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Calling all smartphone and internet users who download and install mobile apps on your phone and want to make extra money.  There are a few new websites and apps, I found online that are paying people good money for doing very simple tasks in their spare time.  I encourage you to give these apps a try so they can help you make close to $500 or more a month.

Tips When using Apps for Cash 

  • Please be sure to download and use more than one app so that you can elevate your income for the month.
  • Check your apps regularly to ensure they are working properly and to look for new money-making opportunities
  • Try to keep your phone charged and updated so that you wil always be ready to participate.
  • Sometimes companies with apps have a physical website for members to log in and use that have additional money-making tasks.
  • Also note that some people will be offered more tasks and money based on their demographics alone.

List of Smartphone Apps & Sites that Pay 

  1. dscout – This app is looking for people who they call scouts to use your smartphone to get rewarded for your opinions, ideas, and reviews via photos, videos, and by answering short questions.  They have already paid out over 7 million dollars to their scouts.  Potential monthly earnings:  $200+
  2. Usertesting – Top brands and companies want to hear from you and will pay you for testing out or reviewing their websites, apps, giving feedback on their products, and more.  They are open to testers worldwide.  Potential monthly earnings:  $120+
  3. Mturk – Work on HITS or human intelligence tasks from your computer remotely in various categories including some data entry tasks.  You can freely work whenever you want at your own pace.  Potential monthly earnings:  $250+
  4. Prolific – This panel is looking for people to take part in engaging research for real cash, not gift cards.  Studies pay about $6.50 per hour.  You can also get bonus payments for a study and they normally take less time than they state upfront to complete one.  Potential monthly earnings:  $90+
  5. Qmee – Amazingly Qmee makes the list because if you download and install their app on your device, you have the potential to earn a lot more than by just having the extension on your computer.  Some people are about to earn close to $70 a month!
  6. Hivemind – This community will pay you to give your feedback on a variety of research projects that cover a broad range of topics.  This may involve fun online activities, focus groups, telephone interviews, and more.  Potential monthly earnings:  $290.
  7. Neevo – This global community seeks people to complete simple tasks like transforming text into audio, tag images, and more.  Payments are made via PayPal.  Potential monthly earnings:  $40+
  8. Swagbucks – A very popular worldwide company that seeks and pays members all over the globe to download apps to your phone, search from their browser, answer questions, take quick polls, watch videos, and more.  Potential monthly earnings $190.
  9. Appen – If you sign up for Appen as a freelancer and get invited to participate in an upcoming project (which are all non-phone), you can earn more than $100 for the month.  They also have ongoing tasks for you to work on in your spare time.
  10. Quick Thoughts – This app is available on both Google Play and the App store paying people decent money to give their feedback to various companies.  They have 2-week studies and other projects that pay you for your time and participation.  Potential monthly earnings:  $110.

If you have any additional apps or websites to add to this list, please leave your comments below and join our Facebook Group for more ways to earn at home.


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