Win 1 million points from FetchThere is a cool contest taking place right now with a very popular cash-back app!  Fetch Rewards is giving away a grand prize of $1,000,000 million points to anyone who downloads the app to enter the contest.  If you haven’t downloaded Fetch yet, please do so here with the code G4HBH to get $2 when you upload your first receipt from any store.

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Contest Giveaway Details

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Fetch held this same contest last year for all of its members as a way to reward them for using the app.  The contest is similar this year but it began yesterday Monday, March 1st, and will end on Tuesday, March 23rd.  This is a tournament-style game where you will select between 2 different products to determine which product Fetch Reward shoppers will most likely buy.

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You will then move on to the next bracket and do the very same thing.  Brackets will consist of thirty-two participating products.  After you have made all of your selections, Fetch will tally up the unit sales based on receipts uploaded from Fetch shoppers to determine the winners.

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Who is Eligible to enter the contest?

Anyone who downloads the Fetch Rewards app can enter the contest.  This includes users who are already using Fetch.  Remember, you can get $2 for free when you enter the code G4HBH when you upload your very first receipt!

Those not eligible for the contest are employees of Fetch including their immediate family members.

Do I need to make a purchase to enter the contest?

Absolutely not.  The promotion is completely free and there is no purchase necessary.

How much money can I win?

You will earn points for every correct entry you select in the contest.  During Round 1, users will win 10 points per correct pick.  In round 2, users will earn 20 points per correct pick.  Round 3 users will earn 40 points per correct pick.  Round 4, users will earn 80 points per correct pick.  In the Championship, users will earn 160 points per correct pick.

The user with the highest score at the end of the tournament wins the grand prize of one million points unless a tiebreaker is required.  One million points are worth $1,000 that you can redeem for free Visa cards or gift cards from your favorite retailers!

  • 1st Place Winners will get 250,000 points or $250.
  • 2nd Place Winners will get 100,000 points or $100.
  • 3rd Place Winners will get 50,000 points or $50.

Even if you are not in 3rd place, you will still earn free points for every correct bracket you pick.  This is in addition to the points you will earn scanning your receipts!

Important things to remember about the Contest

  • You must select your picks before the deadline for Round 1 which is March 14, 2021, at 11:59 pm CDT in order for you to advance to the next round.
  • There is only one entry per person.
  • All winners will be determined on or about Wednesday, March 24, 2021.
  • Winners will be notified via email.
  • If you are a winner, you must respond within 72 hours or you will forfeit your prize.
  • If you refer someone to Fetch and they get a perfect bracket, the referrer will also be awarded a prize from Fetch.

How to Enter the Contest?

All you have to do is download the Fetch Rewards app from Google Play or the App Store with the code G4HBH to enter the contest.  Once you are in the app, you will find the contest link in the banner (at the very top) that scrolls across your screen.  Click that banner to pick your products!

Everyone has a chance to win something but you won’t if you don’t download the app.


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