Non Phone work at home jobs from DisneyIf you like watching TV and you want to work from home, you can get paid to do both.  How?  Disney has a non-phone work at home position for people to monitor content for their streaming services Disney+ and ESPN+ working on a part-time basis.  I first found out about this cool work at home opportunity back in March and they are now hiring again.

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If you grew up watching Disney movies, or have children that love everything Disney, and are looking for a non-phone part-time work at home job that will offer you a good work/life balance, please make sure you read over this post and apply online before this unique position gets filled.

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Disney Remote Jobs

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Here is a little background information about Disney.  They have remote work at home job openings but sometimes they can be hard to find on their website because it may not state the words “remote” or “work from home” in the Job title.  At times, you will have to click on the job and read over the job description to find out that it is in fact, remote.

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They normally have work at home jobs for Guest Service Associates to assist guests with online purchases shopping at their Store on a full or part-time basis.  Another work at home job that I have seen from Disney is for Walt Disney World Resorts as a Reservation Sales Agent where you will be responsible for helping guests plan their vacations.  You will also book, modify, and cancel Walt Disney Resorts and packages, provide information about amenities, address needs, answer questions, give directions, and other related duties.

This job pays $14.70 per hour to start with performance incentives that range from $2.50 up to $7.50 per hour, which means that you can earn over $20 per hour working from home.  You can read over the job details and apply online if you are interested here.

Non-Phone Work at Home Job for Disney

Disney has a popular streaming service platform similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others where paid members are able to stream content by means of their video subscription service right to their Smart TVs, mobile devices, and computers that have an internet connection.  They offer round-the-clock support for these products and services to ensure they function properly across all platforms.

This is where remote workers come into play.  Disney needs individuals to work from home as live events or Content Insertion assistants to coordinate commercial breaks and quality control of live broadcast streaming content on Disney+ and ESPN+.  This is to meet the demand for sporting and other events to the public.  You will also be required to report any audio/visual issues to a Disney supervisor as well as cut and publish event markers to the live stream.

Although this job may sound technical or require a lot of skills, it does not.  In fact, this is an entry-level non-phone work at home job that does not require any previous experience.  Qualified candidates must be able to work remotely including late nights, weekends, and some holidays, multitask, follow instructions, pay attention to detail, be proficient with technical concepts, and be capable of identifying various audio/video issues.

Tips to Get Hired for Disney

Disney is looking for remote workers who are self-motivated and are very conscious of their work meaning you take your job and the duties assigned very seriously.  You will be expected to work 20-30 hours a week so meet this weekly hour requirement before you apply.

Knowledge of sports is not required but if you have it, your application will probably stand out above others.

There is another way you can make your application be noticed by Disney employers that you can find out by listening to my latest podcast where I share a valuable tip that can help you get hired for this position.  You can listen to it here.

How to Apply to this Work at home Job from Disney

I listed this job in the weekly job section that you can find on this blog here along with other employers hiring remote workers to do various tasks including some non-phone jobs.  You can go directly to their official job portal and apply for this non-phone job as a Content Insertion Assistant here.

Please feel free to watch my latest YouTube video for more details about this particular non-phone job from Disney and other work at home job leads below.

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