Due to the pandemic, a lot more people are looking for ways to earn some extra cash online or with their phones.  Field Agent is helping millions of people from just about anywhere with a smartphone do just that…make money.  Just how much depends upon you but most agents are able to earn from $5 up to $15 per easy job with their phones.

So What Exactly Does a Field Agent do?

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Field Agents are people just like you and me who use their free time to shop for essentials, groceries, run errands, and so forth.  As an agent for Field Agent, you will select jobs that you are already doing and collect information to send to Filed Agent.

Some of your jobs/assignments may require you to buy and try a specific item in the store like Betty Crocker brittle mix, Thomas English muffins, etc. take photos of displays or items on the shelves, check prices, shop online, order pizza delivery from Little Caesars, answer questions, rate and review businesses, or you doing something around your home.  The feedback you provide as a field agent will help businesses improve their products and service.  Field Agent will in turn pay you for this valuable information directly to you in cash.

How long does a job from Field Agent take?

You can expect to spend no more than 10 minutes for each job you assign yourself to.  This includes locating the products while you are in the designated store.  There may be times when it could take a little longer depending upon the checkout lines and so forth or if your task specifies that you need to speak to someone to complete the task.

Who can be a Field Agent?

Anyone with a smartphone that wants to make extra cash.  Field Agent is open to individuals worldwide as long as you live in the following countries:  United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Ecuador, U.K., and Africa.

How much can I make as an agent for Field Agent?

In the beginning, I stated that it will depend on you.  This is true because if you select more jobs within the app that you want to complete, the more money you will earn.  Location also factors into how much you will make because you may have more jobs available to you if you live where there is a high demand for agents.  I live in the South-Eastern part of the United States and have enough quick jobs in my Field Agent app right now to earn $63.

How will I get paid?

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Field Agent pays their agents directly through your bank account for jobs/tasks that you have completed.  This is a nice payment option for those who don’t use PayPal or prefer to have their money directly transferred to their personal bank accounts.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up to be a Field Agent in less than 5 minutes, by clicking here.  After you have downloaded the app and confirmed your personal email address, you can begin accepting paid jobs.  Please remember that these jobs come on a first come first serve basis, so if you see a job that you like, don’t hesitate to accept it before it goes away.

Field Agent is a legit app to help you earn extra cash that you can add to your one of many side hustles.  I highly recommend you get started with it today, especially if you want to make money from your smartphone.

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