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26 Easy ways to make money from homeNow more than ever, people are looking for easy ways to make money from home.  Side hustles and gigs are becoming the go-to for extra cash.  If you want some simple alternatives to make easy money from home, please give these suggestions below a try.

Get a resume that will pass the ATS tracking system for better results

Before you do, make sure that you set a goal as to how much you want to make.  This will help you to be more successful in reaching your goal or exceeding it.  When times are challenging, refer back to your goal and make adjustments when needed.

Incorporating this strategy will give you the focus and determination to achieve the goal of making money from home, a reality.

  1. Answer questions – As simple as this seems it really is for a company called eNotes.  They need people to answer student questions in literature, history, and social sciences.  You can earn up to $37 for a 120-word answer.
  2. Review articles – needs people to proofread informational articles about standardized tests.  You will make sure the articles are accurate, factual, and of good quality.  This opportunity is open worldwide.
  3. Review Products – There are a lot of people/influencers that make money reviewing products.  Celebrities are not the only people who can generate income from their names and likenesses, consumers can too.  Companies like Rebaid have products from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Target, and others for you to review.  You can get these items for free or at a deeply discounted rate.  You can also join sites like Product Report Card and earn good money by reviewing new products.
  4. Test Products – Pinecone Research will pay you to test products and give your feedback.  Paid testers sometimes send products to your home that you can keep too.  You can join here (by invitation only). –
  5. Online Shopper – Get paid to shop online or in-store with Rakuten.  This company will send you a check when you shop at your favorite stores.  Rakuten is completely free and legit.  I have made more than $5,000 from Rakuten to date.  Telus International is recruiting online shoppers to buy products online to evaluate the shopping experience.
  6. Listen to calls – Have you ever heard the message “This call may be recorded for quality purposes and training?”  You can make easy money listening to those recorded calls to determine the outcome.  Humanatic is seeking Call Reviewers to categorize these calls from your computer or smartphone working whenever you want.  Watch this video for more information.
  7. Smartphone Gig – Get paid to complete simple tasks on your smartphone with 25 Clicks.
  8. Fact-Checker – Did you know that you can make easy money fact-checking articles?  Companies like DotDashMeredit need people to check articles to ensure they are accurate, up-to-date, and free from grammatical errors and spelling.  This easy job pays $25 per hour.
  9. Mail Decoy – US Monitor will pay you to receive mail at your home.  You will enter the codes online for each mailpiece image.  This gig takes no more than 5 minutes of your time each day.
  10. Create Utterances – Welocalize has jobs for people to create various utterances for chatbots.  This company is hiring right now.  To find out more about this easy job and how much you will make, please watch my latest video.
  11. Scan Receipts – With your smartphone, you can get paid to scan your receipts with the Amazon Shopper panel ($12) a month for 10 receipts, Fetch Rewards – use code G4HBH for $2 upfront, Ibotta ($10) to join, Checkout51, and Inbox Dollars ($5 to join).
  12. Play Games – Sites like Rewardia, Swagbucks, InstaGC, Inbox Dollars, and others will pay you to play fun games from your smartphone or computer.
  13. Install Apps – Feature Points will pay you to download and install free apps and test them for 2 minutes.  You can also earn cash and prizes by allowing apps to run in the background as you search the web.  Read this post to find out more and join today.
  14. Watch Videos with Dabbl.  Get paid to view ads from your smartphone.  It is so easy and helps to pass the time.
  15. Buy Gas – Make easy money with the Upside app.  You will get paid cashback when you purchase gas, groceries, or eat out.  Enter the code ALICIA7572 to get a cash bonus when you join.
  16. Save Energy in your home – OHM Connect will pay you to save energy in your home.  You can earn up to $300 a year to conserve energy at certain times of the day.
  17. Identify Addresses – Amazon Mturk has easy tasks to find the address of short-term home rental listings for a Vacation company.  You can also get paid to type grocery receipts and other simple tasks.
  18. Answer Polls – PaidViewpoint will pay you in cash or free gifts instantly to answer quick polls about new products and various topics.
  19. Give your Opinions – There are several companies looking for people to share their thoughts online in exchange for cash.  Companies I recommend are LEO, L&E Research, Qmee, Survey Junkie, Survey Savvy, PrizeRebel, and many more here.  Read this article to find out how you can make $10 per hour giving your opinions.
  20. Uploading Articles at Marker Content.  Sell your original articles to Marker Content that you’ve already written to make money.
  21. Mystery Shop – Evaluate businesses online via phone and webshops or in person.  Some companies that will pay you to do this are BestMark, Field Agent, and Amusement Advantage.
  22. Photo Shopper – Clickworker is looking for people to take photos of displays at department stores with their smartphones, record themselves reading short phrases, making short videos, etc.  These tasks are easy and simple to complete.  Work at your own pace.
  23. Record Voice – Audiobee will pay you to complete voiceovers from your home office.  No experience or special equipment is required.  Looking for people of all languages and locations.
  24. Listen to Music – Slicethepie will pay you to listen to new music from recording artists and write a short review.  At times, you can also review clothes, TV shows, and more.
  25. Watch Movie TrailersVolkno and Swagbucks will pay you to watch movie trailers and cool videos from your smartphone.
  26. Search the web – Get paid to browse the web as you normally would when you install extensions from Qmee, Savvy Connect, Nielsen, and others.  See the complete list here.


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