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Get hired with these work at home tipsSo you’ve been applying to company after company with no response?  You sometimes feel like giving up but you really want to work from home.  Is there something you can do to improve your chances of getting the job?  Yes.  I will share with you some practical tips to help you hopefully get hired to work from home.

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Work from Home Tips to Get Hired


  1. Don’t Give up.  This may seem like a no-brainer but some people never get a work at home job offer simply not because they were not qualified but due to the fact they stopped applying.  Staying motivated makes all the difference in almost everything you do, especially when it comes to job hunting.
  2. Apply Early.  Try to avoid the tendency to procrastinate when it comes to applying for jobs.  If you wait until later in the day, week, or month to apply, the job may already be filled.  It is better to apply as soon as possible because the employer or hiring recruiter has a time frame for accepting applications.  If you apply after the window of opportunity, you may have just missed your chance of landing a work at home job.
  3. Apply Often.  Have you ever applied for only one job at a time?  A lot of people do this but it dramatically decreases your job prospects.  Be zealous when applying for jobs that you really want or feel are a good fit for you.  Try to refrain from applying to multiple jobs at the same company repeatedly.  It may appear confusing to the employer or raise doubts as to what you really want to do.
  4. Dress up your Resume.  Make sure it is up-to-date, tailored to each position you are applying for, highlights your skills, and looks very clean and professional.  Be sure to include any volunteer work you may have done presently or in the past as well as any side hustles that allowed you to work independently.  For example:  making deliveries, doing lawn work, selling crafts, jewelry, etc.  Get a resume I created that is ATS friendly to help it land in the hands of a real human.  It comes with a free cover letter and more tips.  Get your resume here.  Avoid these biggest resume mistakes by reading this post.  Use a single-column resume.  See an example.
  5. Attend Job Fairs and free resume webinars.  It is essential that you take some time to attend these virtual job fairs/webinars because they put you in direct contact with employers.  This will help you to find out what job(s) they are hiring for, what they are looking for in a qualified candidate, and learn more about the company.  You can also get free professional assistance to create a resume that will get you hired.  The next free webinar will be held on Thursday, February 17th by My Employment Options.  You can register here for free.
  6. Finish your Application.  Do not skip any steps in your application process or leave questions unanswered.  A lot of applications are skipped over because they simply failed to complete the entire application.
  7. Be Professional.  Although you may not be in a cubicle in an office setting, you will still need to maintain professionalism in your workspace and make sure it is neat and tidy.  Just in case you are asked to be on camera or interview on Zoom.  Your personal workspace is a reflection of your character and values.  Use proper grammar and spelling when completing applications and corresponding with a potential employer because it will impress upon the employer how you will interact with customers, clients, and the company itself.
  8. Be Truthful.  Always give truthful answers and/or statements on your resume about your work experience/skills/abilities/qualifications so that you can avoid being overwhelmed or underwhelmed in a job that is above or below your ability.  Never be afraid to tell a company that you do not have experience but you possess the skills that will qualify you for the position.  There are a lot of employers hiring people with little to no work experience who will provide virtual training.
  9. Avoid Scams.  Work at home scams is a big waste of time and they sabotage job seekers from finding and getting a work at home job.  You may even miss applying and getting a real work from home job because you were applying to work at home scams.  If you question whether a work at home opportunity is legit, most likely it is a scam.  Please read this post Work at home Scams they don’t want you to know about to help you detect work at home scams.
  10. Be Punctual.  If you are asked to interview with a company, please show up on time.  It’s better to be early than arrive late.  This shows the employer that you are eager, excited, and reliable.
  11. Join Work from Home Facebook Groups.  Facebook Groups are a wonderful free resource to help you engage with other members who already work from home.  They are willing and forth-coming to share with you some of the things they did to land a work at home job.  They could even help you to get a job with their company plus you will get access to even more work at home jobs.  Please join our work from home Facebook Groups Workersonboard Community and Real Work from Home Jobs.
  12. Reach out to Recruiters directly.  Reach out to hiring Recruiters directly on sites like Linkedin.  Someone actually followed this method by getting in touch with a recruiter who posted a work at home job on this site and was contacted in less than 24 hours for an interview.  It really works!
  13. Referrals.  Sometimes getting a job is all about who you know.  If you don’t know someone who works for or with a company that has work at home jobs, ask them if they have any jobs available or when their next hiring phase will be.  They may even recommend you.  It’s all about networking with people.  This tip will take you back up to number 11 where you want to join a Facebook Group that is specifically dedicated to work at home jobs.
  14. Send a Thank you email or card.  If your resume doesn’t help you to stand out a thank you card or email definitely will.  It is a proven technique that has really helped people to get hired.  If you haven’t tried it yet, please do.  You can download a professional Thank you Letter I created for job seekers on my Etsy Shop here.  I also created some thank you cards that you can download to your computer here.  You can edit it to your liking.

If you apply at least some of these tips, your work at home job offers will improve.  Remember that patience and persistence is also a factor in your success but if you stay focused on your goal of working from home, it will become a reality for you.

I just watched a YouTube video yesterday with some additional tips to help you get a work at home job that you can below.


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