue Host is pocket-friendly.  If you are currently a student with limited funds or a low-paying, part-time job and you still have to rely on your parent’s pocket money, you will be able to afford to pay for Blue Host without any problem.
6.  Blue Host has a variety of hosting plans for you to choose from as well as many cool features too.

In addition to all of these features, Blue Host has a money-back guarantee that will allow you to get all your money back if the services are not satisfactory to you.  If you are thinking of starting your own blog, please visit Blue Host today.

If you have the goal of being able to make money online, one way that this can be accomplished is by starting your own blog.  In fact, you can start a blog on almost any topic or subject that is of interest to you including:

  • Poetry/Poems
  • Reviews
  • Coupons
  • Freebies
  • Fitness/Weight Loss
  • Fashion
  • Home Decor
  • and much more

Starting your very own blog may not be as complicated as you imagine it to be.  Here are some simple steps to get your blog from Blue Host in less than 10 minutes.

1.  Go to Blue Host and select your plan.  (I personally recommend that you initially start out with the basic plan) because it costs only $3.95 per month and it comes with a website, domain, 1 Click WordPress install, email, and $50 that you can use to market your website.  Remember that whatever the cost, you can deduct that amount when you file your tax return.  It is an investment that will get results if you are dedicated to your blog.

2.  Select your domain name.  This will be a unique name that you choose to represent your blog.  For example, if you are going to create a blog about your handmade products, you could call it or use your personal name to replace the name, Samantha.  If you can’t come up with a unique name, Blue Host will select one for you or automatically pick another name if the name you selected has already been taken.

3.  Fill out your account information and your blog and domain is now ready for you to start making posts on and publishing them online.

Make sure that you install WordPress, to make it very easy to set up your website.  You can also add in plugins to improve your SEO – search engine optimization so that your blog will be found in the search engines and you will get organic traffic to your blog.  With WordPress, you can select from the various free themes they have available according to your own taste and individual preferences.



4.  Enter your payment information  Before you can get your own blog, you will need to make a purchase.  You can simply do this by entering your payment information to continue.


5.  Choose a password for your account so that

only you will have access to your Bluehost blog.


6.  Create your password and make sure it is unique and contains a combination of words, numbers, and characters including uppercase and lowercase letters.  I recommend selecting a password that you use for your Bluehost blog and nowhere else.

Once you have completed these steps you will see this message from Bluehost below.

7.  Pick a theme or a custom-made design that is already set up to blog according to your style, taste, and preference.  There are many to choose from.

You will see this message after you have picked a theme.

Now you are ready to launch WordPress on your blog.

WordPress will help you to add cool features, track your stats, download and install free plugins to make your blog more visual, include comments on your blog and so much more.






Here is a video demo of how to use WordPress that you can watch here.


Once you have set up your widgets, linked to your social media profiles, and added other features including some posts or content on your blog, you are now ready to launch your website.  Congratulations!  You have officially set up your Bluehost blog.

Here are some additional reasons that I recommend Blue Host

  • It is easy to use (especially for beginners).
  • 24-hour support team
  • SSL security to ensure your visitors that your blog is completely safe.
  • Very reliable and has an uptime of 99.9%.
  • WordPress has Blue Host as their number 1 recommendation.
  • Blue Host currently hosts more than 800,000 WordPress blogs.
  • Has no limits on bandwidth, domains, or email accounts.
  • Very affordable.
  • Has morality standards and will not allow adult sites.

Please give blogging a try today!  If you need extra money, you will not regret starting one and using Blue Host as your provider.  Go to Blue Host here to start your own blog.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Starting a Blog

I love blogging so much that I decided to create an entire course about how to set up a blog on Udemy.  This course outlines how you can create content for your blog, how to get free traffic to your blog, how to write posts, how to pick a theme for your blog, advertise your blog for free, make money, and the do’s and don’ts of blogging and many other details so you will know what to expect as a blogger.  I put a lot of hard work and hours into my course.  Watch a preview for free here.  You can redeem this coupon to take my course for less than $15 and use Ebates to get up to 10% cashback.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can get $10 cashback on Ebates when you select your hosting plan with BlueHost?  This will pay for your website, domain, SSL security, 24/7 support, and email for 3 months!  Plus give you $10 just for giving Ebates a try.  For more blogging tips and advice, check out my book, “How to Make Money Blogging Every Day for Full-Time Income” on Amazon.

Need to monetize or make money with your blog?  

Here are some sites that I use and you can too.  It only takes a few minutes to get started and it is free.  Join today.

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I am a stay at home mom that is an author, professional blogger that provides free information and reviews about work at home job leads, companies hiring, an instructor gives advice about starting your own blog, online business, and other ways to earn extra cash from home from your smartphone, etc.

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