As 2017 has gotten well underway, I thought it would be good to reflect back on 2016 and examine my online earnings to determine which sites really worked for me and which ones didn’t.  It is always a good idea to do this from time to time so that you can make improvements and adjustments to your money-making goals.  It may even inspire you to leap into new avenues and ideas for generating income online that you may have overlooked in the past or were hesitant of pursuing whatever reason.

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This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Although I have tried several ways to make money online, there are still some things that I have not pursued yet.  The same may also be true of you also.  My goal is to try some new ways of earning money at home and if they actually work, I will share them with you guys also.

How you can make money online

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I know it can be a real struggle to try to earn a decent income online.  When I first started, my income was zero so I knew that it could only go up from there.  For me, there was trial and error as well as a lot of patience.  I encourage you all not to give up, to do your best, and be persistent because it is still possible for you to make part or full-time income online.  I am here to help you along the way.

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You will notice as you review this list that most of the money that I am able to generate online is by means of my blog.  It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  If you are thinking about starting your own blog or website, please check out Bluehost.  It will only take you 5 minutes to start your blog.  You can check out some of their features and plans online.

This list only contains my top money-makers for 2016.  Every site or company that I use will not be listed, so if you don’t see it here doesn’t in itself indicate that it is not legit.  It just means that it was not my top earner for the year.

Top Money-Making Sites for 2016

  1. Google Adsense – If you have a blog, even a Blogger or Tumblr blog, you can sign up for a Google Adsense account for free and they will display related ads, yeah local ads on your blog(s) and/or website that will help you to generate income from the content that you share.  You will receive a payment monthly from Google if you have earned at least $100 the previous month.
  2. Panthera Network – This is an online marketing company that will pay you to promote campaigns and programs from advertisers and brands.  I highly recommend using this site if you have a blog/website or following on social media.  Earnings averaged $400 a week.
  3. YouTube – Making videos do take time, effort, and forethought but it is possible to earn a decent income with this platform especially if your videos generate interest in the form of more views and likes.  You can substantially increase your earnings when a video goes viral or you can get more people to subscribe to your channel.  Payments are made monthly if you have earned at least $100 in the previous month.  Earnings averaged $950 a month.
  4. Sponsors/Private Offers – This is another way that bloggers are able to generate money online when companies, brands, and businesses contact you to promote their offers.  You can set up rates with them for decent income online especially if you have an ongoing partnership with them or are able to establish one.  Average earnings are $760 a month.
  5. Indeed – Most of you know about this very popular job board.  This has been one of my top earners for 2016 just by displaying ads on my blogs.  You can read all the details in my book entitled, “How to Make Money Everyday Blogging for Full-Time Income” published on Amazon.  Earnings averaged $750 a month.
  6. – This is another company that will pay you a commission to display ads on your blog or website.  Average earnings are around $120 a week.
  7. CJ – Another affiliate company that pays you to promote advertisers’ products, banners, links, and so forth on your blog for a commission.  Earned over $1,200 in 2016.
  8. InstaGC – Some of these GPT sites really work and InstaGC is one of them.  That is why it is number 6 on my list of top earners for 2016.  Earning at least $50 a week with this site.  Find out how you can do so too by reading my full review about this site here.
  9. Cash Crate – Cash Crate is just behind InstaGC on this list but it is not far behind.  Although I have slowed down a bit on this site, I am still able to earn around $45 a week with Cash Crate which proves that some of these GPT sites can be worth your time if you have a strategy.
  10. Books – I have a few books that are published on Amazon in digital and paperback form.  This is also considered to be passive income and something that adds to my overall income.  I earn about $125 a month from my published books.  Watch this video to find out how you can do this too.
  11. Udemy – I am so glad that I decided to create a couple of online courses about work-at-home jobs and how to create a blog or website.  The courses took a lot of time to complete and hard work but it has really paid off in the long run because of the feedback from my students.  This is considered passive income because I invested the initial time to create the course and the money you make afterward doesn’t require you to do anything unless you personally want to promote your course but Udemy will do that for you.  I was nervous about creating a course because I wasn’t sure how to do so and I have never tried it before but it has proved to be something that I actually enjoy doing.  I also earn $100 a month from my online courses.  You can check out my Work at home Course on Udemy here and my course on how to start a blog here for a Big discount.  I highly recommend you take the course or watch a preview if you want to start your own blog or website.
  12. Ebates – I have earned close to $1,000 in 2016 for using this free service to get cash back when I shop online and offline.  You can also refer your friends to this site to earn more money.  Checks are sent every 3 months in the mail.  Check out my payment proof on Instagram here.
  13. Fiverr – I still use Fiverr as a way to earn side income promoting other people’s links, businesses, websites, books, links, and more on my blog.  Check out my Fiverr profile here.  Average earnings are $82 a month.  Watch this video to find out how I made $75 in 5 minutes with Fiverr.
  14. BlueHost – I used this company to recommend and promote their blogs and was able to earn close to $800 last year doing so.
  15. Paid Viewpoint/Instant Cash Sweepstakes – I love using both Paid Viewpoint and Instant Cash Sweepstakes to take mini polls online for extra cash.  I have been able to earn over $600 with both of these sites which are enough to receive a tax form from a market research company.  You can even earn up to $25 for every person you refer.  Find out how by watching this video.

Compare this list with the one that I published on my blog last year here.

What were your top earners for 2016?  Please leave me your comments below so that we can check it out and give them a try too.


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