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9 Ways to Get Paid for Essential ItemsMany of us are now restricted to the confines of our homes due to the Coronavirus.  There are exceptions to this rule that will allow you to leave your home to go to work, restock essential items like food, beverages, and supplies, or seek medical care.  Did you know that you can get paid to buy necessary items when you go to the store?

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A lot of families are struggling during this unprecedented time and have undue anxiety because of the uncertainty of how long this virus will last, how they will pay their bills, how to help their children with online assignments, and more.  One thing that has kept me going is knowing that there are some cool apps and websites that you can use to get paid cash and free gift cards when you shop for essential items.  Here are a few that I personally use and recommend.

Before you sign up with these companies, please make sure that you download and install the Qmee extension browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  It is free and will enable you to earn free money when you search to visit a website, shop online, or complete other activities.  Qmee pays you instantly with no payment threshold that you have to reach.  Sign up for Qmee for free here and don’t forget to install it on the device you use the most.  Qmee will also give you cashback to order from restaurants when you use the DoorDash delivery service and more.

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  1. CoinOut – This app was seen on Shark Tank and will turn your receipts into effortless money.  Make sure you scan your receipts from any store that you have shopped from to get cashback on your purchases!  You will also earn free cashback when you shop online by visiting the store through the CoinOut app to make a purchase for even more money.  It is free to download and available on Google Play or the App Store.
  2. GetUpside – Please use the code ALICIA7572 to get $0.30 back right now on each gallon of gas you buy.  I use this app all the time to get the cheapest gas in my hometown.  I just filled up my tank the other day for $0.96 per gallon through GetUpside because it gave me $0.45 cashback on each gallon of gas I bought.  You can also get cashback when you purchase takeout at restaurants, shop at grocery stores, and more.
  3. National Consumer Panel – I have used this app every single week for the past year and a half to scan purchases at any store I shop at.  When I come home from shopping, I immediately take out my smartphone to scan my items before I put them away.  Takes me less than 10 minutes to do and I get free gift cards, household items, a chance to win $20,000 in cash and so many more prizes!
  4. Ibotta – Get paid $10 when you join for free and upload your first receipt or shop online.  You will get cashback to scan your receipts, barcodes, and more.  You can also earn when you tell your friends.  Ibotta has hundreds of stores they partner with to give you real cashback and instant savings.
  5. Fetch – Use Code G4HBH to get $2 to join now plus earn free cash and gift cards to scan your receipts from any store you shop at including club stores like Sam’s and Costco.  Prescriptions and online shopping are also available to earn cashback with this app.  You will absolutely love Fetch!
  6. Rakuten – Another cool app that will give you $10 when you register for free and shop online or at the store.  It is easy to use online by installing their extension or visiting Rakuten before you shop to select the stores you need to make a purchase from.  You can also link your debit card to get credit and cashback with Rakuten when you shop at their participating stores.  Your BIG fat check will come in the mail quarterly.
  7. Checkout51 – Get paid $5 to join plus free cash when you buy eggs, bread, milk, fruit, and other essential items at the grocery store.  You can also win $500 for uploading a receipt to Checkout51 through their app or via the computer.
  8. MyPoints – Get paid a $10 bonus when you join for free and spend $20 to shop at merchants like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and others within the first 30 days.
  9. Swagbucks – Get paid a $10 bonus when you spend $25 on a qualifying purchase at a Swagbucks shop or retailer within the first 30 days.  You will also learn to do other simple tasks right from your computer.
  • Bonus*** Inbox Dollars is another site that will give you $5 to join for free plus you will earn when you print coupons and shop at Groupon.


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