Work from Home Removing Toxic Comments on YouTubeHave you ever watched a YouTube video and immediately scrolled down to the comments only to find hurtful, slanderous, and vulgar commentary?  This negative feedback on YouTube and other social media platforms has provided an opportunity for remote workers to get employment by removing these toxic comments.  If you would like to work from home for a legitimate company as a responder, please continue reading to find out all the details.

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Who is hiring for this job?

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A company called Respondology.  Respondology has a free mobile app that is available to download from Google Play or the App Store.  They are currently hiring responders or moderators to help eliminate hateful comments online.

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Respondology works with the largest brands, athletes, celebrities, and influencers to hide toxic comments from these social media outlets so they can focus and engage with their true fans.

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Are there any other job duties?

No.  You are simply required to remove and clean up speech on social media.  As a responder, you will be responsible for determining which comments are offensive, judgmental, or hurtful to help make social media a better place and a more enjoyable experience for all.  You will moderate comments not only on YouTube but also on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

What kind of skills are required?

There are no skills required but you will need to be able to access the internet to log in and work.  You should also be familiar with navigating the web to visit social media platforms.  Knowing how to edit or remove comments on social media will also be advantageous for you to excel at this job.  A good responder will know how to identify spammy, negative, or toxic comments online.  For example:  I really like her channel and the content she shares…not.  Definitely a toxic comment that a responder would remove.

Can anyone apply to be a Responder?

Not everyone.  Respondology is specifically looking for independent contractors who reside in the United States and are at least 18 years of age.  They are hiring in select states only.

What are the hour requirements?

This company allows you to set your own schedule working as little or as much as you want.  You simply log onto the app when you are ready to work for just a few minutes of the day or for much longer.

How much will I earn?

Because the company does not state upfront how much you will make per hour and the workload may be subject to change, I would not recommend this job as a source of full-time income.  Just side income only.  But Respondolgy does say on their official website that the more you work, the more you will make.  Respondology pays their responders every week as long as you have earned $20.

What is the application process like?

It is pretty straightforward and will only take less than a minute of your time for you to sign up.  You will apply here to be a responder.  Shortly thereafter, someone from the company will contact you to walk you through onboarding and a quiz.

If you are interested in working from home whenever you want from your smartphone for extra cash, please give this company a try.  They are not always hiring, so don’t delay and apply today.

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