Williams-Sonoma Work at Home ReviewToday is the first day of training for some remote workers to learn how to service customers from their home office for Williams-Sonoma.  If you missed this opportunity, they are still hiring home agents for an upcoming training class that begins on June 1st.  Before you apply, you will definitely want to know what it’s like to work for this global company.

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Finding a job that allows you to work from home is a huge bonus, especially during this pandemic that is threatening a lot of income sources globally.  Therefore, getting hired to work from home for Williams-Sonoma can be a welcome opportunity, but just like with any other job, it has pros and cons.  This post will reveal those as a remote worker for Williams-Sonoma, tell you what their training is like, the pay including any perks, and even provide you with some tips about their interview process so that you will be offered a job…if you want to work there.

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What kind of work at home job is Williams-Sonoma offering?

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Williams-Sonoma current job openings for work at home employees are specifically geared toward their customer service department.  This involves helping out the customers with anything they need from placing an order, scheduling deliveries, locating products, and dealing with returns.  Home agents will also check the inventory, answer questions, review alternative options when a commodity is out-of-stock and even place orders for a client.  The entire work experience is home-based and so is the training.

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What is their interview process like?

The interview process for Williams-Sonoma is fairly simple.  It consists of approximately 5-7 questions that you will answer over the phone.  In order to do well in your interview, make sure you are presentable, speak up, and enunciate all of your words correctly.  The questions are not timed, so don’t rush through them.  To find out what kind of questions you may be asked, do a Google search for “Williams-Sonoma interview questions.”  When you find the questions try to make the answer your own, record them, and send it.

What is training like for Williams-Sonoma?

After you have completed your interview for Williams-Sonoma, the company may offer you a position.  Before you can begin working, you will need to attend and complete their training.  The training session is based on modules that you are expected to learn within that time.  Trainers and supervisors are there to help you during this time but if they can’t solve the problem, you will have to figure it out on your own.

What happens after you complete training for Williams-Sonoma?

Once you have gotten through the training, you will be assigned to a specific department to work in.  Most agents will either work in cross-brand furniture, the registry department or as a universal associate.  Due to the workload, overtime hours will be available to you.  You will be required to appease or keep Williams-Sonoma’s customers happy.

How much does Williams-Sonoma pay?

Williams-Sonoma pays a flat rate for all employees at $12 per hour to start.  You will work 40 hours a week during training.  This amount before equals $480 a week.  The company pays bi-weekly with your first 2 checks coming overnight by UPS.

You will need the following skills and equipment to work for Williams-Sonoma.

  Pros of Working for Williams-Sonoma

  • You get to work from home for a legitimate company on a full-time basis.
  • You have the potential to earn over $600 a week after training depending on the department you are assigned to.
  • Training is Monday through Friday with weekends off!
  • Most people get hired within 1-3 weeks after applying.
  • This job comes with benefits, rewards, and discounts on most of their merchandise.
  • You can use your points if you need to miss days.

Cons of Working for Williams-Sonoma

  • You are required to have perfect attendance during training.
  • The training process can be challenging if you don’t have a good trainer or supervisor.
  • You will have to deal with customers who may be angry or upset if they are dissatisfied with their product or service.
  • You are required to use the carebot system before you reach out to any supervisor and can be frustrating to use in real time.
  • Your schedule may not be flexible.
  • You incur a point anytime you don’t complete a shift.

Please remember that Williams-Sonoma enforces a strict attendance policy so if this is not your strong point, you may want to consider employment somewhere else.

My Conclusion about Williams-Sonoma

I have posted job leads on my blog for many years about Williams-Sonoma and will continue to do so.  I believe that this job is not for everyone but it can be a wonderful opportunity for the right person.

If you happen to be a fast learner and desire to work from home full-time with benefits, give Williams-Sonoma a try.  Those with thick skin who can deal well with irritated individuals will also be a good fit in servicing customers for Williams-Sonoma.  The company has a significant number of openings, so there is a good chance that you will get a job from them.  If you have already applied to this company and have not heard back yet, please be patient.  This is an international company with several applicants to sift through.  In the meantime, please visit the weekly job section and Friday freebie pages of this blog to find current work at home job leads you can apply to.  You can also join our Facebook group Workersonboard Community for more resources.

If you would like to share your experiences working with Williams-Sonoma please leave your comments below.  Feel free to read other honest work at home reviews below.

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