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50 Ways to Make a Quick $20Almost everybody is on the lookout to make some extra cash to put in their pocket.  It’s even better if you can get paid in a short period of time.  But how can you accomplish this?  In today’s post, I will give you a list of ways that will help you to earn $20 fast.

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Just as a side note, most of the ideas on this list will not necessarily help you earn a full-time income from home…but there are some exceptions.  Use them at your discretion for side income that you can combine with your other earnings.

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  1. Write a post for Shop Her MediaShopHer Media is a full-service, performance-driven influencer marketing platform ideal for brands in search of an influencer marketing solution.  There are 3 steps you need to complete.  You will write a post/review for the company.  Add the approved text link to your post and submit the post to get paid.  After the post is approved, you will get $20 via PayPal. 
  2. Make face masks at home.  Due to the pandemic, everyone is looking for masks to wear when they are at work or out and about.  You can create and sell unique face masks online to earn some extra cash.
  3. Usertesting – Get paid up to $60 to visit a website or app, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts out loud.  Most website tests pay $10 per test.  If you complete 2, you will earn $20.  Tests take 20 minutes to complete.
  4. Product Tube – Get paid to make short videos from your smartphone.  Get paid in 48 hours or less.  Videos will not need to be edited.  You can earn $50 to $80 in an hour.
  5. Online Studies – L & E Research will pay you $100 and up to complete online studies on various topics in the form of telephone interviews, focus groups, and bulletin boards for market research purposes.
  6. Reviewing books – The Online Book Club is looking for people who love to read to review books and write a review.  Payouts range between $5 to $60 per review.
  7. Join both Ibotta and Rakuten – Get $20 (if you join both sites) plus earn cashback when you upload your receipt, shop online, or link your card when you shop at the store.  Free with no obligation.
  8. Paid Viewpoint – Get paid up to $25 for every person you refer to this site plus earn when you take quick polls online.
  9. Sell Jewelry – Be an independent stylist and sell jewelry, accessories, and more for Stella & Dot to earn $20 and so much more.  You can also earn $100 to refer new stylists to their company.
  10. Create designs – Etsy will enable you to sell your own creations on t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and more for free!  You can earn good money from your designs.
  11. Redbubble – Independent artists can use this site to sell their artwork for free on greeting cards, posters, stickers, and more.  The average sale is $42.
  12. Save energy – OHM Connect will pay you up to $300 a year to save energy in your home.  You will also get $10 when you join.
  13. Fiverr – Get paid to complete random gigs and online tasks from people that can range from complex to very random.
  14. Dog Walking – Walk your neighbor’s pet(s) for some fast cash.
  15. House Sit – Watch someone’s house for a few days or a weekend to get extra money.
  16. Narrate – If you have a great-sounding voice, you can get paid royalties and Bounty payments to narrate audiobooks on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.
  17. Drive for DoorDash – Deliver food to people from restaurants in your car with DoorDash.
  18. Renting out your car – Turo will pay you to list and rent out your car to others.
  19. Tutoring – Work from companies like VIPKid and Magic Ears, to get paid $20 or more in less than an hour to teach English online.
  20. Clean homes – You can also clean apartments, cabins, and other small businesses in your area.  Cleaning is considered essential and necessary for all businesses to follow the CDC guidelines during COVID-19.  I used to do this and would make $30 to $40 per hour.
  21. Surveys –  Make fast cash by taking paid surveys from home in your spare time.  There are several companies looking for participants right now including but not limited to:  LEO, PrizeRebel, Pinecone Research, and others.
  22. Lawn Care – Mow your neighbor’s yard, offer to do some landscape, or even rake up their leaves in the fall for more than $20.
  23. Hair Care – Offer to style someone’s hair for a formal event for fast cash.
  24. Massage – Give someone a much-needed massage for $20 or more.  If you do a good job, you will probably receive a tip.
  25. Makeup – You can also offer to do someone’s makeup for a formal event.
  26. Pressure Wash – There is quite a need for pressure washing services in residential homes and businesses.  You can set your own rates and earn decent money making their dwelling places look refreshed and clean.
  27. Neighborhood Pools – Offer to clean local pools during the summer months and beyond to earn extra cash.
  28. Move – Help someone move furniture in or out of their home to earn extra cash on the side.
  29. Assemble Furniture – With companies like IKEA, many people need others to put their furniture together and will pay you cash to do it for them.  This would be a great gig for those who are handy and enjoy working with their hands.
  30. Reviewers – Slicethepie will pay you to review commercials, logos, brands, and even music from time to time.  Pays twice a week as long as you have earned $10.
  31. Sell your stuff – Decluttr and Gazelle, as well as other companies, will pay you to sell your used phones, books, CDs, DVDs, games, and more to them.
  32. Get paid to shop – Companies like InstaCart and others are always on the lookout for shoppers to visit the grocery store and purchase items for others to deliver to their front door.
  33. Rent out a room – AirBnB will allow you to list the rooms you want to rent out to others for fast cash.
  34. Deliver parts for an auto company.
  35. Facebook Marketplace – Sell your unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace to earn a quick $20 or more depending upon the item.  You will need to add a photo of your item with a description and include the price you want to sell it for.  I once did this and made a quick $75.
  36. Sell your scrap metal – This includes any aluminum or steel items you have around your home.
  37. Create and sell resumes – You can charge $20 or more to create or update resumes for people to send to potential employers.
  38. Moderate forums – Sites like LiveWorld and Mod Squad will pay you to keep communities safe online for members and visitors.
  39. Make your own candles and sell them.
  40. Sell your famous recipes to others for extra cash.
  41. Write articles for Textbroker.
  42. Create your own online courses.
  43. Download and install extensions – Sites like Survey Savvy, the Qmee, and Nielsen Computer Panel will pay you to do this as you browse the internet.
  44. Use GPT sites like InstaGC, Earnably, and others for instant gift cards or cash to watch videos, search the web, and more.
  45. Scan barcodes.  Sign up with NCP to get gift cards, cash, prizes, and more to scan barcodes on your weekly purchases.
  46. Scan receipts – Use Fetch Rewards with the code G4HBH to get a free Visa or gift card to take a photo of your receipt from any grocery store.  This includes Club stores too.
  47. Sell your photos – Shutterstock will pay you to upload photos to their site as a contributor.
  48. Start a blog – Use Bluehost to get your own blog/website for you to create content and connect with various businesses to advertise their products, etc.  You can make thousands of dollars with a blog.
  49. Write an ebook – Amazon Direct Publishing is a free service that allows you to self-publish your own book.  They will pay you 70% in cash royalties on a monthly basis.
  50. Stream video games – Twitch will pay video content creators to stream video games through their network.  You will need 50 followers to be a Twitch affiliate as well as subscribers to your channel.  A $5 subscription will give you $3.  This is a great outlet for those who spend a lot of time playing games.
  51. Field Agent – Download this free app and get paid up to $15 per job to try a new item, take photos of displays, buy fast food, and do other simple tasks that will only take a few minutes of your time.  It is open worldwide.  Pays direct deposit.
  52. Online Shopper – BestMark will pay you $25 to buy a specific item online and have it delivered to you.  You will return the product and evaluate the process as a part of the virtual shop.


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