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Would you like to share your expertise and knowledge with others online working for a legitimate company that impacts the lives of people all over the world?  If so, has several work at home opportunities for experts and others to use their platform and help people right from your home office.  Inc. has named as one of the best places to work in 2017.  Here is what they offer to their remote workers.

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If you have a checklist for your ideal work at home job then you can scratch off talking on the phone, sticking to a daily schedule, not having enough work, and one that allows you to work from anywhere in the world with

Get 25+ New Jobs posted weekly, money-making tips, recipes, video tutorials, and more’s goal is to make education fun and accessible by helping students get high-quality answers from people like you.  In fact, is currently hiring remote workers in the following categories.

  • Experts – In this position, you will be responsible for answering advanced questions asked by students from all over the world.  You will provide clear and concise answers by writing step-by-step instructions and even making revisions if and when necessary.  You will need proficient reading and writing skills in English and have expertise in a certain subject such as Science, English, History, Accounting, College level Math, etc.
  • Writers – You will help students by writing high-quality articles to assist them in avoiding heavy student debt and careers that will lead to nowhere.  Your job is to help them make smart, informed education and career decisions that will affect their life.  This will require you to conduct online research to share relevant and accurate information about today’s education and job market.  You will need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience if you don’t have one. is also looking for writers with experience writing and editing online content.  Some writing jobs require you to have knowledge of that particular subject or topic.
  • Reviewers – As a reviewer, your job is strictly to review the accuracy and clarity of difficult academic homework questions in accounting, economics, math, etc.  Again, you will need expertise in the subject that you are reviewing along with proofreading, editing, writing, and reading skills.
  • Q & A Experts – You will choose from a large pool of advanced questions and answer them in a question-and-answer format.  The job description is similar to the Expert position at  You will definitely need expertise in the subject that you decide to provide answers for.
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From time to time, you will see other work at home job listings at on their official job board page but please only apply to those jobs that you qualify for or have an interest in.

What is the pay like? does not list the hourly rate of pay for their work at home positions but I visited and found out that writers can earn anywhere from $10 to $20 per hour.  Experts earn a little more starting at $24 to $26 per hour.  I didn’t see a listing for reviewers but I would expect it to be somewhere in between the writing and expert pay.  You can find out more by visiting here. pays its remote workers twice a week via PayPal.

The application process for

A part of their application process requires you to attach or paste your current resume.  If you need help with your resume, please visit this page.  You will also answer 3 questions revealing why you feel you would be qualified to work in whatever position you applied for and also explain teaching a concept to a student who may have trouble figuring out the steps involved to reach the right conclusion.  In this part of the application, I would recommend that you be very detailed and write each step down like a walkthrough which may include several sentences.

Your answers will help to determine if you are a qualified candidate and a good fit for the job so take your time to ensure your punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and content is accurate and relevant to the question at hand.

Remember, has an in-house team to assist you with any questions you may have. Use this to your benefit because some work at home employers may not offer this service.

I just posted 2 work at home opportunities from on the weekly job section today that you can check out and apply to along with other work at home jobs here.  Please join our official Facebook group Workersonboard Community to find out more about what it’s like to work from home for or any other work at home company.  If you get hired, you can even share your good news with us there!

Other Work at home Jobs that help students.

VIPKidEarn up to $22/hour (USD) teaching online with VIPKID.

Qkids – Earn up to $20 per hour teaching online with Qkids.

Education First – Earn up to $16 per hour teaching online with Education First.


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