50 Ways to Make Money this SpringWe are just at the start of Spring.  Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and birds chirping.  Now is a great time of the year to think about realistic ways to help you make money from home.  Here are a few ways to earn extra cash, free gift cards, and rewards this Spring and beyond.

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This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

All age groups including teens are welcome to try these suggestions below.  If you want to maximize your earnings, please use more than one suggestion at a time, and feel free to do your own research.

  1. Repurpose Video Clips – Groovy videos that could have been purchased by publishing or putting up on the Internet are worthless if you cannot re-sell them later.
  2. Manage social media accounts – Login via different accounts and interact on different pathways to strengthen your audience interactions.
  3. Scan barcodes – Sounds really simple because it is.  You can get free gift cards, household items, cash, electronics, household items, and more to scan barcodes from your purchases.  NCP is currently seeking households to do this right now.  Join for free here.
  4. Visit amusements – Amusement Advantage is always looking for people to visit museums, bowling alleys, aquariums, zoos, theme parks, and other amusements to evaluate various features of the establishment.  You will earn cash and even get reimbursed for any expenses you incur for the assignment.
  5. Get paid for deliveries – Deposits of money, gifts, restaurant meals with DoorDash, online exchanges on tablets, and contentment. Before getting started, it’s better first to verify legality.
  6. Be a Quora Marketer – Turn your product into questions on Quora and then hire some expert marketers to help sell your queries by pricing it under $1.
  7. Reuse Ad Footage – LinkedIn is an excellent platform for this but you can also reuse video content that already exists on Facebook, Digg, and YouTube.
  8. Write articles for a specific niche – Turn your articles into a vast database that different people can access for free as members to get their affiliation in your posts as a well-thought-out good article named Freelancing Memes.
  9. Become a transcriber and provide proofreading, translation, and editing services in English or another language.
  10. Make money by selling e-books/content or subscriptions.
  11. Sell used stuff online – You don’t have to be in front of your webcam or ask visitors to take photos with you. You can sell old phones, toys, etc.  You can try sites like Gazelle, Cash4books, Thredup (sell clothes, jewelry, handbags, etc.) get $10 to join for free, Decluttr, and many others.  They will send you cash for your used items.
  12. Whatsapp campaigns-  You can sell since-cheap WhatsApp messages via Facebook or Instagram and then build personal connections with mutual contacts to later focus on selling other more promising services.
  13. Customize Scrapbooking templates.
  14. Create your own Video Games.
  15. Auction Homepage Landing Page.
  16. Scan your receipts – There are so many sites that will give you cash or free gift cards to scan your receipts.  My top favorites are Fetch Rewards – use code G4HBH, Ibotta, and Amazon Shopper Panel.
  17. Rent out your space – Neighbor is a company that will allow you to list and rent out your space to people in your community who need to store their valuable items.
  18. Participate in virtual studies – L & E Research will pay you $150 or more for one hour of your time to discuss various topics that interest you either over the phone or virtually.
  19. Do Manual Translation Jobs.
  20. Translation agencies pay cash for assignments via PayPal for a file transfer of the translator’s intention/business plan and resume-based “like context” web analytics reports.
  21. Create YouTube shorts – Create a 3-minute video with high-quality footage that showcases your creativity and writing ability.
  22. Start a Blog – Why not start a blog this Spring with Bluehost to create fresh new content that will inspire others and help to drive traffic that you can monetize?  You can earn money by showing ads from companies like Google, Yahoo, and many others every single day.
  23. Become a Tutor – You can teach online via the Internet to help kids and even adults speak fluent English.  Companies like Magic Ears will pay you up to $26 per hour to do this in your spare time.
  24. You can start a paid Webinar.
  25. Become a Freelancer – Work on various short tasks this Spring whenever you want for companies like Clickworker, Oneforma, Appen, Pactera, and others.
  26. As a Rent Surveyor – Yardi Matrix is now seeking people to call various apartment communities this Spring to ask simple questions about rent, rent specials, etc.  You will get paid an hourly plus piece rate playing the role of a potential renter.  Background noise is allowed.
  27.  Pay your rent – Pinata is a free app that will reward you for paying your rent with free gift cards.  You will get $30 when you join today.
  28. Conserving Energy in your home – Believe it or not, there is a company that will pay you up to $300 a year to save energy when dirty energy is running.  It is completely free and legit.  You will get a $5 free Amazon gift card when you join.
  29. Write reviews – Get paid to write reviews on your own blog or website, for a company, or others.
  30. To test products – Pinecone Research will pay you $3 for every online survey you complete plus you will get free products to try and test at home.
  31. When you buy gas – GetUpside (enter code ALICIA7572) is a free app that will give you cashback when you purchase gas, groceries, or eat at restaurants.  You can receive either cash or free gift cards that you can spend just like cash.
  32. Take daily polls – PaidViewpoint will pay you to give your opinion on new and exciting products via a short survey or poll.  They take less than 5 minutes of your time.
  33.  Create an e-commerce Business.
  34. Sell your designs and logos on merch – Spreadshop will put your designs on merchandise to sell to customers and ship them out when they make a purchase.  You will earn commissions from your designs.  It is completely free to open your own shop.
  35. Become a Bookkeeper.
  36. Make money from online-only ads – Outsource your online advertisements to some professionals using online ads software.
  37. Make cleaning videos – Start a YouTube channel and make money recording videos of doing Spring cleaning, vacuuming floors, organizing your closet, decorating your home for Spring and other seasons, and so much more.
  38. Earn money as a Virtual Assistant.
  39. You can become an Affiliate Marketer – Sell and promote other people’s products online.  Amazon has an affiliate program that pretty much guarantees you will get sales because it is a trusted well-known company.
  40. To shop – Rakuten will give you free cashback when you shop online or in-store.  Join for free to get started today.  Get $30 when you spend $30!
  41. Browse the internet – Use sites like Qmee, Survey Junkie, Nielsen, and Savvy Connect to earn cash and free gift cards when you browse the web as you normally would.
  42. Embed Your Affiliate Links into Online Translations so that you will be earning through the referrals.
  43. Write resumes for others.
  44. Watch videos – Use sites like Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, InstaGC, and Earnably to earn cash when you watch movies, stream movie trailers, view commercials, and more.
  45. Start a newsletter service – Send out newsletters to others with coupons, offers, specials, and more that will help you to earn extra cash this Spring.  You can start for free with GetResponse or Constant Contact.
  46. Play Video Games – If you are a gamer and love to play video games, you can make money streaming video games online that you play on sites like YouTube, Twitch, and others.
  47. To download Apps – Feature Points, InstaGC, and other sites will pay you to download and install free apps on your mobile devices.  You will be required to open the app and try it for a couple of minutes to get credit in cash or with free gift cards.
  48. To visit new websitesBankrollbucks and Ysense are just a couple of companies that will pay you to visit various websites for a couple of seconds to get real cash in the form of a check, PayPal cash, or free gift cards.
  49. As a mail decoy –  US Monitor is a company that needs people to receive mail to your home address.  You will be responsible for inputting the data from the front of each mailpiece image to your computer.  You will earn $0.25 for every piece of mail you receive and input plus a monthly rate of $10.  They will send you a check in the mail.
  50. Sell Journals and Notebooks – You can create and upload journals and notebooks to sell on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to earn extra cash this Spring.  Get creative and sell your designs to millions of customers on Amazon.

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