10 Secret Tips to get a Work at Home JobHave you been struggling to get a work at home job even though you’ve been applying to many different companies recently?  Does it seem like everyone else around you is getting hired except for you?  Are you on the verge of believing you will never get hired to work from home?

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There are a lot of people that probably feel the exact same way you do.  So, don’t give up until you read these secret tips that can help you land the work at home job(s) you’ve always wanted.  These tips can also help those who are already working at home to secure a higher-paying, long-term work at home career with benefits.

  1. Timing – It is important to remember that timing has a lot to do with getting a work-at-home job.  There are companies that only recruit during certain times of the year or have just a few openings set aside for remote workers.  Because this can be the case a lot of times, you will need to apply early.  Early in the day, week, month, or as soon as you find out they are hiring before they cut off accepting applications.
  2. Attitude – Employers will sift through candidates to find and hire those who are eager to work and have a positive/enthusiastic attitude.  Although you may not visibly get to see your employer in person, they can still detect your attitude by your quick response to an email, your voice in an interview, and even how you respond to questions.  Express your excitement about working with the company when you are communicating with them.
  3. Approach – Approach your application and possible interview like you would if you were already employed by the company.  By that I mean, complete all parts of the application, training, and hiring process.  Avoid being distracted when you have to take an exam for a job, stay focused to complete all the steps in a timely manner, and be prompt with good attendance during training because this will indicate what kind of employee you will be when you start working.  Start strong and maintain that momentum.
  4. Goals – Set daily goals and record what you have done so that you can examine yourself and take steps to make improvements or adjustments to be more productive.  It will also help to start your day in a good mental space by being alert, eating a light breakfast, or having a cup of coffee.  Make it a goal to get proper rest the night before so that you can be more productive in your job search.   
  5. Hidden JobsSet aside time to call on businesses each week that you think may have jobs, you can do.  If they respond, that they have no work, ask him or her if they know anywhere else you might look and to whom you should speak.  If they know of someone, make an appointment with the company stating the name of the person who referred you.  Ask your friends, family, or other associates to help you access the hidden job market and let them know that you are actively looking for work.  Obtain the addresses and phone numbers of prospective employers from the employment office. Respond to job ads.  Research businesses on social media and even offline to make lists of companies that might have jobs that are not yet advertised and contact them.
  6. AdaptLook for jobs outside your profession, training, or expertise.  If a company has virtual job training or requires little experience, try applying for these jobs.  Remember, you could also go to school for a trade, and get grants from the government which could lead to employment.  Try applying to jobs that are hiring in your area or state because you will have a better chance of getting the job due to the fact that you live in the area.  Apply to more than one company and be willing to take the time to participate in virtual job fairs.
  7. Effective ResumeInclude your full name, address, phone number, social media profile, email address., and references in your resume.  When stating your objective, highlight any education you received that would be relevant to the position you are applying for as well as any training or skills you have acquired.  Give details of previous work experience including any goals you reached and benefits you brought to your previous employers. Include any qualities, interests, and hobbies.  Make sure your resume looks professional, has no grammar errors or typos, and is neat.  You can download a resume template that is ATS-ready to help you get better results in your work at home journey.    
  8. InterviewsResearch the company that you are looking to work for.  The more you know about the company, the better the impression you will make during the interview. Your research will also help you determine whether the company really has the kind of work you want or is one you want to work for.  Try to be conversational when you are in an interview, use natural gestures, and be honest when answering questions.  Refrain from telling your employer that you want to work at home to stay with your kids. Some employers see that as a liability.  Make sure you tidy up your computer desk for a webcam interview.  Employers are observant and can see if you have an organized clutter-free workspace or vice versa.    
  9. Social Media – A lot of employers will want to know if you have a presence on social media.  This will tell them a lot about you, what your interests and hobbies are, who you associate with, your lifestyle, your family life, and so forth.  You would not want to be embarrassed about anything your potential employer would see, so take time to clean up your social media profiles and eliminate any profanity, offensive words, adult content, shared posts, etc.
  10. Thank you Cards/Letter – This may be a new thought for some of you to send a thank you card to express your appreciation for being asked to interview for a job, a second interview, or just for the opportunity to apply and be considered for a work at home position.  But how many times have you received an unexpected card and thought to yourself…this really made my day!  This is the impression that you can have with an employer.  Sending a virtual or physical thank you card to a company will help them remember you, make you stand out, and may even lead to a job offer.  I created a special thank you letter that you can view and purchase to send to others here.  Feel free to edit it to your liking. 

Why don’t you try to implement some of these tips the next time you apply to a work-at-home company and see if it doesn’t improve your work-at-home prospects for the better?  When you are offered a work-at-home job, please share your good news with us on the following outlets.

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